Face to face with a stranger

January 30, 2013 22:03

Face to face with a strangerSince you are unsure whether the UFO spacecraft, we can not be sure that the aliens arrive on Earth from other planets.

Many ufologists claim that there is sufficient evidence that UFOs are indeed spacecraft, controlled by intelligent beings. In addition to reports of contact with aliens ("Close Encounters of the third kind" or CE-3), there are a variety of descriptions. Some witnesses describe things very similar to humans.
In fact, they say that these things can easily blend in with the crowd on any street in any city in the world. This type of creatures called "northerners» (Nordics), since they are all similar to those living in northern Europe. Other reports describe gray creatures of low growth with large almond-shaped eyes and a big "bulbous" heads. They are called "gray» (Grays). "Grey" is sometimes divided into groups of different physical characteristics, such as growth. In several cases, witnesses reported seeing creatures that resemble robots or androids. Only in the most unusual cases, people claimed to have seen aliens, monsters, so often portrayed in popular movies about creatures from outer space.

There are many theories, from which were aliens, but not definitely proven. Some speculate that the aliens came from another planet, while others believe that of "parallel worlds". The hypothesis that UFOs are creatures of puteshstvennikami time of our own future, also has a right to exist. The most intriguing clue to the origin of the newcomers came from the report of the abduction of spouses Betty and Barney Hill.

During their stay on board the UFO MySSiS Hill was shown three-dimensional map of the stars. She later reproduced this card under hypnosis, making the picture. Years later, a school teacher from Ohio, Margery Fish, made many models of known stellar groups in our part of the galaxy, and compared them with painted Hill star map. In the end, Miss Fish match is found and identified two major stars on the map as a double star Zeta Reticuli I and II. Interestingly, the two stars are like the sun and is very likely to have planetary systems — planets on which intelligent life could arise.
Recently, more and more often there are reports from all over the world, meeting with aliens. Sometimes it's the stories of witnesses and the alleged contactee held on a date. Sometimes — recognition under hypnosis when a person suddenly "pushed out" of his memory clouded amazing details of what once happened to him, but not fixed consciousness.

Sometimes it is essentially naive drawings, hastily made from memory. Striking in its simplicity, "portraits" of these give yet an idea of who is facing a lucky companion.
According to him, the notes and drawings, aliens from outer space are very diverse. It-headed toddler with disproportionately long arms. It is a three-meter giant with a head full left in the shoulders. It is an evil and a hairy dwarf. It is completely hairless creature with huge eyes strekozinymi on his head. That creature, dressed in a tight white suit. And some lucky met with counterparts Hollywood beauties, all the proportions of responding earthly standard.
A question arises: is the space visitors to our planet so much? Or the inhabitants of other worlds decided to acquaint us with the diversity of creatures that live in the infinite galaxy? Is this too generous to begin with? And is it worth to deliver to Earth as exotic animals?

So it's best to meet in the first place with all the meetings, which can be considered plausible, dismissing any doubts or fruit affected unexpected meeting of the imagination. Among the confirmed cases should first be classified facts, certified documentary, photographic, scientific.
In June 1947, in New Mexico in Roswell, close to the air base the U.S. crashed UFO. Exploded near the outer disk and burnt the bodies of four beings who have left the ship, the aliens.
Emergency was immediately classified by the Americans. To camouflage the journalists reported that the previously published information about the crash to the UFO — a fall weather balloon.

In conclusion, the medical commission for the study of biological discovery of the bodies referred to: the growth of humanoid between 1.1 to 1.40 meters, in one case, 1.60 m weight of about 20 kg. Head compared to the body disproportionately. Facial features two deep-set eyes, the size of which are much more human. Mongoloid face type. On both sides of the head are small ears. Nose are hard to recognize, it is a two slightly convex Nozdrevs holes. Mouth — a narrow slit, the slit without lips, a very small size. Most likely, it does not act as a meal, as in man. The neck is very thin. Head devoid of hair, sometimes covered with a fine down. The body also hairless. Torso lean and thin. Most of the dead humanoids have flexible metal clothes. The hands are long and thin. Go down to the knees. Four fingers on his hands without a lot.

