Escape from the heat, who as you can

If the thermometer at 30, a few enterprises of Belarus temperature in the workplace exceeds 40 degrees. How in these conditions people work?

Joint Stock Company "Forest" in the village of Baran Vitebsk region. Today, the "hottest" areas of the plant began to operate from 6 am when it's 22 degrees. Accordingly, it was in the shops. But during the day the temperature rose to 31 degrees outside, and where aluminum is poured, — more than 30. The only salvation even in such conditions — drink plenty of water. And drink it, but ordinary tap, bottled because of the administration is not taken care of, said the head of a cell of the Free Union of Metalworkers Vasily Levchenko:

"The water quality is poor. She stands up — and becomes as rusty. Togo that it is necessary — that was a separator plant, which would carbonated water, and that it also add some salt — it is not. All leaders promised-promised, but did did not. I've already told them that, perhaps, wait, when workers come to them with tire irons in their hands. "

Water quality is poor. She stands up — and becomes as rusty.

The enterprise "Polotsk-Glass", according to the free trade union activist Victor Stukova, on the plot fueling furnaces the temperature exceeds 54 degrees. Recently, one worker suffered a heat stroke, call an ambulance. The administration ordered the factory to give workers every day for half a liter of mineral water, but the independent trade union calls for more decisive action — a temporary reduction in labor standards by 20%. The administration still thinks.

Chairman of the Congress of Independent Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk says the results of monitoring at the enterprises where there is an independent trade unions:

"In a nutshell, the situation is complicated by all enterprises. Somewhere some measures are taken, where more responsible leaders, but really the problem is not solved. "

The Labour Code does not contain provisions that would determine the order of operation at extreme temperatures. As a result, some plants do not do anything, and on the other the situation is more or less acceptable. Much depends on how rich enterprise. In the independent unions point out that at the Minsk Automatic Lines Plant workers work 35-degree heat, and nothing changes. But at MAZ administration allowed the workers for physical ailments leave work 2 hours early. And the fit of generosity for additional equipment, a spokesman for the Natalia Sokolovskaja:

"In casting machines installed all over the place with carbonated water, and at the bus stand in all production units installed for cooling drinks."

If you set the air conditioning, they can reduce the temperature more than 10 degrees, and people just start to hurt.

It is believed that in addition to water, the heat can escape and fresh air. At the Minsk association "Atlas", which produces the famous refrigerators, artificial cold is not very trusted and preferred by fans. First of all, for medical reasons, the deputy director Alexander Mashko and refers to a special letter to the Ministry of Health, has received the day before the July heat:

"After all, to cool the air in the room can not more than 5 degrees, otherwise it is harmful to health. And if you set the air conditioning, they can reduce the temperature more than 10 degrees, and people just start to hurt. We are in all the shops held a special information campaign to let people know how to behave in the heat. "

According to Alexander Mashko, last year's "Atlanta" in the heat was not affected.

For the average consumer problem — where to buy a fan now, even the most ordinary? As reported in the Minsk shop "Crown", where they sell the most of various household appliances, no more than a month "cooling" of equipment not:

"Apparently, there is no place to order. Empty warehouses. I think it has to do with the heat. And if that is — is unknown. We are not told. "


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