Erotic bomb under Lukashenko's reputation

Russian director Alexander shafts, which gained notoriety thanks to the erotic film featuring the characters, similar to the highest officials of the Belarusian, Ukrainian, Georgian politicians, said a return to the "favorite subject." Shaft has finally completed "porn metrazhnuyu" ribbon "Father's happiness", devoted love affairs character similar to Alexander Lukashenko.

Two years ago, "erotic bomb" against the head of Belarus was defused by Belarusian security services, which have threatened to initiate criminal proceedings for insulting the president, but now the situation has changed.

The director-provocateur, as he calls himself Alexander Valov, gained notoriety in the mid-2000s, when the Internet came a political erotic comedy "Julia". In the not burdened semantic load the tape tells of a secret meeting of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and then-chairwoman of the Ukrainian government Yulia Tymoshenko. Then there were no less loud continue — "Mishiko" and "Fun daughter."

Yes, there is a cognitive leader of the country, but it appears not the president, and director of the farm

In the wake of the scandalous success shafts decided to expand the geographic scope and picked up a movie called "Father's happiness." The plot is as follows: in the Belarusian outback working director of the farm Luke, who has two enthusiastic — sports and women. But the economy has a foreign delegation to visit, and Luke, to maintain the status, causes of Moscow which models change clothes in the milkmaids. "Moscow milkmaid" had become an erotic background in the "Father's happiness." In total, according to the director, suggested six sex scenes, including a "shock" episode in the barn.

However, to implement bold ideas Gross was not given. The General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus, learning to whom waved "parnograf" threatened "legal assessment" cinematographic works: under the Criminal Code, defamation and insulting the president pulled over 4 years in prison. Gross had to defend: the film is not a documentary but a feature, though the character looks like and Lukashenko, but there is no indication that he is the President of the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, they say, do not seriously relate to what is happening on the screen. However, attempts to justify such a way did not bring fruit:

"It was necessary to somehow protect themselves. I "asked" me to remove the tape stopped, and she was left unfinished. I offered to seeing the final product, and after that was a Solomonic decision. But I said, stop, because otherwise the prosecutors could ten years "upayats" … In fact, it's a stupid move, because the film was made at the level of comedy with the effect of the similarity of characters. But he was not wearing offensive as someone thought as it tried to reach. Yes, there is a cognitive leader of the country, but it appears not the president, and director of the farm. As a result, a lot of material removed, but there is only a small movie, "promo". But in the long run it will be a full movie, designed to even film screening. "

Today, this fashion — there is a need in certain political circles in Russia "ride" on the Belarusian leadership. Just now fashionable "wet" Lukashenko

This is no longer Alexander Lukashenko the Kremlin has changed dramatically. And, according to Russian media reports, there is no reason to doubt that the work is completed. Besides itself Shaft is puzzled why on Ukrainian and Georgian politicians can take pictures, but about the Belarusian — banned? It is reported that the announced casting for the role of the director of the farm — expected daznyats new episodes. Previous artist after the show excerpts from the "Father of happiness" in the "Let Them Talk" at the First Russian channel got problems at work and was eventually fired.

On the artistic values of "works" by Alexander Gross criticism at best silent. But, says documentary filmmaker Leonid Mindlin, after the Russian leadership actually sanctioned the information attack against Lukashenko, it does not matter:

"I believe that the person is not Shafts information war against Lukashenko, but indirectly he joined her, contributing to the cause. And, perhaps, is going to get a good fee for the movie. So it seems to me that this is not part of the overall company but today this fashion — there is a need in certain political circles in Russia "ride" on the Belarusian leadership. Shafts And this, too, joined (or specifically attached.) Just now fashionable "wet" Lukashenko. "

Himself Shaft admits: "Father's happiness" — a particular order (but not open, whose one). Like, has received an order for a short time made a script. Given the fact that all the same person — a statesman of the union state, everything was done in the genre of comedy. And if the film came out, he was, in my opinion, is unlikely to be insulted Lukashenko. But apparently, in Minsk has been frightened tape "Julia", which led to a political scandal in Ukraine and Georgia.


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