Two fingers are longer than the other two. Fingernails just indicated, between the fingers thin skin membrane. The legs are long and slender. Toes not. Skin color gray or brown. Skin elastic and stretchy. Under the microscope, its mesh structure. On the body, there is no muscle, no peculiar smell, and then the skin. There are no teeth. There is also recognizable sexual organs (genitals). In the body, a colorless liquid with no red cells, lymphocytes, or other oxygen-consuming composition. The body can not detect any of the digestive system. On board the ship found food.

Naturally, you are interested in, is there a declassified photos humanoids? Yes, there is. Back in 1975, the famous Soviet UFO researcher Felix Y. Siegel trip abroad received across Canada, two U.S. image, only for internal use, only for research. Photos at the time were still classified. The picture shows an alien face and a glass sarcophagus, which enclosed the body of one of the four humans who died in 1947 Photo by appropriate medical examination — huge eyes closed, a tiny mouth and nostrils above the snub nose.
In the sarcophagus covered with protective plastic body, arms and legs are in the alien metal cuffs. Also in the photo you can see the recently declassified photos burned humanoid.

But let us continue our research. The second case on record of the meeting with humanoids occurred at the end of the last century in South Africa and is still shrouded in mystery. May 7, 1989 Marine frigate "Tafelberg" catch air radar facility, which was moving at a speed of more than 10,000 km / h, approaching the African continent. Howled use all means to contact you. Three combat aircraft "Mirage" were sent to intercept.

With the rate of unexplained object to change direction, but the experimental laser gun plane still hit him. He collapsed in the Kalahari desert, 80 km from the border with Bodsvanoy. According to incoming reports, the site of the crash crater diameter of 150 meters and a depth of 12 m in this crater at 45 ° lay intact silver disc spacecraft diameter of 20 m and 9 m thick around the crater sand and earth from a huge speckle temperature occurred during explosion of the ship. Further information is a legitimate question. During the study, the object suddenly appeared a strange noise and the bottom side of the disc slightly open door, from which came two humanoid. They were immediately sent to a military medical hospital an American air base. According to reports, around the ship were created sterile conditions. The interior decor is to study it. Ajar door was drawn back by means of hydraulic jacks. It is unclear how the ship could survive with such a blow on the earth, and all the more as the survivors humanoids that were in it. Although long before scientists were arguing about how aliens can transfer terrible overload the sudden change in direction of the ship to ultrahigh speeds. All subsequent reports of the ship, and humanoids are completely absent, and found no confirmation. Apparently, they were again classified.

Now let's consider the data medical examination humanoids.

Growth — 1.25-1.35 m trunk — gray-blue soft skin structure is very flexible. No hair. The head is very large compared to the human. Raised dome skull with dark blue spots around the entire head. Eyes — large, spread on both sides of the face. Any age. Nose — small, has two nostrils. Mouth — a tiny, perfectly cut without lips. Ears — not found. Neck — a very thin compared to the human. Arms — long and thin, down to the knees. The palms are made up of three fingers with membranes. Body — the chest and abdomen covered with folded skin. Legs — short and slender, are based on three toes webbed. Body — do not show any sexual organs.

Commission members note that were not able to take a sample of blood and skin. Humanoid behaved very aggressively and deeply scratched face and neck doctor. The aliens did not take any food, refuse from it. All studies were conducted at the U.S. Air Force Base Wright Patterson in South Africa.
It is striking that the characteristics of humans in two halves of the world spent nearly half a century, are the same. Differ slightly: the presence and absence of ears, number of fingers — three and four, color, presence of age on huge strekozinyh eyes. And the rest of the indicators seem to converge.
As for the other cases, meetings, they have accumulated for many hundreds. In the best-selling book "Lost time" of the American expert in UFO Bidda Hopkins describes 37 cases of people meeting with aliens. These people are very different professions, different social status. There, two nurses, a professional golfer, a few students, artists, high-school teacher, journalist, chairman of the insurance company and many others. "I could tell at least 500 of the contactees with aliens", — concludes his book Hopkins. In the book, he gives a gallery of pictures and descriptions of humans with words contactees. Characteristically, the type of its humanoid basically similar: big head, big eyes, long arms, an increase of no more than a meter with a little.
Been reported encounters with aliens in our country.
According to TASS, in October 1959, in a park in Voronezh landed UFO. From the ship came two humanoid beings of very high growth, followed by a small robot. Made sketches of the audience also confirm — aliens look like people.

