Drop bombs on Chechnya was easier than putting out fires


In Belarus approaching presidential campaign of the country. Preparation of potential candidates for this event — the theme of many calls to the "Freedom":

Nicholas Chibis: "The one politician or presidential candidate, who is running in Belarus and is talking about how he would defend the rights and challenge the square rigging after the elections, in my opinion, has bought the regime!"

Listener from Minsk: "It is necessary that the election of the president of his powers are limited, and the most important issues for the country decided parliament. A person can not know everything, and when to sow, and when to collect. To do this, there are experts in various fields. Taking power into their own hands, it makes those who vertically beneath, unable to solve even minor issues. Even in Zelva board to hang, be glad that the President will say. "

Andrew Soligorsk: "I know no matter what the election were held Lukashenko, they will be unfair. But in order for them to have even had a view of the fair, please answer the question of how they should conduct Lukashenko? As I understand it, he probably should leave in the pre-release, release your post and then participate in elections on an equal footing. How long it should take a vacation and as a general election must be held? "

Questions are answered by one of the nominees for president, an activist in the founding of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vitaly Rymashevski:

"To ensure that these elections will not only have a fair view, but had a chance to be fair, for that Lukashenka has to go on vacation until the end of his life. I believe that Lukashenko does not have the right to participate in these elections, as a referendum in which Belarusian people allegedly allowed him to be re-elected to an infinite number of times — it was not recognized as legitimate. "

Due to hot weather emergency fire exists in neighboring Belarus, the Russian Federation. On this subject, the following statements listeners:

Man: "Good afternoon," Freedom ", well, my prophecy come true? Did I say razdmuty Russian Kyrgyz fire — this is the beginning of the big Russian fire. So far, only at the level of nature, the natural disaster. And the next step will be the people's fire. Live Belarus".

Woman: "A little angry remark: throw bombs at Chechnya Russians was easier than to put out their natural merciless fire."

Nicholas Petrushenka, g.p Kohanovo: "I have to listeners very good news: our opposition football team," Our House ", led by team captain finished second in the championship in football Tolochinsky district. And yesterday they immediately after the last game took a bus, drove in Mogilev and in full part of the football team jumped with parachutes. I want to make this healthy we congratulated Belarusian young people who play sports. Take example from them! "

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