English Messiah or The March theses Boris Berezovsky

London Messiah, or The March theses Boris BerezovskyOf course, the climate is chilly and foggy London clouding not only the streets of the capital, and the brains of some of its inhabitants. Someone is going to indulge in serious reflections to Tower Bridge, one sees the dirty waters of the Thames, and someone hits the writing on the topic "How to re-dissolve Russia."

I caught myself thinking about how do we even read what nibudt to real-time abbreviation HDRPR. We, of course, do not read, but Boris Abramovich Berezovsky apparently haunted all soon.

After the disgraced billionaire, he is "a prisoner of the regime" has opened itself miracles social networks and Internet blogs, craving to use different sets of adjacent letters, which from time to time by the will of fate are converted into words the Emperor finished giving Berezovsky rest. As the eminent Bulgakov's hero at one point ran through the apartment of Dr. Transfiguration with the words "… Abyroi Abyroi … strange and pretty meaningless!" Because, apparently, and Boris Berezovsky of early English in the morning began to bolshennom excited rush at its 10 millionth manor Hascombe Court of weird word in their own language — HDRPR! .. HDRPR! HDRPR! Domestic, apparently loaf that Boris Abramovich also re-read again, "Heart of a Dog", but later realized that his owner caught a wave.

Later Emperor himself with Berezovsky own blog rushed to explain that HDRPR — is nothing else quite like the title of the newest parties — the Christian Democratic Revolutionary Party of the Russian Federation, of which he is a favorite of himself and is going to announce on 15 April. Why April 15? — Might want to ask a question to Boris Abramovich credible interlocutors, but, apparently, such at the time next to the oligarch was not because journalists BBC has finished keep up with the activity of Boris Abramovich, and he revealed the secret of your own web. April 15 there will come a day of Resurrection, then the party will acquire its present name — the "Party of the Resurrection" …

No one could not think that the sovereign Berezovsky is such a passive Christian, that sees within himself a spiritual need to organize on the basis of this whole political party. Title HDRPR disgraced oligarch decrypts so that people who are uninitiated in the activities of the English dandy, can be screwed tears with emotion.
According to his plan: Christian — as party be based on love and freedom. Apparently, in the case of Boris Berezovsky — for the love of freedom and the award of millions of compliance RF.

Democratic because the only democracy in Russia is able to implement plans for the party. There must also be mentioned that the word "democracy" Boris Abramovich apparently understands the power of the majority, but most people do not, and the bills in their wallets.
Revolutionary party will, as an orthodox Christian Berezovsky going to start a revolution (and it sees God as Christians) — a revolution in the transition from paganism to the total Christian mentality in Russia. Well, the fact that the territory of Russia Muslims living alone more than 5% of the population, Boris Abramovich, of course, not a lot of worries. Said — the Christian mind, means — Christian!

HDRPR with banners, sewn Berezovsky should be according to his plan to kill the political chaos in Russia and make effective the current government. Apparently, the government that was in the days of creative activity Berezovsky himself in 90 years.

Another thesis of the March sovereign Berezovsky was the fact that his party, he is not going to register, because you can not ask for "criminals to give life to their grave-diggers." From these words it is evident that Boris Abramovich with virtually all property plunged in early Christian esotericism …

It may be that the idea of arrival in Russian Orthodoxy on the white stallion appeared in the English fugitive after the Russian tribunal sentenced him in absentia to 13 years in prison. In all probability, the number 13 has made on Boris Abramovich very large memory, and he showed the deep urge to high religiosity.

Typing the words "The process has started," oligarch clicked the Enter button and launched its network in another appeal to the people of Russia. And it is, indeed, if I did not work Berezovsky in London, now, frankly, it would be in Russia boring. Gone are the archives of the electoral rolls, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Russian opposition, too, have lost their own revolutionary fervor. And here — here, now, sign — Boris Abramovich and his own HDRPR.

How it should be familiar to us — the Russians: the creation of "bailout" parties not inside Russia itself, and in some places in Albion. It may be that the effect of the English smog does its thing, and the authorship of the party at different times overshadows all the new people. However, in this case, the oil painting "Boris Abramovich an armored car "is unlikely to be an artist-written history, as we have so far, thank God, and still bottoms and tops wish, like, can …

Thank you for Boris Abramovich for the notion! For its part can provide for your party slogan: "If you become bored, sir, that thou make a HDRPR!"

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