Some scientists hypothesize that in this case we are dealing with a bio-robot created specifically for contact with the inhabitants of the earth. Maybe I'm a science technique aliens are able to create such a being — polunasekomoe, semi-animal. Strekozinye eyes, apparently lidless, ultra-thin neck, a clear liquid with blood and lymph, incomprehensible power system and its absence of odors on board the spacecraft — all this brings the creature with insect. Along with this — humanoid appearance, the same system of movement in space with his feet and hands, work. And then there's absolutely inexplicable fitness to monstrous overloads in which could not survive no creature of the earth. Raises the mention of witnesses about the little creature-robot with enormous figures themselves aliens to our planet in Voronezh. Who are we dealing with? Time will answer that question.

And now look at a number of meetings and analyze them to draw some conclusions:
UFOs are present at every historical event. Only in the late seventies, when the United States passed a law on freedom of information, a group of "ground truth", which consisted of about five hundred specialists in different fields, watching the UFO, has had at its disposal about thousands of pages of declassified documents. Reading them, head of Spaulding said that "all these years our government has lied to us," Denying the existence of UFOs.

In the documents, in particular, mentioned the case, what happened in Iran in 1976. Two fighter-bomber Air Force pursued north Tehran big unknown aircraft. Towards the pursuers from the bowels of the giant left-baby unit. One of the pilots pressed the missile launch 'Aime-9 ", but the system did not work. Pilot barely dodged a collision with 'Baby', and she quickly went back to the mother ship and disappeared into it.

In November 1975, as it became clear from the documents UFO two weeks in a row, "inspected" of intercontinental missiles in Michigan and Montana. They were down to thirty meters to look into mine missiles.

Speaking of mysteries, which in the last century humanity faces, it certainly can be said that the UFO appears during all happening on the ground of important events:
Even during the Second World War by unknown objects, called then "foo-fighters", accompanied by U.S. aircraft during their flight to the bombing of Germany and Japan. Immediately after the explosion of the first atomic bomb Aug. 6, 1945 made a number of shots turned into ruins of Hiroshima, in which Japanese ufologists discovered an unknown object that hung over the city for a week. These photos have been placed in the Japanese magazine «UFO News».
The day after the start of the Korean War unknown objects appeared over the battlefield, and in the future they saw hundreds of pilots on both sides. These objects are often accompanied by the first American jet planes "Shooting Star" and were seen over areas of hostilities on the ground.
During the Vietnam War, also repeatedly observed UFO over Hanoi, and on American ships in the Gulf of Tonkin, and the zones of hostilities. In June 1967 the radio station American troops in Europe, the news that on the battlefield in Vietnam, there was a UFO, like a huge disk, the light from which is distributed over long distances. Thousands of American soldiers have seen him for a long time hung as if watching the fighting. In front of the U.S. and South Korean troops two squadrons went to this object, but it is enveloped by smoke, was moved and disappeared into space.
Known for a number of examples where the UFO is shown during testing of U.S. strategic missiles, and sometimes even accompanied the rocket in flight. American experts on guided weapons reported seeing flying discs, which pursued and overtook missiles during test runs at the test site in White Sands. Back in 1947, with the launch of V-2 rockets from the vicinity of the landfill from the rocket with a disc, flying at a speed of 1800 km / h and makes circles around her. It was observed through binoculars, theodolites, telescopes and radar screens. UFO then overtook rocket at about 9000 km / h, and disappeared into space.

Subsequently, these observations occurred and at Cape Canaveral. In 1962, during a test launch of the missile "Polaris" from Cape Canaveral in the direction of the Caribbean, many also saw the rocket accompanied UFO-like plate. After that, the photographers were given an official landfill disposal during the missile launch monitor UFOs and photograph them. In January 1964 at the next test launch "Polaris" from Cape Canaveral about her UFO appeared larger than the rocket and flew with her, resulting in an automatic radar is switched on it. When the UFO changed direction and flew away, radar continued to follow him, and only after 14 minutes of the operators realized their mistake.
Similar facts have been registered on the basis of Vandenberg (U.S.). In September 1964, an experimental rocket launch "Atlas F" from Vandenberg filming was conducted missile through the telescope. When watching a movie later it was found that after the separation of rocket stages to its warhead, flying at an altitude of 110 km above came an unknown object, which has the typical shape of a flying saucer with a dome on top. This object was flying close to the original warhead pbtom twice circled around it, producing four very bright flash, and went in the same direction from which flew. When we look at the film turned out that these were created flash bright beam that is sent to the warhead from the dome of the object. A few seconds after the detour warhead out of control and fell into the ocean before it reached hundreds of miles to the intended purpose. All witnesses were ordered to forget about the incident. UFO was observed more often than usual on various important objects (spaceport, polygons, missile and air bases, nuclear plants, etc.), although it is possible that this relationship may be only apparent, caused by heightened attention of observers in these areas. Typically, especially a lot of observations in the early postwar years was recorded in New Mexico, where the Los Alamos lab, created the first atomic bomb.

