Elimination of Arbi Barayev

The elimination of Chechen warlord Arbi Barayev was the result of a special operation of the FSB and the Interior Ministry, which is from 19 to 24 June was held in the village of Alkhan-Kala. During the operation Arbi Barayev and 17 militants of the coming of his entourage were killed, many were taken prisoner, the federal forces lost during the operation of 1 person killed. 28-year-old Arbi Barayev was one of the most ruthless of the Chechen field commanders, his ruthlessness inspired nightmare even his closest associates. Specifically, Basayev was suspected in the murder in 1997 of Akmal Saitova — the consular officer of the Government of the Russian Federation in the harsh, kidnapping, presidential envoy Valentin Vlasov, journalists, ITAR-TASS news agency, NTV and "Radio Russia", an Israeli boy Adi Sharon. Arbi Barayev personally beheaded 3 Britons and 1st Kiwi engineers British company «Granger Telecom» for which refuses to pay the ransom.

Basayev was born in 1973 in a fairly poor family in the village of Alkhan-Kala, barely graduated from high school and, like many young Chechens in those years, was left without a job. Although pretty soon he has promoted uncle, nephew, who built the traffic police guards. 17-year-old sergeant was different good physical preparation and a certain narrowness of outlook. In fact Arbi Barayev never thought without the help of others, always wanted someone to emulate and for someone to go. He did not know any life, not counting the war, did not take no human laws, not bad considering a learned Fatiha (the first sura of the Koran), killing people because they are not being relatives did not mean anything to him. In 1998, he tried to arrange the order of Yandarbi Gudermes Wahhabi rebellion, which was suppressed by "secular" Gelaev squad. In the end, his own ruthlessness he was wicked and many Chechens as dedicated his fate.

Development of operations

In the middle of February 2001 security forces have begun to develop operations for the physical elimination of Arbi Barayev. Working to establish his location was quite hard. Basayev, having a truly animal instinct, very cleverly hiding. So for refuge from the feds and the intelligence he used about 40-caches in villages Fri and areas across Chechnya. Being suspicious at first, since the beginning of spring incredulity militants ran across a real paranoia. Arbi Barayev could sit with people from their own environment for the coming table and suddenly for no reason, no, the take with the 1st or 2-approximation or simply guards and escape in an unknown direction. Could say I went to relieve himself, and disappear for a while. After a few hours, and from time to time of day, bar or called, or by messenger reported about their own brand-new location. On a clear collection time in any place and their own environment, and well-known warlords like Basayev, Khattab or Gelaev, he passed informirovatsiyu at the last moment.

Some of his own closest associates and friends he personally executed for the mere suspicion of treason. Since the 1st of associates on someone's slander on suspicion of aiding the feds, he hung by the feet in the yard of his home and in the eyes of his wife to cut off the genitals.

Elimination of Arbi Barayev

Warlord Arbi Barayev

At the same time, specifically because it feared completely everything, and many also hated, information about the event is Baraeva or elsewhere, acted with admirable vsepostoyanstvom counterintelligence. It should be noted that reported on his travels does not agents of the FSB, which he was so afraid. Almost always, were in charge of ordinary Chechens, whom he has greatly bothered. This fact is very revealing, because Chechnya has always been a rather difficult area for the creation of the network of agents. In this particular case, the information came from sources of activity from local residents.


The main problem was that the Arbi Barayev, not in one place longer 10 hours. Specifically for this reason that fell through operation to eliminate it, in April. Feeling that draped all over him tightly, ram decides to escape. He intended to run through the area of Georgia, and then to Turkey. But crossing the border alone splaniruesh not materialized. Oh, and for the implementation of such operations requires significant time. With all of this all, or how far-reaching plans warlord counterintelligence learned pretty quickly. Two samples Baraeva sneak abroad came to nothing.

With all of this in the development of the operation was the point, really handy for those employees spetssltszhb. Arbi Barayev always vorachivalsya in his native village of Alkhan-Kala. Several of the operations with the attempt to capture it, this is quite bolshennom village (population about 20,000 people), came to nothing. The militants have used the exact plan that foresaw their relocation is not stripped from the village in those areas where the "clean-up" has already passed.

June 24, 2001 information that Arbi Barayev with a group of about 20 militants hiding in Alkhan-received by local residents. There were even called the house in which militants are suspected.

Start of operation

Because the development of Arbi Barayev lasted for several months, effort and funds raised for the operation, were in constant readiness. To block all escape routes out of the village on the borders of a special forces were deployed FSB, the GRU and the Interior Ministry. In total, this operation involved about 500 people. No routine cleaning, which they say television, there was no finding of the 1st particular person. Although all of this and had a blockage of the village, making it quite openly, utilizing even a tank. From him was not any good, but it does feature a demonstration of strength. The calculation was made of the fact that the ram will not leave Alkhan-Kala, hoping their fortunes. In this operation, security forces have changed their strategy. In carrying out cleaning inspection is not simply shifted from the 1st district of the village to another, and left the house in every tested 2-3 SWAT: in order to prevent any movement of the militants inside the village. The operative time was limited. Having the information about what the bar in the village and by blocking Alkhan-Kala, the secret services were going to "scratch" until such time as the object of searches is found.

Elimination of Arbi Barayev

1st day operations gave no results. At night, special forces soldiers withdrew from the village to the blocking units on the perimeter. On another day the same thing happened again. But already headed for home offices and other people to try the freshest eye to find any clues or signs, remains hidden from the past groups. 2nd day raid brought the first fruits. When moving from the 1st house to the other two militants were shot dead. Later, in one of the houses was killed the next. But it was all just a sign that the operation is carried out correctly and the total should come. By the night of the special forces again moved beyond the village. The third day running operation, was a true fortune. In addition, they were destroyed by another 5 militants managed to take the 1st prisoner. As it turned out, it was the people of the coming Bar
aeva environment. And although he is nothing significant about it is not told, local residents have confirmed that he was always at his side. From this conclusion was made that the gunman still in the village, finding it was decided to step up to the area where he was taken prisoner.


The operation was carried out with the involvement of various special units. Challenger homes are in the area stripping, assigned to the special forces unit of the MIA RF "Rus". Men of the detachment were blocked with 3 houses that were near the place where they took prisoner. One of these houses has previously pointed informants. He was subjected to a particularly hard test, examined a couple of times, but found nothing. In another development, bypassing one of the commandos, passing by standing in the courtyard of the cabinet, he heard the creak of a suspicious and decided to check the source of the noise. Pushing the closet, Special Forces soldiers have seen him dug prolazit where machine gun fire was heard at once, one of the men died. As it turned out, the cupboard standing in the yard, there was a cache that had been dug under the house, he was still created in the mid 90's, was in it and the second output.

Seep inside abilities were not, when you try to survey one soldier died, another soldier and an officer were injured. Special forces detachment "Rus", it was decided to shoot the building. Cordoned off the house, they drove armored personnel carriers and began its shelling of KPVT, immediately asked for help on the radio. Soon a group of special forces arrived in time the FSB, which also opened on militants entrenched in a house fire, the house made two volleys of rocket flamethrower "Bumblebee". As a result, the militants did not return fire, and the house was lit. At this point, getting dark and time for an examination of the structure to do but riot again left the redivision of the village. The next day, next to the house was found dead Arbi Barayev one of the fiercest of the Chechen field commanders had been destroyed, a special operation was complete.

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