EU proposes to ban petrol and diesel cars in cities

Cars in European cities risk being banned. EU Transport Commission proposes to ban the use of settlements in vehicles with petrol or diesel engine, reports True life of this initiative is called very remote — 2050

The initiative will be implemented gradually

European authorities have already carried out several campaigns to tighten requirements for environmental combustion engines. Older models of engines (the dirtiest) is already banned. Gradually the power of Europe will be deleted from the list of all the new items, and by 2030 the number of cars with internal combustion engine in European cities should be halved

Action by the European authorities too slowly, but they allow the population to form a correct attitude to cars

Namely transport — the main source of air pollution. And the damage to the environment causes primarily automotive industry itself. In the manufacture of each vehicle involved hundreds of different companies that are released into the air diverse dioxide, and water and earth — solid and liquid toxic waste

Authorities clearly hinted citizens that of suicidal love for cars is time to give up.

This is very sad news, because of traffic and the traffic passing through the cities and towns very much to depend. This will affect many areas of activity related to car traffic on the roads. Although, reliable transport companies, this might not affect as services such as ambulance or transport can not work without access to the city.

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