In our country also observed flying and hovering UFO over the positions of strategic missiles.
In 1978-1979. often seen flying or hovering some unknown luminous objects over Baikonur. There are frequent UFO sightings and over Kapustin Yar. According to Major stock Demenyuk engineer, he and a group of other soldiers for a few minutes watching the Kapustin Yar over at about 800 meters at a speed of 150 km / h silent black cigar-shaped object flew 20-25 meters in length and 25 meters in diameter with no wings , stabilizers, and windows. According to reliable reports, in November 1979, at Kapustin Yar and a half hours before the start in front of a group of generals and officers directly over the command post and the launching pad hanging unknown ellipsoidal object, shines a light green. He hung motionless for half an hour, and then moved away. In January 1986 the exact same object was seen there. Officers working at the site said that such phenomena are observed not infrequently.

In the report of the officers of one of the missile unit describes chto'u vehicle on which the officers were going to position the engine suddenly stalled. When they got out, they saw as "at an altitude of about 200 meters slowly and quietly moved the dark disk, beaming. One of them poked around on the ground near the missile silo. To see what's flying, including searchlights — lights, sent to an object — immediately extinguished. Futile the case thrown after use up the entire stock of lamps — are blown. Meanwhile object flew away. The next day the story was repeated with the only difference being that the disc flew in the opposite direction and spotlight no longer lit. By the way, a sufficiently reliable signaling in both cases and did not work. "
Also found numerous UFO sightings over military airfields. Since 1970 UFO 12 times occurred over the airbase Williams (Arizona) and 11 times — over the base B-52 bombers Barksdale (Louisiana), and in one case 20 minutes UFO hovered above systems pilots preparing for the parade.
Made a great sensation incident occurred February 20, 1956 on the Paris Orly Airport, where 10 radar operators of the airport about 4 hours was observed on the radar screens of unusual maneuvers UFOs, twice the size of a large aircraft. First, the object appeared in 50 km south of Orly, and the aircraft flew under it. He then moved to the north and hovered there for a while. Soon, he rushed to the east towards the mail plane, but it quickly turned to the southwest and flew to the aircraft arriving from London-Sire Suisse-103 in the south-east — and disappeared suddenly when skyrocketed due three hours before the fighters. Crews depicted object as red glowing ball, which had some great times with the dark contour shape. Velocity of the object during the "jerks" is about 2400 km / h
In our country, in August 1980, in the form of UFO ball of light with a tail appeared over the military airfield south of Barnaul, and made of him a perfect circle at low altitude. Because of this aircraft is in the air, was ordered not to come in to land. Then the object suddenly rose up to a height of 4000 meters and made another circle, and then rose to a height of 8,000 meters, and left in the direction of Barnaul, but soon came back down to an altitude of 4000 meters, and again began to make turns on the further results airfield. Finally, he made off with increasing speed in the direction of Novosibirsk. The flight of the object from the Semipalatinsk through Barnaul and Novosibirsk and maneuvers over the airfield, visual and traced on the radar screen.
In July 1982, over the military airfield near Roslan la twice flew unknown black object in the form of pear-cut along with two points of light at the end. The object was flying at an altitude of 600-900 meters, because of what had to stop flying. He makes a turn at an angle of 90 °, hung in place, disappear and appear again, moving at a speed of 900 km / h When you try to put a spotlight on the object quickly withdrew. The total duration of follow-up was a half hour.
Are present also countless reports of UFOs flying and maneuvers over a number of states and capitals of the major cities abroad and in our country. Particularly well known of these are a series of UFO sightings over Washington in 1952. The first of these is described as follows.

