Five-seveN pistol chambered 5.7 x28

Five-seveN pistol chambered 5.7 x28
In an article on P90 submachine gun could meet with chuck 5,7 x28, but described in the article submachine gun is not the only tool for this cartridge. In addition there is also a reference and a gun with a fairly large capacity magazine, with all this stick length guns remains within reasonable bounds. Question about the gun company FN Five-Seven, or more correctly Five-seveN, because the title is specifically stated by the manufacturer and guns in it are large signs abbreviation of the company name. Specifically with this prototype, but rather with a few variations of this gun, we will try to meet you in this article.

This gun has emerged as a standard addition to the P90 submachine gun, so you can read about the already complex patron-arms, and not an isolated instance. Given that he submachine gun went quite extraordinary, many expect that the gun will also be a traditional design is perfect, but it is totally wrong. Although if we consider an instrument closely, you can see that many times it is really exciting and worthy of praise, if not, then at least attention, but overall, nothing in the arms of a supernova is not used. Gun was developed in the late 80-ies of the last century, but its creation has been established exclusively in 1998. That’s when there was the first version of this tool.

First version of the pistol was offered the army as an instrument for personal protection. Indeed, this gun is always ready to shoot. It used a trigger mechanism only double act, in other words before each shot when you press the trigger occurs platoon, and later descent. In addition, there is a circuit breaker that shuts drummer to complete squeezing the trigger, which prevents accidental discharge, even if the cartridge is in the chamber. Accidentally pressing the trigger the same kind of impossible because pressing force by samovzvodom pretty huge. So Makarov pistol out this tool from the category of «got-shot», but all of this is pretty benign when worn. A distinctive feature of this gun is that it does not have a switch fuse, and its safety bracket rather complicated form. Sights consist of sight which made a separate piece from the housing-bolt, as well as full, which is installed on the landing dovetail. Under the gun barrel in the frame has a landing site for additional devices, such as a small version of a flashlight to illuminate targets or laser designator. Fixation capacity store 20 rounds by using the buttons on the left side of the gun.

 Five-seveN pistol chambered 5.7 x28

After some time after leaving the army version of the gun was offered the option for the police. Despite its external resemblance to the previous one gun, this gun is somewhat different in its own design and device. First, the main difference is the trigger mechanism simple act, in other words before the shot is necessary to move the slide to cock back the hammer mechanism, of course, that after each shot it all happens machine. In order that you could wear harmless weapon with a cartridge in the chamber is provided non-automatic safety. So Makar, a tool to prepare for the shot, or must be removed from the fuse, or do not use it and do not carry a gun with a cartridge in the chamber, pulling the bolt as needed to apply gun. On the one hand that the gun have to prepare before applying a drawback, but in «minus» has most of the models of pistols, so that the payment is not worth taking, but the fact that when you press the trigger necessary to put less effort in comparison with the previous version of the gun, and this is certainly a plus, because it makes it significantly increases accuracy, back same comparable. Throughout the rest of the gun was quite similar to the preceding standard. This standard had a prefix to the name of Tactical.

Long making this gun was not, in 2004 this model was replaced by the gun marked IOM (Individual Officers Model). Despite its title, this gun entered the civilian market instruments, where he was for the first time and got to know people well, and already knew about ammunition for the civil version of the P90 without the ability of automatic fire. Outside, this gun can be distinguished by the type of guide «Picatinny» on the frame under the barrel guns, also on the newest form of housing-bolt. Internally, this gun is not changed in comparison with the previous prototype. However, an instrument complemented with another point that made it more harmless, namely automatic safety store. This addition is necessary first because cases where the holder gets a gun shop and thought then gun at one hundred percent completely harmless uniqueness. As a result, this gun is chambered cartridge and despite the absence of a gun shop quite ready to shoot, and in fact it is a prerequisite for frequent unfortunate cases with guns, well, not only with them. Gun Five-seveN IOM, this situation is not possible, because the shot without inserted store unfeasible. Yes, and this instrument was issued quite awhile, and soon after the company introduced version of the gun, now final.

