Firm «NELK» tested a new autopilot shestikoptera «NELK-B6»


Moscow. February 22. Airports — JSC «Scientific and Production Center» Company «NELK» successfully conducted flight tests UAV helicopter type with the new autopilot, which provided, on a par with the software implementation of an autonomous flight for more than 30 minutes, said «AviaPort» said Assistant CEO Nicholas Panasenko.

According to him, the autopilot will have developed the use of virtually all new development complexes unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring of the development of drones. Conducted flight tests have shown the correctness of the software autopilot, which is scheduled to be implemented immediately on several types of drones developer.

New set on autopilot tested shestikoptere (platform with six rotors with bearing propellers for vertical takeoff and landing) with the designation «NELK-B6.» The enterprise decided to rename the drones. So now all shestikoptery will be denoted as «NELK-B6», drones and aircraft type — «NELK-C3».

In the process of industrial tests UAV VTOL «NELK-B6» in one hundred percent automatic mode were achieved following results: flight time — 37 minutes, the greatest distance from the starting point — 2068 m length traversed path was 10650m. The weather conditions were not the most appropriate: the air temperature was minus 3-5 ° C, wind speed at ground level was 4-5 m / s, gusts up to 10 m / s.

Dmitry Kozlov

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