0.40 July 20, 1952 at the Washington radar screens of all airport and air base Andrews suddenly had the clear mark of seven unknown objects. This meant that they broke into the airspace above the city and greatly slowed the movement. Then these objects made a 90 °, and the two of them stuck in the restricted area of the White House, and one — on the Capitol. The rest of the UFO continued to make all sorts of maneuvers, flying straight up and pikiruya to a low height. These luminous objects and observed visually. One of the objects came to scheduled passenger aircraft. The pilot radioed that he was moving huge shiny silver disc, and shone his spotlight and then drive dramatically increased the speed of up to 1600 km / h, and disappeared. The city was an air alert, and all flights were canceled. To intercept were due to seven jet fighters, the F-94 to the nearest airfield. But when the fighters approached, all the UFO disappeared at a speed of 11,000 km / h Five minutes after the fighters got to the airport, the objects reappeared over the city. Then the fighters were again raised in the air, and it was not until 5:00 am.

Shortly before dawn, 10 unknown objects were seen over Andrews Air Force Base, and the radar operator said that the facilities made such maneuvers, which are not capable of any one aircraft. On the screen you could see how they were doing right angle turns and even the return movement. Manager of the air base, reported that huge orange body hanging over the building in which it is located. With the coming of dawn, radar operators, and many passers visually observed several UFOs that moved jerkily and quickly disappeared.

Evening, July 26, 1952 over Washington at high altitude again there was a group of 4-5 UFOs, and therefore all flights of civil aircraft have been discontinued, and the interception of these objects have been sent two F-84 fighter. At this time the first UFO evaded fighters at great speed, and then came back and raced on planes, threatening them with imminent collision, and only at the last moment to turn away sharply to the side. This "game of tag" will stop only when the fighters ran out of fuel and had to return to base. Then an unknown object seen over the U.S. capital on July 29 and August 6. Still, the most massive raid on Washington UFO took place on the night of 12 to 13 August 1952, when the city came to a total of 68 unknown objects, fixed radar. A government agency even published a brochure about it.

UFO repeatedly observed over Moscow, and in April and August 1978 were recorded series of such observations. A flurry of phone calls about the UFO sightings over Moscow entered the evening December 21, 1989 from Tushino, encouraging and New Cheryomushki. This evening the residents of the street and Artsimovich Ostrovityanova 3.5 hours have seen an enormous glowing rotating an ellipse on which sparkled red, green and white lights, and down as of spotlight, left vertical column of light. The object was moving slowly over the streets, occasionally changing direction. To understand what is happening, the deputy chief of the 27th police station of Moscow Sadretdinov R. and I. Nosov went to the metro station "Belyaevo" and saw themselves on the Moscow ring road round the bright red object flying in the direction of the airport Domodedovo. They tried to catch up with him in his car, but he seems to be trying to escape persecution. The object rushed to the right, then left, then froze in place, then slumped down. The chase continued until the settlement Pines, located 20 km from the ring road, and then the ball disappeared.

Purposeful activity of UFOs very clearly manifested in the fact that these objects are sometimes sent rays of light on an airplane or accompanied them for a long time, and in some cases the planes swooped down and carried around a dizzying maneuvers.

In October 1953, the crew of the DC-6 aircraft, flying from Finland to Washington, Baltimore saw about unknown hanging motionless object from which

suddenly right on, it was given the blinding white beam of light. Fearing that the facility will bear directly on the aircraft, the pilot threw him into a steep dive.

In November 1967 over the aircraft IL-14, flying from Anadyr to Irkutsk, near Nerchinsk appeared unknown object the size of a two-story house and shone a beam of light aircraft, and the crew to maneuver when trying to get off the subject, he repeated all of the aircraft, extending it to cover. In 1978, while flying over Kustanai at 10 000 feet the pilot of the Tu-134 Novikov said ahead of a luminous object in the shape of a disc, moving toward the plane. The facility has sent a plane beam, like a ray of powerful spotlights.

