Echo of Moscow: the Union with Belarus — a laughing stock

Despite pazharavybuhovae position, the Russian media did not forget about the Belarusian subjects. On Friday, readers offered another piece antilukashenkovskih materials.

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta" published analytical material on the basis of a study Gallup: every fifth citizen of Belarus is ready to leave it forever. According to this indicator, the nominal ally Russia beats even troubled Kyrgyzstan. Thus, concludes the edition, the Belarusians have dispelled the myth of his "blossoming." According to the newspaper, for many in Russia such sentiments seem strange: in the eyes of most Russians, Belarus looks a country very attractive for life — stable, with well-developed social system. Run somewhere supposedly no reason. However, continues to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the Belarusians themselves do not share the enthusiasm about the living conditions in their country.

As promised edition of "Novaya Gazeta", which began today, was continued this week episode, "The Gospel of the evil one." Part Two is subtitled "The History of the big lie in the events and quotes. Lukashenko and Putin's Russia." Author Khalip states: "Belarusian economic miracle years had a khalyavnykh Russian oil and gas. Instead, Russia got hot assurances of eternal love. No freebies — no love.'s very simple …" But does such publications to change the stereotype of Belarus? It's no secret that many Russians are Alexander Lukashenko with greater confidence than in his leadership:

"I think it is possible. When there is one documentary, which comes out in theaters after some political events after any conflict, it is perceived as an information war. But when it starts a series of materials, TV programs, radio programs, and all of them not engaged in propaganda as "The Godfather" and provide objective information, provide the balance of how and what actually happens in Belarus, as it happened before, who's Lukashenko — it is extremely effective and well. "

In the program "Credibility" on radio station "Echo of Moscow" President of the Russian Financial Corporation Andrei Nechayev, answering the question — is it possible to hope that Russia and Ukraine will create the same union as with Belarus — said the following:

"You know, I would not want to with Ukraine, as with any other nation, was created by the same union as with Belarus. Because it is, of course, not a union, as a joke. And now our government is supposedly finally felt, and now there is an active media campaign against Mr. Lukashenko at the leading Russian channels and in major print media, is clearly inspired from above. Let's call a spade a spade — the union is not specified. Neither tasks which are not performed. When the idea came it de facto has not been solved. no common currency, a common economic space is not … Well, do we have the opportunity to improve the relative economic and Ukraine (yes political too) — then, of course, yes. "

In his blog on the site "Echo of Moscow" potential presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov also touches on the theme of union relations: "Without Project" union state "we have finally sorted out with their relationship, before would come to an understanding of what is needed to save, and with which we must urgently leave — first of all, the joint struggle of ideologies with the world. But there was an "alliance," which is actually run by Lukashenko. Through Borodin, he turned it into a vampire who kills everything. Discussing the price of oil, gas perennial scandals and unrealized single currency, no one remembers that the "union state" under the wise leadership of Lukashenko finally destroyed the intellectual and cultural ties between Russia and Belarus. "

One of the senior Russian edition of "The News" Vladimir Mamontov sees no particular reason for the reconciliation between Moscow and Minsk. But do not rule it out in the foreseeable future:

"As they say in such cases, the eyes fear, and do — despite the fact that now that's such a complicated relationship, conflicting time, and other system of government, and various control mechanisms, and some of the principles, outlook on life, for peace, for further development, including the Customs Union, the universe and everything. matter there is such a thing as a "trend", there is such a thing as common interests, after all. example, I actually believe that we are one people, We only razvyalo life. This understanding will prevail sooner or later. I think that this is Alexander G. at heart understands. Or someone who will be on site Lukashenko, or whoever will be in place of our current leaders. These things sooner or later will come to some correspondence. "

Can we expect that the information war Minsk labored asymmetric response? In an interview with "People's Will" former kinaprapagandyst Yuri Azaronak, that after leaving BT is working on an orthodox path "Union" does not hide the fact that mentally prepared to adequately respond to the NTV film "The Godfather." It is not known whether anyone will make Azarenka, which at the time broke up because of his bad habits, such an order.


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