Environmentalists call for Australia to increase the commitments under the Kyoto-2

Environmental groups at the UN climate talks in Qatar called on Australia, which had earlier announced to participate in the second period of the Kyoto Protocol, to increase their obligations under it, a statement environmentalists made at a press conference on Monday.

The Kyoto Protocol to the Convention, which entered into force in 2005, contains quantitative commitments by developed countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The first commitment period of the Protocol to 31 December 2012. The second period begins in 2013, its refusal to participate in it said Russia, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada, which in December 2011 formally withdrew from the agreement.

"The statement of Australia's intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 by 0.5% from 1990 levels we find unacceptable," — said the expert, Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International.

Australia, along with the EU and a number of other countries, previously confirmed its willingness to participate in the second period. It is reported that the Minister of Agriculture of Australia Joe Ludwig, speaking in the Australian Senate on Monday, said that the country will hold the record goal in the second period of emissions at the level of 99.5% of the 1990 level. In the first period commitments Australia consolidated level at 108% of 1990, an increase of emissions by no more than 8%.

Ecologists have recognized that this goal after recalculation according to the method of the Kyoto Protocol is fully consistent with previous statements by Australia to reduce emissions in 2020 by 5% from 2000 levels.

However, activists called on the country to "be more assertive in their actions and raise the bar to 25%" of the 2000 level. As previously stated by representatives of countries, Australia is considering to enter into commitments up to the level of 25% if the appropriate steps are taken and other countries.

More than 17,000 delegates, experts and journalists gathered in the capital of Qatar, to attend a UN conference on climate change. As expected, the main themes of a two-week talks, which began on 26 November, will be the conditions of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol and its mechanisms for raising funds in the Green Climate Fund.

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