In November 1986, the Alaskan one big and two small cylindrical object for 32 minutes, accompanied by over 600 km of the Japanese cargo plane Boeing 747 flying from Iceland to Tokyo. According to the testimony of members of the crew, a huge object was twice the size of aircraft carrier and was shaped like a walnut with a large bulge at the top and a flat bottom. It burning lights. For some time the object was visible on the radar screen of the Federal Aviation Administration, Air Force radar and radar aircraft. Small objects on the radar screen is not recorded. All three sites initially flew a parallel course at a distance of 8-9 km from the plane, and then suddenly approached him at a distance of 2-3 km. Trying to break away from them, "Boeing" down to 1200 m, abruptly changed direction and even made a complete circle, but objects still follow around. The crew of the aircraft was struck by the speed of movement of objects and their ability to change direction quickly and suddenly stop.

In the following case, an unknown object was accompanied by several aircraft. On October 28, 1989 on the radar screen of the Irkutsk airport operators have found that one of three passenger planes coming in to land, at a distance of 90 km from the airport perched kind of "label". At flight from Irkutsk to Moscow, another Tu-154 for him, too, there was "label", and when the crew received a command to change course 75 km from the airport, the plane I "label" went their separate ways. In the future, these "tags" for 3 hours in the tail are attached to aircraft flying across their courses, overtook and moved forward. A Korean Airlines plane around one "label" even made a "victory lap." And these "tags" were recorded and airborne radar aircraft. Senior air traffic controller of the Irkutsk airport Mickle said that "label" move with speed 200-900 km / h and more. In this case, their behavior felt a certain logic, because for all their maneuvers, they never flew the aircraft near 20-30 km, which means "to respect the norms of air safety."

But it happened that a UFO flying close to the aircraft. According to the "Blue Book", in May 1952 in the Davis-Monthan Air Base (Arizona), two disc-shaped object with a diameter of 6-7 m caught the bomber B-36 and accompanied him for 30 miiut, one of the objects flew right between wing and horizontal tail plane, and then went under the plane, joined to the second object, and they both disappeared at high speed.

Sometimes UFO swooped down and flew straight to the aircraft flying at high speed and only at the last minute went sharply to the side. In September 1976 the Portuguese Boeing 7-70 taking off from Lisbon to Johannesburg, climb nearly collided with a large UFO lights in blue light and had a flashing red and white lights, which at high speed on the plane flew directly in the face of crew. And just because the co-pilot turned the plane to the right, and the object turned sharply to the left, the collision happened.

In our country such case occurred in 1978, when an unknown large object raced at high speed on a passenger aircraft Yak-40 flying out of the village of Bear Tyumen region in Nadym, and only 10-15 meters from the plane soared dramatically and disappeared .

In March 1990, managers of Nalchik Squadron observed on radar unknown object flying at an altitude of about 500 meters at a speed of 100-200 km / h, and is aimed at a crew is in the air helicopter MJ-2. The pilots saw that the object is a silver ball with a diameter of about 3 meters. With the approach of the helicopter, flying at an altitude of 800 m, the object rose to its height and began to move away from the helicopter, and then suddenly turned and ran at high speed directly at the helicopter, while increasing in size. To avoid collision, the crew was forced to deviate by 90 ° and go to the land. The object is to repeat the maneuver, then stopped and hung for a while, flew toward the city of North feces. On the radar screen could be seen as he circled over this city and suddenly disappeared.

Sometimes UFOs perform complex maneuvers around flying planes. In June 1948, four-engine U.S. military aircraft flying over the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), walked a mile to the unknown flying disc, still hung at a height of 2500 meters. Suddenly the drive pulled up and ran with great speed right on the plane, and, approaching at close range, quickly began to make circles around it. In an effort to avoid a collision, the pilot lowered the altitude of 900 m, but the disc followed by air, continuing to circle around it. Aircraft engines soon began to give interruptions, and followed strong aftershocks because the disc has hurt the ends of its wings. Rudder plane completely destroyed, and the crew was forced to leave the plane. During the descent by parachute crew watched disk waited until the plane crashed into a swamp, and then soared to the previous vertical height and disappeared.

In March 1967 an unknown diameter round metal object near Yuma "windows" flew at supersonic speed near the Guatemalan passenger plane flying over the coast of Mexico, so that the plane wobbled. After that, the object returned and began to maneuver around the plane, pass over it, under it or near the plane. These actions have caused panic among the 30 passengers of the plane and its crew, as they felt that the UFO attack aircraft. Some passengers fell into hysterics. This went on for 10 minutes, after which the object disappeared at high speed.

