Facing each other: whether there will be the union of Russian and Ukrainian shipbuilding?

Facing each other: whether there will be unification of the Russian and Ukrainian shipbuilding?

Any state that has access to the sea, and must possess the means in order to produce this output, simply put, is bound to have its own fleet. In addition, the government should own and developed shipbuilding industry, as it is one of the fundamental components of economic independence of naval power. During the existence of the Union of Russian industry, which have been linked to the sea, were united. After the collapse of this single complex collapsed, becoming a prerequisite for the decline of the maritime industry in almost all the countries that were formerly part of the country's tremendous. Shipbuilding was no exception in this respect.

Came the division of the production cycle, technology uniformly have declined, and this, in turn, has become a prerequisite for reducing the frisky with highly qualified shipyards. In Russia, the development of the economy led to a revival of some military and civilian shipbuilding. Almost all contributed to this, and highly skilled shipbuilders, which spilled over into Russian with Ukrainian companies by becoming a prerequisite for reducing Ukrainian shipbuilding.

In Russian, the Ukrainian shipbuilding company launches a number of new ships. Nikolaev shipbuilding factory in what is not inferior to similar companies in Leningrad and Severomorsk. The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a significant weakening of the industry in Ukraine, the Ukrainians have minimized the relationship with the Russians, trying to become independent producers in the global shipbuilding market.

However, experience has shown that this path was chosen in advance, because the niches in the global market was not very much, because in order to gain a foothold there, we need very high production properties. In addition, the Ukrainian shipbuilding affected and the economic crisis of 2008.

And if the civilian shipbuilding throughout Ukrainian independence has been trying to make ends meet, then the military and there is nothing to read, it actually died. The government does not buy military vehicles abroad, but at the same time and do not build their own. The program for the construction of four corvettes for the state navy, which was announced in 2009, has been frozen due to lack of money. As for the design of developments, they remained at the end of the last century, and therefore the global customers with nothing worthwhile Ukraine can offer. And if previously the only thing that took advantage of the demand Ukrainian military shipbuilding products were ships with nuclear power plants, then at the moment and they do not need anyone else. Both the United States and China are building such vessels without the help of others.

It is worth noting that in recent years zabugornye regular customers interested in the development, with the remaining Russian times. For example, in 2010 the representatives of China ordered the construction in Ukraine 4 "Bison" (landing craft air cushion). They are unique in the world. But, of course, that China, which has long been known for the ability to "copy technology" is unlikely to order new ships in the future. But the signing of this agreement has caused strong dissatisfaction on the part of the Russian Federation, which announced its own share of mental accessories on a similar type of ships. Representatives of the Russian Federation also said that the ill-conceived contract as from the standpoint of military strategy, as well as from the standpoint of copying technology. Ultimately, the Ukrainian government, which took into account the displeasure of neighbors, sent a draft for review. Such actions have led to the freezing of a very significant contract price of 250-300 million dollars. And it was a prerequisite that the shipbuilding company "Sea", which is located in Feodosia, and that is very much counting on this contract, on the verge of bankruptcy. But for more than seventy years, the company famous for its own products. From the time of its own foundation in 1938 it has released torpedo boats "Komsomolets", passenger ships with hydrofoils "Rocket", launches the "Project 184", "125 Project", "Comet", hydrofoil and air assault landing craft air cushion "Scat", "squid" and "Omar" PDA "Falcon", "Antares", gas-turbine "Cyclone", and many others. In the field of naval construction, the company was the largest in Ukraine.

Now "Sea" may share the fate of 2-other companies — "Lenin's smithy" and "Sevastopol Marine Plant", which is actually the creation of one hundred percent minimized. But these factories also have a huge history: each of them running about 2-hundred years.
Plant "Lenin's smithy" was founded in 1862 and beyond time its existence produced about thousands of boats and ships of different purposes. Enterprise "Sevastopol Marine plant"Was founded even earlier — in 1783, and the years of its existence has built about 500 repairs and spent about five thousand boats and ships of different purposes and types.

But the global policy substantiated thing clear: in order to be able to gain a foothold in the global shipbuilding market, companies need to coordinate with the government, because without the support of the country and there is nothing to think about the development of the industry. Moreover, any samples to gain a foothold in the global market by joining the international holdings are also not out, since a zabugorny owner is not interested and does not accept any liability for great products. For confirmation far to seek: quite remember how to Ukrainian shipbuilding companies in the 90-ies of the last century were sold for a penny of foreign corporations. Namely, there is an example of Nicholas factory "Ocean", the owners of which were Dutch. Focusing on the orders that could pay off in a short time (small and medium-sized vessels, vehicles and technical support), they are not eager to invest in the development of technologies and manufactured products was far from the quality of the samples. In addition, Ukrainian shipbuilders getting any preliminary work in the main — the creation of separate parts or buildings, procurement of materials needed. Finishing option is carried on zabugornyh enterprises. Therefore it is logical that the Ukrainians for their work received a very small percentage of the funds received for the finished vessel. And as a result, the financial failure and decline of production.

Soon the plant ran for Norwegian owners, who have completed the work begun by the Dutch — drove him to bankruptcy. Whereupon plant, together with all its debts ran to Andrey Burlakov, a Russian businessman who was killed a little later. Then, in the history of the company come complete chaos right up to 2011, when the new owner of "Ocean" became another Russian businessman Vadim Novinsky. In the current difficult times read anything about the upcoming fate of the enterprise — time will tell.

General manager of Basil Fedin, meanwhile, is very optimistic. According to him, despite the fact that today the company's position in the shipbuilding market are not the best, has mapped out a plan of the plant output from the crisis. So after year "Ocean" will be able to go to the
ir former positions he has held during its development.

It should also be noted that the transition of Ukrainian shipbuilding companies and companies under the control of Russian businessmen can have a positive impact on their development. But in order for it to be equivalent for both sides, you need to create interstate coordination center which to monitor and adjust the work in the shipbuilding industry.

Russian shipbuilding, including the military, in this period of time is developing intensively, but as a civilian shipbuilding programs, in this regard, it will be difficult to do without the Ukrainian complex. Only in this case, the country will cooperate if their deeds, for they will have a chance to survive in the prevailing criteria restore its former capacity, the training of highly qualified personnel. Time once again showed that everything created by joint efforts should also develop together. It is a guarantee of recovery and the chance to take their rightful place in the global market.

Now the case we need to — for the ability and the desire of governments 2-country setting.

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