Female face Belarusian officials

Edition of "Tomorrow your country" has made analysis of how men and women work in the public administration of Belarus.

In 2009in bodies of state administration in Belarus more than 67% consisted of women. However, 80% of heads and deputies — men.

The share of women in the public administration, the higher the lower the level of management. If the national government agencies, according to the National Statistics Committee, about 58% of women, in the district, city, village executive committees, their share has already reached 75% or more.

Judicial and legal institutions are also predominantly female — 74%, and the Customs authorities have the opposite sex structure — 35% of women vs. 65% of men.

Despite such a massive presence of women in the public administration, the picture changes when viewed in the context of the posts. 80% of managers of organizations and their deputies — are men. At the higher levels of the state administration bodies are more than 60% of men are employed in this sector. 10.7% occupy top positions. And 51% of all employment in the sector of public administration men work chiefs of departments, divisions, sectors, associate and assistant managers.

This second level, however, also well represented and women. This ratio is almost close to 50/50. Yet the total number of working women in the cohort of leaders fall below 40% of all female employees. The rest are specialists. And the lower management level, the higher the proportion of women. Sometimes it reaches 80%. However, on the ground — in the district and township governing bodies — women are the basis of all senior management: here and led organizations for almost 70% of women, and at the secondary level, they are filled with 90%.

Do not chase Belarusian women and for advanced degrees and higher positions in education. Though among the teaching staff of higher education institutions as a whole more than men (55/45), but the top positions are occupied mostly by men. At the end of 2009, there were only four women in the 52-rector of men in the same positions. Provosts — 78% men, deans of faculties and heads of departments — at 66-68%. With 80% of all professors — again this is a man. With lecturers are better then men slightly more than half — 52%. But head teachers, teachers, assistants, teachers, trainees are 65-70% women.

But women are the basis of senior management in the education sector — 82% of the posts here the director and deputy director of the school. Thus, a characteristic feature. Men seldom led the initial or basic schools — the directors are, in fact, are the only women (94%).

64% of men in leadership positions in education, are directors of secondary schools, and in this capacity they are close to the number of female directors (45/55). But even if Director of the man, as a rule, his deputy — a woman. More than 90% of Deputy Directors of basic and secondary schools are women.



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