The most amazing thing that happened in May 1975 near Mexico City with the airplane "Paypet-24", flying at an altitude of 4500 m pilot of this aircraft Montiel saw that on both wings of the plane very close stuck two gray disc diameter of 3-3.5 m flat domes. Montiel tried to shake the wing to drop the discs, but to no avail. Soon in front of and slightly above the plane there was a third of the same drive that rushed down and touched the bottom of the fuselage, the plane shaking. Montiel gave a radio distress signal, and the nearest airport manager advised him to slow down, but the pilot announced that the plane was not listening. Wheels hanging over the wings, rose, merged into one, and departed to the east. Trying to land, Montiel could not get the landing gear and had ten times to fly over the runway until it failed. After landing in the fuselage of the aircraft were found dents.

In the event that took place in 1979 at a military warehouse in the Pskov region, the beam from the UFO was sent to the store. According to Major T., it looked as follows. In the eyes of the guard over the warehouse appeared luminous ball, has sent a ray of light on one of the storage facilities. After some time, the beam disappeared and the subject abruptly moved to another store, and also sent the first beam of light on it, and then put it away. And so the stage was covered or how to sound out all the stores. The ball was moving below the clouds, the height of which in the evening was 300-400 m The next night at the same time the same thing happened in the same sequence. Then on the warehouse delivered anti-aircraft gun, but the object did not appear.

Recorded as cases where the UFO swooped down on the cars, trains and ships, performed maneuvers over them or accompany them for a long time.

With such a huge number of meetings with UFOs scientists still can not confirm the actual existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Why?

Polish archaeologist Janusz Kozlowski believes that throughout the material and cultural development of mankind, there are two problems, the explanation of which is very difficult: the origin of man and the emergence of advanced ancient civilizations in the Middle East and Central and South America. In both cases it seems very fast jump that Erich von Daniken, Ludwig Soucek and other authors attempt to explain the influence of the alien or death of civilizations with the esoteric technology. Previously, it seems conditioned by the lack of quality of anthropological and archaeological finds.

American astronomer Edwin Croup says that ancient astronauts and UFOs are part of the mythology of the modern era. They reflect not only the ancient connection between our thoughts and the celestial sphere, but also to include the realities of modern technology and space concept. Heavenly gods of our ancestors, we dressed in costumes of aliens. We believe that they live on a distant planet, but in the language of myth kingdom remains "our skies."

The sky seems to us a source of strength and order, as it was in the time of our prehistoric and ancient ancestors. They attached particular importance to the sky and included it in their monuments, rituals and myths. The orientation of the axis of Stonehenge on the summer solstice, the festival of the new fire, the Aztecs arranged every 52 years, the Egyptian legend of Orion represent only a very small fraction of the many representations of the relationship between our mind and the sky. Subject ancient worlds preserved, but their symbolism we adapt to modernity.

In the past, we were looking for order in the sky. The nature of the treatment of the heavenly bodies — the sun, moon, planets and stars — gave the outside world the focus and structure, the temporal ordering. Shining heavenly bodies ascribed power. Their rising and setting ruled the world. The alternation of day and night, the seasons occur on the order of the bodies. They shine and shimmer, the system of their movements, locations of us — out of our reach, but still within our view — led to what we believed their gods.

Now, after thousands of years, and perhaps tens of thousands of years after we thought we mastered above the heavenly picture, we do not believe the sun, moon, planets and stars gods. But the long-standing power of the sky remains. When we look up at us still opens boundless space. Again we feel its terrifying mystery. This impression is the essence of what causes awe. We represent and constantly feel as a covenant of our ancestors, that the sky has something to do with the sacred world order.

Today we are talking about the sky, or rather of space, even in relation to other worlds, with billions of stars, galaxies so distant that they are barely visible even in the modern telescopes. Our ancestors invented stories about space, which saw around him. We also tell stories about how the world works and how we are involved in all its laws. But our stories are different from the stories of our ancestors. Some of them are scientific. We test their strength, improve and use. Many of the things that compose our ancestors, it was unscientific. However, their stories, as well as our own, reflect the relationship between facts. This understanding of the interconnectedness of all phenomena with each other — an inherent property of our thought. This form of organization and the use of information.

Not all of our current understanding scientific. The fact that our ancestors once seen as the realm of the gods, we perceive as space may populous traveling it may have once visited our planet, and perhaps even a little bit like us.

Author: E.Vostokova

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