Even today, 11 August



Rain and a thunderstorm, the temperature of +19-24 C

Do not pass:

Minsk. In the national press center — pressing the conference "The organization of trade in goods for the new school year," and "Making gidrametearalyagichnay security in a volatile environment."

Minsk. In Minsk city executive committee — press conference "Development of services in the city of Minsk."


Visit of the President of the World Bank Robert Zoellick to Moldova


480 BC — The Battle of Fermapilah Kserksa between the Persian army and allied forces under the leadership of Greek city Spartan King Leonidas.
1127 — Dating the first mention about Gorod (Grodno) in written sources
1794 — The second attack Russian troops in Vilnius, the next day the city surrendered.
1919 — In Germany, the adoption of the Constitution of the Weimar Republic
2003 — NATO takes over command of the international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan


1892 -Wladyslaw Anders (size 1970), general of the Polish Army, formed in the territory of the USSR in 1941-1943 from former prisoners of war and interned citizens of Polish army, which fought against Nazi Germany.

There is a reason:

Beginning of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan
Armenia — National Day
Latvia — Memorial Day Latvian Freedom Fighters
Chad — Independence Day

MINUS 365:

Czech Ambassador to Belarus

Quote to remember:

If you knew the true good of life, you would not seek other people's lands. I give a preference to die for Hellas than solely to rule over it.
Reply Leonidas, the Spartan king, who defended Fermapily from the Persians, persitskamu Kserksu king who offered Leonid switch sides and become the sole ruler of Greece.



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