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In the use of cottage holiday today no one doubts. Then you and the air is crisp and fresh milk, and pickles straight from the garden. Just why is summer spent at the cottage, and my mother and the child remembers sometimes as "rustic link"?

After all, dacha gives us a unique opportunity to live in constant intimacy with nature, to feel her breath, heat and power. It remains only to take advantage of the full. And for this it is necessary to think, what to do at the cottage to the child and mother.

In the country canceled boring walking in the surrounding areas of a child, when my mother looks at his watch impatiently. The whole country life — this is one big trip, filled with deep meaning.

Infant Joy

Breastfed baby does not need to invent special entertainment in the country. She has a change of scenery will make a huge impression on him. Try to keep the crumb spent in the fresh air as much as possible. The stroller should definitely provide mosquito netting to "mosquitoes and flies" does not interfere with the sweet sleep. And while you are awake one can make a baby in a playpen.

If it has already started to crawl, at least sometimes give him the opportunity to crawl on the grass: it is a powerful incentive for tactile and motor development. By the way, if the street is warm enough, you can strip the crumbs and give it a feel all kinds of surfaces, not only palms, but bare feet. Be sure to tell your child what he feels is the rough wood, it's a brick wall, and my mother is a soft T-shirt. If the pen still clenched in fists, gently straighten the fingers and pat the surface of a small palm.

The baby will bring great joy to watch the animals and birds (for a start it would be good to do it on my mother's hands.) Numerous new sounds swell luggage auditory impressions baby, it is very important for his development.

Incidentally, in the days of old nanny carried crying babies in the chicken coop. Chickens at the sight of the little alien screaming staged a terrible commotion, and their kvohtane and flapping of wings wonderfully reassuring most inconsolable crying.

Entering New Horizons

When a child has learned to walk, in the country before it opens new opportunities. The path from the house to the gate, and even more so, forest path — it will not smooth or linoleum flooring in a city apartment. The natural "obstacle" in the form of sand, gravel, stones, logs and stumps are taught to keep my balance and my body feel better.

The child from one to three years would be good to equip the country's playground with a sandbox and a small body of water. Sandbox may be in the natural soil, studded boards (only good to lay under the sand large sheet of heavy foil or roofing material that sand does not settle into the ground) or inflatable. The first option — cheaper, the second — a more mobile. Mini pool can also be inflatable, and can be represented as a large pelvis. And the sandbox, and the pool at night is better to close with a dense film, crushing stones for safety. Then you'll be sure that the sand will remain clean. Well, the water is, of course, will have to change from time to time.

Do not be afraid of "dirt", the baby is very important to mess with water or sand. These textures on the one hand, allow to relax (especially water), on the other — to show creativity, get your own experience of interacting with the physical properties of objects. For example, in the sandbox you can build a traditional city, tunnels, towers. Can be buried in the dry sand small toy, and touch to find it.

I was born gardener

Children three to four years, usually love to take part in the farm work. They strive to do everything, "as adults." Treat crumbs — buy or highlight it with your own tools: watering can, rake, hoe. Fine, if bed and he will have it's own. Discuss what it will grow on it.

When the time comes to weeding, work out at first to distinguish between "good" grass and weeds. By the way, this is a great way to teach a child to classification. It's not easy to go downtown to the kid to identify a weed! And so do not rush and do not scold him if he did not immediately able to do so in a fit of agricultural fervor "weeded out" the entire bed of the whole. Let him show his independence and responsibility. Even if we now have to start all over again, let it be his experience and initiative. And if you get a crumb first fruits of their labor in the form of own-grown carrots or cucumber, his pride is not the limit.

Let's go to the forest?

This is us adults, it seems that the child interesting new elephant at the zoo there can be nothing. And for the young researcher and "Who Knows?" More cognitively will be a walk in the nearby forest. This whole experience, not torn to pieces by transport, a lot of people and animals, and ice cream kiosks, etc. Even the unremarkable anthill can give crumbs to a variety of food for thought, because for him so interesting to watch, imagine what's inside is so small, and at the same time, this huge house for muravishek as they travel, and where such a hurry … A home is sure to re-read later "How ant home in a hurry" V. Bianchi.

In the woods, too, can do the classification and seriation. Of course, in the game. Found, for example, relatives birches. Maybe that old and is the thickest with birch wood mushrooms — a "father"? But the smaller one, which has just taken wing bird is "birch-mom." And then lots and lots of birch trees, "kids", thin and delicate. The kid at the same time learning to differentiate between tree species and assess their size.

In the woods or in the field, you can watch the butterflies, bumblebees, dragonflies, birds. And maybe you want to portray yourself and how a butterfly flies like a bumblebee buzzing or chirping sparrow?

Strike Bike Ride

Villa — freedom for the novice cyclist. If you choose for your baby's first bike, preferably three-wheeled model, it is more stable. Two-wheeled bikes (with two additional small wheels) tend to be filled up slightly to one side. In no case do not attach the child's feet to the pedals! It only hurts him to properly direct the effort, and also dangerous.

When the baby is three to four years, two-wheeled horse saddles, do not rush your child! Some of the kids for the first time by taking the two-wheeled bicycle, immediately hit the road, and the other is required for this a long time.

