Fires in Russia Belarus has not threatened

The Ministry of Forestry of Belarus takes extra measures to prevent forest fires.

According to the head of the Forestry Ministry of Forestry Valentin Shatravko, in all the regions of enhanced duty of the forest fire protection. Conducted daily patrols in the woods, watch for fire-chemical stations and observation towers.

Brought to full readiness capabilities for fighting forest fires. Particular attention is paid to pine plantations. In some areas of Vitebsk, Grodno, Gomel and Mogilev regions restrictions or a ban on visits forests.

Special raids also conduct environmental inspections, a division of the State Inspectorate for Protection of Fauna and Flora under the Interior Ministry, BelTA informs.

Has enhanced the patrol aircraft circled and RUE "Bellesavia" MOE along the borders of Belarus with the Russian forest. According to Valentin Shatravko, there is no current threat to the transfer of forest fires on the part of Russia, where they are raging in many regions. "Pockets of fire in the forest in the border regions of the Russian Federation have been identified," — he said.

Since the beginning of the fire season in the forests of the Forestry Ministry recorded 401 cases of forest fires in the area of 253.2 hectares. The largest number of fires observed in the Gomel region — an area of 148 cases of 58.3 hectares. The main cause of fires — careless people stay in the woods.



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