First — Europe: Do not give the regime money, otherwise there will be new political prisoners

At the trial in the Leninsky district court of Minsk in a day spent litigation and listened to the last words of the seven defendants.

Litigation Attorney began Cyril Chubkavets. The prosecutor believes that the guilt of all the accused in the court was fully established that on December 19 in Minsk there were riots, who organized Statkevich with Dmitri Uss, as defendants Klaskouski, Kvyatkevich, fungi, and Pozniak Savrasov participated in them.

A former police officer Alexander Klaskouski, according to the prosecutor, also conferred the power, when put to the meeting by a police jacket coat, and he offended the authorities. Speech about the police, which Klaskouski, according to him, cursed for what they were hitting people in the square. As a result, the prosecutor asked for Statkievich 8 years maximum security prison for Uss — 7 years, for Kvyatkevicha, Pozniak, fungal and Bulanava — 4 years. Cyril harder Chubkavets invited punish Klaskouski — much as 8.5 years in prison.

More than two hours voicing their arguments defenders of the accused. Lawyer Dmitry Uss Mr. Sazanchuk disassembled by component concept riots and tried to prove that they were not. After all, there was no pogroms, arson, armed resistance — of what constitutes the law, riots. Vladimir Sazanchuk urged the court to acquit Dmitry Uss, because he saw in the evidence of his crime.

Lawyer Tatyana Stankevich, protecting Statkevich, argued that he was trying to stop a peaceful demonstration election fraud, and these actions were not a crime. According to the lawyer, the prosecution of Statkievich shoot.

Other advocates also argued that the riots on December 19 was not. Regarding their clients lawyers noticed that none of the prosecution witnesses did not show that those committing the violence and did not obey the police. Defender Irina Tachkar said her padaabaronny Dmitry Savrasov, who is seriously ill, can be imprisoned for two kick on the wooden boards. Andrew Pozniak did not participate in the events on the steps of Government House — argued lawyer Ivan Zhabko.

Artem Gribkov: High Court! Fear takes a few minutes and guilt remains for life. Before sentencing think about it.

It took half an hour on the last words of the accused. The longest was the last word Statkevich. He ended the call to the representatives of foreign governments:

"I would like to address the representatives of democratic countries, especially European countries. Please do not offer a money regime for our freedom. Do not buy the bandits hostages. If you do, then there will be new hostages, and the situation in our country for a long time will not change. Now about myself and what is offered to the prosecutor. I am willing to sacrifice his freedom in order to bring the freedom of their country. I believe that Belarus will be free. "

In his brief final statement Dmitry Moustache was again dogmatic on the current electoral law. He said he would collect a million signatures for the amendment of the law. With regard to the prison, then to her ex-presidential candidate is also ready.

Accused Artem Gribkov, which the investigation tried to put chronic alcoholics in the last word showed sincerity and integrity.

"I did not cause harm to anyone, no one was hit, but I want to apologize to the relatives and friends. Sorry if that is not the case. I apologize to the candidates, perhaps, the actions brought them under this unfounded article. High Court! Fear takes a few minutes and guilt remains for life. Before sentencing think about it. "

The sentence will sound on May 20.


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