Five myths about the most famous nanny

Five of the most famous mofov nurse.  Photo from

So, you're thinking about the nurse. Needless to say, not easy to find a good nanny. Today "My Fair Nanny" as a mythical personage surrounded by a halo of myths and mysteries. For example, such:

1. Nanny required to have teacher education.

Not necessarily. Unfortunately, the teacher's college in the background does not guarantee that the love of children. A nursery school teachers have a professional habit of "build" children. Think about this idea fits in your concept of education. Sometimes gracious and savvy in the "everyday psychology," she better be able to find an approach to the child than a certified teacher.

2. Nanny must be at least 40 years of age.

It depends on your habits. If you are so relaxed — then look for a nanny, "aged." But the young energetic girl, too, can be quite a good choice — it will be adhered to your instructions, without referring to his own experience of education, will come up with a lot of fun games, will run with the kid on the court, without fear of harm to their health.

3. Babysitting is needed only if the mother goes out to work.

Absolutely not. Even if mom is not working, she still gets tired and very noticeable. Then not to treat depression, apathy and aggression, take care of a reliable assistant in advance. From this you shall in no way cease to be a good mother — in fact, having the opportunity to occasionally break from domestic routine, then you will be a great pleasure to return to her maternal duties.

4. Change of babysitting — a catastrophe for the whole family.

This is a bad moment, especially if the baby had become attached to her, but no more. Many agencies include in the contract a free selection of the other nurses, if First, for some reason, you are not approached.

5. Babysitting — it's almost a family member.

It happens, but very rarely. Sometimes nanny really have time to become intimate with the family of his pupil, especially when she first saw it even at a tender young age. But more often (and safer from a psychological point of view) to keep some distance between the nanny and the child's parents.

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