Europe refused Romanchuk

The administration of the Minsk hotel "Europe", despite prior agreement, refused to provide space for the presentation of the "millions of jobs for Belarus' potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk. The event is scheduled in Minsk on August 25, is still with the economic program of the candidate of the United Civil Party have already met people in other regions of the country.

As theand in the office of the United Civil Party, in an interview with representatives of the party and the hotel staff made it clear that the decision to refuse the presentation adopted under pressure from the outside.

UCP considers this refusal as an admission that the work that is done by executing Romanchuk, — perspective and therefore causes a warning from the authorities. With On the other hand, this is further evidence of the fact that, with the Presidential campaign in the democratic parties and movements significantly reduced the possibility for communication with activists and voters.



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