Fancy food — Bizarre Foods 9 movies to watch online

Fancy food - Bizarre Foods 9 movies to watch online
Interesting cooking reality show. The project "Bizarre Foods"Focuses on the regional cuisines of the world. For all other South American audience kitchen look unusual, unique and" savage. "Recognized in the U.S., and cook culinary critic Andrew Zimmern in his own show knows about the traditions of the people, which is shooting another issue. Through demonstration of methods of manufacture of food explains viewers how differently, in strict accordance with the climatic criteria of life, people kept their own food supplies. Andrew will visit almost all the regions of the planet, and he usually eats all that interested. His slogan — "If it looks appetizing — eat."

Unusual food — Philippines

Unusual food — Taiwan

Unusual food — Morocco

Unusual food — Gulf of Mexico

Unusual food — Ecuador

Unusual food — Mexico

Unusual food — Spain

Unusual food — Vietnam

Unusual food — New-york

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