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Smart parents and educators have realized that for a child's intellectual development, with all its undoubted importance, yet not as important as the development of creative business. That it teaches to take the unusual decision to seek ways out of difficult situations. But one can whether to develop creativity?

It turns out one can! The main thing — do not put the child in a rigid framework does not give too much advice and guidance, and only open to the possibility of it, to show how one can act with familiar objects not the usual way.

Young children — and you are born artists. They work for the experience, knowledge, research, experimentation. In the creative process, they can experience the joy and frustration — and that, and another is natural. Sometimes creativity — the feeling of wet ink on your fingers. Sometimes — A surprise from the mixing of colors. Remember — the most important thing in the children (and adults) of creative activity — a process, not the result!

However, sometimes requires a push, a reason to wake up creativity. Maybe it will be a festival? For example, the New Year — an excellent opportunity to do something unusual, bright and memorable.

But alas, life is not only the holidays. Gray pulled a string of weekdays — at home chores or suburban concerns. However, and one can variety of interesting classes — for example, to play in the kitchen while staying focused on cooking dinner or have a porch of a cottage on the theater stage. And perhaps your child is committed to the natural sciences activities, then it will fall to taste the simple but very effective experiment.

In short, do not be afraid to experiment and create for yourself — and then your baby will want to join you!

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