Fire-based chemicals: In the dog house flies are gone, and people say everything is normal …

At the base of chemical production of "Zelvenskiy Selkhozkhimiya» More July 18, there was a fire at the warehouse, storing more than 300 tons of obsolete pesticides, taken away for storage here from all over the region in 2006. Prior to pesticides under the open sky, the wind carries them around the neighborhood. Work to deal with the past few days are not conducted because there is no special barrels to pack them in there.

Externally-based chemical production of "Zelvenskiy Selkhozkhimiya" Today everything looks easy. But when you approach closer, you can feel an unpleasant chemical odor and garkatsets begins in the mouth.

Thus folded pesticides that are peppered in new barrels.

Near the base — road construction company DRSU one hundred and eighteenth-The local workers say that the MOE specialists who came here and said that there is no danger for them, but they do not believe it.

Mr."It is today that there is no wind here. And it does not breathe, everything escalated, and the heat reached 43 degrees. What is beginning to stir, to put in barrels, it is impossible, because it kind of ash, and it spreads throughout the neighborhood, I can not breathe. "

Second, Mr."Even the flies are all gone in the dog house, where we change clothes, only to take and padmestsi …"

Working DRSU 118 who work next to a burnt composition of pesticides.

At the scene of the fire I found the Chief of the chemical and radiological protection of Grodno Regional Emergency Management Gennady Lapich. Incidentally, he is the first day of the fire. Mr. Lapich told me that the stock was samazagaranne, twice, but the fire was extinguished quickly.

According to him, the staff of chemical detection Volkovysk district department of emergency had stopped radiation and chemical contamination, and determined that the background radiation in the surrounding area does not exceed the permissible limits.

When I asked why not continue to work in the aftermath of the fire, Mr. Lapich replied that they do not drop off the special barrels that are produced in Russia.

He also said that in the aftermath of the fire together experts from around the area they work in shift spetsadenni and only one hour a day. As for what will be the fate of pesticides, Mr. Lapich said:

Lapich"Now looking for a place to store them, and then to be transported."

Reporter"And why not utilize them?"

Lapich"Belarus has no place. But the negotiations are ongoing, in my opinion, in Ukraine, where there are factories, and perhaps we will send them back for recycling. "

The composition of pesticides after the fire.

In the nearby village, Horse riding, people are too scared when they heard a chemical smell in the air.

First man: "Children just sick in the morning. Then the police drove through villages and warned to shut the house and never come out. "

Second, Mr."Odor was type nitrate or ammonia. And then the first time in 25 years as I live here, came and took the analysis of water and soil. Still, no one else, and fire smoke for two days. "

Reporter"A local authority or come to you — out of the village council, executive committee?"

Mr."No one and nothing. We tried to call in Grodno, one woman just grandchildren were here, she asked — take action, and she said, leave, and everything. "

The villagers riding, which is two kilometers from the composition of pesticides.


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