Ecologist Anatoly Dorofeyev

About the Company Anatoly Dorofeeva I heard in 1988, when the head of the department of Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute has supported those who fought against the construction of nuclear power plants in Vitebsk. It was unexpected, in the province of scientists tend to avoid quarreling with his superiors. Nuclear power plant planned to be placed on home Dorofeeva in Gorodok district, and, of course, in his present position and sentiments to the "homeland" — but, of course, was more professional awareness of the dangers of nuclear giant ecological system for Lakeland.

Such principles Anatolia Dorofeeva handy in the early years of the Belarusian independence.

In 1990, the year of Vasil Bykov in an interview, describing the leadership of Belarus as pro-and retrograde, expressed hope for a new prime minister. They had Viacheslav Kebich — and at first he did make a statement about the need for market reforms and a change of the ruling team. And, supposedly, started making these changes, offering ministerial posts to several persons, not burdened with experience of Soviet control hardware. But such people can be counted on the fingers of one hand. One of them was Anatoli Dorofeev, who headed the State Committee in the Environment (later transformed into the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment).

Quickly became apparent value of words and the premiere of the reforms and the "update", and the figure of a democratic scientists Dorofeeva discordant with the team that set the stage for the later strengthening of authoritarianism. But never had the desire to ask him why he remains as minister — after the fact what he did Dorofeyev for the sake of the environment, could hardly have done as professionally by someone else. Largely through the efforts of international organizations have Dorofeeva help Belarus affected by Chernobyl, and from miliyaratsyi, from giant svinakompleksav. Thanks to Belarus Anatoly Dorofeev the first of the former Soviet Union ratified the International Convention on Biodiversity. It seems that the formation of the cabinet if he wins the presidential election Zenon Pozniak in 1994, was not even considered the feasibility of a new candidate for the post of "environmental" minister.

There is no doubt that Dorofeyev would never have given consent for the construction of the nuclear power plant in Belarus.

When Lukashenko Dorofeyev returned to Vitebsk — in the new government was its understanding of natural resources, which have become a resource replenishment "invisible" budget.

WhiteRussian language for Dorofeeva was home. In recent years He surprised many do creative writer Ian Borshevsky did much to perpetuate his memory in the Rossony and even was the editor published in Vitebsk collection.

Even writing this text, I was forced to pavykreslivats from nhis words — "Professor," "Doctor of Science". It turns out Dorofeyev not defended his doctoral thesis — although as Minister of Environment for him it would be a formal affair (dozens of officials at lower positions made them (or — they did) doctoral degree).

And this is probably one of the main lessons that gave to his disciples, Associate Professor Anatoli Dorofeev.

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