Ex-aide accuses Naumova power of corruption


The journalist of the "Belarusian Partisan" has found the former head of the anti-corruption in government Interior Ministry in Paris. Interview Vyacheslav Dudkina read HERE.

The law enforcement agencies of Belarus information voiced by Vyacheslav Dudkin, refused to comment.

"At least this information is brought to the attention of the Attorney General. And what will happen — I can not say," — said, "Freedom," the press secretary of the General Prosecutor's Office Petr Kiselev.

Photo from "Belarusian Partisan"

"Guerrilla": Vyacheslav, more than a year you left home and are forced to hide from the Belarusian secret services. Why is yours so hunted and it's going so far?

Doudkin: If the answer in a nutshell, because too many have done some leaders of Belarus, as in my previous work force

Then they would get into the hands of as Svetlana Baykova would sit in solitary confinement.

a lot is known. These dangerous secrets are now trying by all means to keep a secret so as not to disturb the annoying information society. That is why the hunted and hunted until now. I've said before, as a group razminulasya detention with the KGB, and then got them in hand, as Svetlana Baykova be sitting now in solitary confinement, with all the consequences and prospects that follow from this.

The fact that the decision to leave Belarus was only right, since I have repeatedly made, because even in Moscow, I was tired of the constant attempts of the Belarusian special services to find me, so I had to go to Western Europe.

"Guerrilla": You are engaged in corruption in the highest echelons of power, did business for a number of the most well-known officials, can you name names?

Doudkin: In its time it was my job, even though the criminal cases I personally led, because I was not formally investigating. However, many high-profile cases have been raised by our data is in the operational plan and I and my subordinates such cases, of course, accompanied by a set of necessary and carried out activities dakumentavanni criminal actions of suspects, including

We often rested on the wall, to be precise — that directly from President Alexander Lukashenko.

including, the highest-ranking officials. Even the formal division, which I headed, in the central office called the Ministry of Internal Affairs — Department for Combating Corruption in government. That's what he did. Although after the unit was abolished and dispersed, apparently for "unnecessary." …

In this case, I will not hide the fact that many of our initiatives and developments have not received a logical extension, and we very often rested on the wall, to be precise — that directly from President Alexander Lukashenko, which is kind of allowed to do something, then in a hurry order required all rewind. So it worked, step forward — two steps back. But Minister Naumov until recently did not give up and do not let down his hands, said — that's our job, we must do everything we can, and that will be — will be.

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