Famous people send videootkrytok Belarusian political prisoners

The famous TV presenter Michael Schatz signed postcard Belarusian political prisoners:

— I believe that the greatest joy — to express their beliefs and do it free. I am sure that tyrants come and go, but human strength, faith and beliefs zasayutstsa. All I can say to people, which are now in prison: your strength in the truth, and there Mrs. your shelter. Again: Early release!

Michael Schatz — a popular TV host, a person CTC channel. Has awarded "Taffy-2003" in the nomination "Best Entertainment Program" and "Taffy-2006" in the nomination "Best Leading entertainment program."

Postcard political prisoners wrote the leader of a group of DDT Yuri Shevchuk.


Send a postcard please visit political prisoners pashtouka.org

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