Dolphin girl cured of blindness

December 9, 2011 17:50

10-year-old Ian Mazurok that the birth could distinguish only light or darkness, may now consider even in the picture

The family Kemerovo trucker Mazurok Anatoly and his wife Alla first child waited many years. Alla heart problems, doctors forbade her to give birth. But she dreamed of a daughter. And finally, the long-awaited news that they will have a baby!

36-year-old Alia felt fine and continued to work as a shop. But once, when he was already in the 30th week of pregnancy, lifted the heavy box, and felt severe pain in the abdomen … woman was taken to hospital, where she gave birth to a premature baby girl.

Baby Yanochka then weighed just 1650 grams.

— We are very fate of the dolphin named Yang led! Oh, if you have seen this first meeting! Ian and Jan embraced like family — 46-year-old eyes kemerovchanki Alla Mazurok, mum Yana shine. But they immediately shaking with tears. Mom believes and does not believe that after meeting with the dolphin her daughter, who can not on the grass to stand or walk, but always loved the water and out of water to feel light and healthy, her red-haired mermaid, after kissing the dolphin's forehead — get out early Finally, networks of disease.

She made the first two steps in my life, my own! And recently — shocked the eye doctor first told them pictures from the table.

"I begged my daughter in heaven …"

In the family of the trucker and the seller only child born waited many years.

Alla — a heart condition, and doctors forbade her to have children.

But she dreamed of a daughter.

And when the long-awaited news that will vymolenny kid, life in the country has changed, and it was quite terrible to lose a job where a small salary paid regularly did. And a pregnant 36-year-old Alla (recognized) had to continue to drag heavy boxes of food at the store where she worked. And calm rebellious stomach, explaining that our life is such a heavy, sorry, my dear, and hold on.

— After another change and the drawer is pushed, I felt sick, I came home, went into labor, and at night, even in the hospital, a daughter. She was 30 weeks, she weighed only 1650 grams — remembers Allah.

They could die together, right in the delivery room. Ally gave a heart failure. "Leaving," she managed to whisper, I hear: "Who will save, mother or the child?":

— Save my daughter!

… Mom woke first. Then — there were long days of struggle for life Yana.

— My daughter was so tiny … We tied her socks for doll's standards, with a length of 2 feet inches — Allan says. — I was so afraid that her daughter did not make it. I was allowed in the hospital only a small interview with her. I remember the gray sky outside the window, it's snowing, all dark and bleak. But my daughter in the incubator breathes, sleeps! She then had very blond hair. And her angelic face in the golden light gave me hope that everything will be fine.

Dolphin and mermaid

Mum Yana was discharged from the hospital. Next — go a happy life, with sleepless nights, agukanem, swimming and hiking.

But by 6 months the mother's heart exploded terrible premonition and then the confidence that John does not see:

— I finally realized that my daughter does not see me, or toys. And in a year, we were told the doctors that Jana also cerebral palsy, and she will not stand or walk … I offered to give up the patient's daughter, but I bring it could not.

For 9 years … for Disease Grown Jan, gaining weight is 90 kg, was considered utterly incurable by doctors. But Ian with Mom and Dad continued to believe and wait.

And — the first miracle happened. Arriving to the sea, "mermaid" by Jan uncertainly fallen into the water and taking a dolphin Ian fins, smiled and stuck him in the blue water in the fantastic, the fraternal embrace. As if they were old friends, though knew each other in past lives and meet them — law.

Then the dolphin "kiss" her nose to the forehead.

And John it — in "chin".

And the girls are suddenly tense forehead smoothed.

— Dolphin found the right spot and took the headache that constantly tormented for years to Jan — surprised mom. — On the third day, after a meeting and game-treatment with other dolphins, Jan took two steps, herself!

Reflecting on friendship with a dolphin daughters over their chatter — grumbling and whistles, mom admits with a smile:

— Jan and John were kindred spirits. And they even look somewhat similar …

Saying goodbye … with a dolphin, going from Evpatoria ago in Kuzbass, Jan begged to give her the dolphin promised to settle it at home, in the bathroom.

Ian sad time for separation.

Ian cried, saying that the dolphin die of boredom.

Girl and Dolphin calmed down only when they heard the firm commitment of doctors and relatives that John will come back in July.


It took several months. And hopeless diagnoses, the struggle which began dolphin, replaced by a new miracle. Israeli doctors who reviewed the records of the Yana, invite her to surgery and now promise to deliver Jan feet.

And yet — a blind girl, who for many years featured only the light from the darkness, began to call their parents and treat signs and call the correct picture.

Putting aside the doll, Jana proudly shakes a lot from the family album of photos. And with excitement, holding each image to the eyes, shall be paid:

— Here I am with my mother, sitting on a blue bench.

— And this is me, a little, I was then three years. And I remember that I had already prayed, "Lord, help to stem went to see his eyes!"

… "Komsomolskaya Pravda" called to Evpatoria, the International Institute for the dolphin to pass on news about Ian and ask her how to live with each dolphin.

— Changes with Yana — with feet and vision, and encouraging, and surprise — says Anna Nuvoli, MD. — First of all, the fact that John — the girl is big. And usually, after a dolphin, progress begins in young children. Perhaps, in our medical practice include Ian phenomenon. Yana before we had only one case where progress in treatment was several times faster than projected, the kid did not speak, and after the dolphin as it burst.

According to doctors, the dolphin Jan — 16 years (approximately 40 — by human standards), it is considered the most clever and intelligent dolphins of all the dolphins at the institute. And one of the best doctors of the dolphins.

The other day Dr. Yang graduated treat, and he began vacation. Now it will be three months to rest, eat and get ready to receive. And for a meeting with Jana.

By the way, interest is growing in the dolphin world. Doctors working with dolphins, have proven that dolphin echolocation relieves pain. Under the influence of ultrasound, a chemical, thermal, and electrical changes in the cells.

Besides ultrasonic waves create special zones on the surface, there are formed microbubbles. They have been around for a microsecond, warming up because of the enormous internal pressure to 5.5 thousand degrees Celsius, which is almost the temperature of the solar surface. And — treat!

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