Learning to ride the following exercises will help.

  • Ride, standing on one foot pedal and pushing (like a scooter). Incidentally, the scooter can be an excellent model for adaptation to two-wheeled bike.
  • Move out on the bike for a small bias (for insurance is best not to keep his feet on the pedals, and fold down), it helps to feel the balance.
  • Noticed a curious thing. The best teacher for a novice rider — the older kids. For some reason they do best is the pedagogical process. Therefore, if a neighbor's second-grader eager to teach your son to ride, take advantage of this offer.
  • And keep in mind: to learn to ride better on the soft dirt road.

Junior Researcher

If your summer resident for more than five years old, his observations of the natural life he can fix (draw or write) in a special diary. It is possible to make a herbarium of suburban plants to paste pictures of flora and fauna. The child may well be trusted with this inexpensive camera, a bar of soap.

At this age, children are very keenly feel much demand and really needed their actions may be. Well, you can collect medicinal plants, dry them according to the rules in the shade, and the long winter evenings to drink medicinal tea of chamomile, elderflower and mint and remember the wonderful summer days.

Well, if you forget to take a summer residence
to plants. In this case, every blade of grass and blade of grass child with your help can be described in terms of science and define. And also to find out what is the pistil, stamens, receptacle, sepals and other intricacies of biology.

Six months — bad weather …

Sometimes, however, issued a rainy summer, and then the forest, swimming pool and sandpit are unavailable. Urban toys in the country is small, and the child begins to hang around from corner to corner, bringing mother of his whining themselves. What to do? The solution is simple, like all brilliant. If toys are not, they need to do! In this sense, to give perfect salt dough. Oh, flour, water and salt certainly there on the farm. And from salt dough can be made and doll dishes, and vegetables and fruits for the shop, jewelery and framed photos of her grandmother as a gift, and whatever else you want.

The traditional recipe for salt dough:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • a few drops of oil
  • water (add gradually to the consistency of soft clay).

However, for very thin and filigree work is more suitable gentle salt dough:

  • 0.5 cups of flour
  • 0.5 cups of starch
  • 0.5 cups of salt
  • water

This dough is very elastic and can sculpt even the smallest details. When it is ready, put in a separate electrical outlet, and a small ball of dough, gradually adding water to it, thoroughly spread to the density of liquid cream. You now have the "glue" that will glue some fine details of the composition. The finished work dry in the air or in the oven, on the very low heat. It remains only to color the finished product. Keep in mind only what handicrafts, painted in gouache, dirty hands. Therefore, it is desirable to coat them with varnish on top. In an extreme case, fit even hair spray.

Theater stage on porch of a cottage

Home performances were the traditional Russian dacha entertainment intellectuals. Unfortunately, this tradition has now almost disappeared. Maybe try to revive it?

Their experience of theatrical activity in the country is divided Eliza Dolgov, a psychologist and mom seven-year Varinka:

"Varya birthday on June 18. And to this day we traditionally prepare a children's holiday. When my daughter and her suburban friends were very young, we showed them a puppet show. Age — is the main criterion for selection of the plot. For kids it should be simple and familiar. Our first performance was "The Mansion". Shearman served as an ordinary suburban fence. We draped his blanket, and it is already attached cardboard decorations. Tower-also made from a cardboard box — high triangular roof and openable window-doors.

And in the last two years, the children have themselves become stage performances. For example, the same "The Mansion" they played in suits, with a mandatory makeup. Of course, in terms of country, these costumes are very conditional — someone sew the ears on top of his head, someone to do the frog eyes on the head of foam balls, as long as the images were recognizable.

Write the script yourself, assign roles, paint the them on separate pieces of paper. Now, I am not an actor, and the director of the troupe small villa. Our last performance — "Sleeping Beauty." This is a more complex thing, it required a lot of rehearsals and preparation. We modified the classic story to a proper theatrical production can be woven into the concert. By the newborn princess, we flew a variety of fairies and demonstrate their art. Fairy Music played a musical instrument, Fairy Sports showed the wonders of gymnastics, Fairy Poetry, of course, read poems. Thus, all managed to show their talents.

You can, by the way, limited and just a concert. Such experiences have been too. And after the concert, the kids found a note from Baba Yaga. She gleefully reported that the shopping cart with gifts stashed it in a safe place, and children will be able to find it only after find the following notes with the key letters. After a long search, the boys managed to find all the notes and add the magic word "oak". The oak-and then was a basket of sweets. How many of delight, and a happy squeal of joy!

After a concert or play tea party with everyone settles candy.

If you also wanted to organize a similar holiday, keep in mind that the preparation for it to start in two weeks. And do not try to take on the right all the features, it is really quite difficult. It is better to get together with suburban neighbors and discuss who will be responsible for preparing the decorations, the children who write out the roles, who will hold an advertising campaign and gather the audience.

By the way, like children's parties unexpectedly strong incentive for development. For example, after our concert, one girl decided to resume classes in music, in the next year to shake the public's imagination. Another, inspired by the example of the villa girlfriend wanted to do ballroom dancing. "

So, we go to the cottage! And let holiday vacation will not questionable sacrifices made in the name of health, and interesting and full of life.

Inessa Smyk

According to the magazine "Lisa. My Baby "

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