Favorite Al-Qaeda calls to overthrow Assad

The leader of "Al Qaeda" calls to overthrow AssadOpponents of Syrian President Assad got a surprise ally. Ayman al-Zawahiri, new favorite "Al-Qaeda, "urged Syrian people to overthrow the government, RIA "Announcements".

"In Syria, our supporters do not rely on the support of the United States, the West, Turkey and the Arab states … They are independent of the corrupt governments of PAH," — said Zawahiri.

Favorite "Al-Qaeda "called on Muslims from Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to assist opposition forces to overthrow the" anti-Islamic regime ". The Associated Press, citing a source in the Iranian intelligence, reports that militants" Al-Qaeda "began streaming into Syria from Iraq.

Zawahiri issued a proclamation on the same Islamist website. The monitoring of these online resources is engaged SITE Intelligence Group. Where and when recorded an eight-minute video message, is unclear. The implication is that the favorite "Al-Qaeda" in the current time is hiding in Pakistan.

Zawahiri's statement was located in the web the other day, a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League, which was accomplished in Cairo. During the meeting the ministers decide what efforts will make the Arab League after the failure of the UN Security Council resolution on Syria.

As reported by the BBC on-Sea, United Nations and the Arab League may impose a joint objective observers to Syria. In addition, the Arab League can recognize Syria State Council — the main body of the Syrian opposition. At the moment, the Arab League mission to Syria stopped its work, and headed by General Mohammed al-Dhabi resigned.

The other day, Saudi Arabia proposed UN Security Council draft resolution on the latest Syria. But he's actually not what is different from the previous one, China and Russia blocked. The fate of the new document is uncertain: source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia stated that such a document in fact do not exist. On this occasion, the official comments were received.

The conflict in Syria last for almost a year. Opposition forces demand reforms and the resignation of President Assad. The Syrian authorities have constantly promised to meet demands of a part, but the real change has not yet happened. In Damascus, insisting that the reforms the opposition must abandon violence. During the clashes, according to UN estimates, killed more than five thousand people.

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