Epistolary record of Larissa Heniyush


With friends on the porch of the house Zelva Alex Marochkin, Eugene Kulik, Peter Sventahovski, Larissa Heniyush, Vladimir Basalyga; sitting — Irina Marochkina. 1981

Correspondence — a natural need of the human soul. Poet was right when he wrote that both joy and sorrow are not encouraging and not worry if they do not share with anyone. Letters to swim away from a deserted island in a closed bottle. Letters are sent to the free sky with beleaguered fortress under the wing pigeon. Even from the gallows akupantskay written letters — for the better future, the future of the people.

Unfortunately, epistalyary Belarusian writers are preserved only in part. Just two letters left after Ales Harun. Nine letters came to us from Aunt. Nineteen letters — from Maxim Bogdanovich. Twenty-seven letters included in the complete works of Vladimir veins. Ninety-seven sheets — identified epistalyar Maxim Gorki. Kupalaznavtsy found the one hundred forty letters Yanka Kupala — including telegrams, comic impromptu and recommendations to the Union of Writers.

Gulag prisoners called glucose geniyushavskiya poems — they helped to survive the long years of forced bezradimya.

Larissa Heniyush maintaining epistolary heritage lucky as anyone. At the time of this broadcast, in my computer to the appropriate folder lay geniyushavski letter with the serial number 1000, sent me a local historian Michael Veretilo with Krasnoselskoe that Vavkavyshchyne. And that's just part of the correspondence poetess. Razvedanyya stocks epistolary fields Larissa Heniyush give reason to speak about the two, and about three thousand of her letters.

In the history of world literature, I do not know the second a writer, who also spent lavishly to their mental strength in the epistolary genre as didand Larissa Heniyush.

Gulag prisoners called glucose geniyushavskiya poems — they helped to survive the long years of forced bezradimya. Belarushchyny glucose were apparently Larissa Heniyush and letters, sent from Zelva compatriots in Vilnius and Moscow, New York and Melbourne, London and Prague, and Wroclaw in Chicago to Rome and Lviv.

One reads, for example, correspondence and Larissa Heniyush Zoski Veras and just amazed how these two grandmothers supported by the Spirit, speaking in church, spiritual guidance to tens and hundreds of people who have to be treated!

In letters of Zelva — interest in all what happened in the country and the world. We can say that Larissa Heniyush created epistolary chronicle their age. Poet without regard to the extra eyes shares with his correspondents thoughts and feelings, demanding in exchange news and news. Generosity of her soul enough for all. Here she discusses with Adam Maldis possible to transfer the ashes of Maxim Bogdanovich from Yalta to their homeland, "closer to the heart of the people." Here is divided with Irina Kren anxiety for the fate of the Bialowieza Forest, which began to cut and uproot for Porozovo. Here are recipes sends skhvarelamu, but spiritually nepakananamu Ales Belokozy. Here are discussing with Vasil Bykov his new novel "Alpine Ballad" and Vladimir Korotkevich tells the story of the narrative "Blue-blue" …

After her husband's death in 1979 was appointed poet meager pension. Local authorities were given the task to control her every move. Parcels with drugs did not reach. Son of Bialystok tried to recruit Polish security, which at the time were a branch of the Lubyanka. Several times to apply for rehabilitation came one answer: "Convicted right." Along with being alone in an old hut started to go and see despair.

In the name of humanity, please — help me to leave the USSR although Papuans …

And Larissa Heniyush wrote a letter to the then First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PBC Masherova Peter: "I betrothed you to live out the age, weary of prisons, camps and eternal pursuit Zelvenskiy the power of man … In the name of humanity, please — help me to leave the USSR although Papuans … "

The answer came from the Central Committee of the PBC, but was not addressed to Heniyush and Tseniyush. Perhaps the poet's last name is misspelled no coincidence that again remind you only a temporary shadow on the ground, you're not even a citizen this country

It is clear that neither the Papuans, or to leave Eskimos Larissa Heniyush not given. Bank, where she had the opportunity to visit after his release — in Bialystok and Vilnius.

Collection of letters of Larissa Heniyush "to let you know", which was released by the publishing house "Limarius", was according to the newspaper "Nasha Niva" the best book of 2005.

Larissa Heniyush. Toast
Leaving aside the confusion
Alien pesky words
I'm going old track,
Forgotten Trail homes.

And every step I take — that memory.
Look — a meeting with the former.
Wounds old smoke
Eye pain gnawing away like smoke.

And hear the July honey
From the lips of every woman
Raining birthmarks language
And treats nyazlechany pain.

I want a place of honor
I embroidered towels
For our oak table to sit down
And convene a feast of friends.

And he cast down towards the heart,
The second fire wake.
And fragrant loaf of bread
Equally all share.

Yes of shot glasses full to the top,
By faith razvogneny fever
Togo drink today health,
Who is the owner of the land!


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