Subsequent version guns got the name Five-seveN USG (United States Government), after this version guns went into mass production to produce other models finished and now this gun is the only mass-produced one gun. Outside the gun is not difficult to identify and distinguish from other previous versions the thing is that this gun safety bracket is not complex shape as ordinary, large, flat, which was much more convenient than the previous versions. In general, it seems to me, the last options of retaining clips were made only for the fact that the gun was known to, well, when it has already received a distribution, then decided to return to the «classics». Were changed and sights. First pillar adjustable pistol was later variants appeared completely unregulated, and after and most complete tools you can find both options sights and just change them without the help of others, because they are removable. Now there are different embodiments of the gun, with all this abundance is true even texture handle guns, that, in my opinion, is obvious overkill. Even lining the shell-gate, which made for a more comfortable hold can have both a notch and just bumps, for all that they are removable and back arrows can also choose what he likes. The trigger mechanism of the gun, as well as in previous models, not counting the first single act.

As can be seen in all variants of the parts gun control monotonous. So in all, not counting the first embodiment of the gun, small arms are perfectly fuses, which are duplicated on both sides of the gun. These switches are placed above the trigger gun that asks certain habits because they are now more comfortable switching to create the index finger holding hands. This plan reduces the designers time to prepare for the first shot. To disassemble the gun rather delay shutter all the way back, fix it and squeeze the latch barrel pistol, then cover-gate output smoothly forward with a gun while filming, and the trunk with entwined around it revertible otelyaetsya spring from the frame guns. Interestingly in all that she revertible spring in-1’s, wound around the trunk, and in-2, spring revertible fixed and can not fly off the gun barrel and lost that plus serving in the field criteria when everything is done literally at the knee. Perceptible point is that experts at the company forbid create disassembly of guns, and that’s about it already, you can think about. Either gun is not as simple as it seems and thought out or have very large numbers of people do not grow out hands where you want, so complete disassembly should do for their qualified specialist, as requested by the company. The only point that I was not clear, I do not guarantee any lost instrument if its absolutely disassemble and reassemble.

And now the most important thing. Five-seveN pistols built under the scheme blowback as it failed designers nobody knows … Just kidding, now it is very easy as a shovel. Pretty to look at the window to eject spent cartridges and estimate the thickness of housing-bolt whose weight is more than the weight of the remaining components of the gun. So tough revertible spring, heavy shutter and can shoot bullets 5,7 x28. According to the logic-gate cover huge weight had to significantly affect the accuracy of fire, but here, too, all the designers thought out. Understated gun barrel, so the vector recoil when firing lower than other pistols, as well fundamentally, that the casing shutter moves inland guiding framework that extends the life of guns, because this arrangement of parts «razbaltyvaenie» in the use of lower that back the same effect on accuracy. Incidentally this is confirmed by the fact that the manufacturer guarantees more than 20 thousand shots from a gun with appropriate care and maintenance, apparently serving spices that can complete disassembly.
Five-seveN pistol chambered 5.7 x28
Exactly as P90 submachine gun, pistols Five-seveN leave dual memory. On the one hand weapon like as quite effective thanks for ammunition against the enemies of personal body armor in the media, on the other hand in stopping power chuck 5.7 x28 I personally do not believe. So Makar, the main instrument is not for the civilian market due to its own ammunition, because civilian market, it seems to me, need more guns chambered with languid, let leisurely and more than bullets. In fact, this is confirmed by the fact that the civilian market, the popularity of this gun was a flash — there, tried recognized unfit. In the army gun just did not stick, though for ubiquitous himself cartridge gun and apply whatever sympathy for him not experienced, but many took the gun armament. Used this instrument where guaranteed clash with the enemy flak vest, as well as where required instrument with an extended capacity magazine. By the way for civilian gun market comes with a capacity of 10 rounds shops where there is a restriction on the amount of ammunition in the store. Considered standard shop store with a capacity of 20 rounds, the store will fit a larger capacity of 30 rounds, but with all this extends downwardly beyond the boundaries of the gun handle.

So in conclusion the most important thing — tsiferki. The total length of the gun with barrel length of 122 mm is 208 mm. Height with standard tools store is 145 mm. Width big gun — 36 mm. Weighs the same gun without bullets about 600 grams, with all this weight may vary narrow boundaries because the pistol grip can be fitted with various removable rear part. Effective implementation of distance guns up to 50 meters, although the target can be confidently and struck at a distance of 150 meters, as far bullet flies, keeping the lethal energy, unfortunately, crawl data, so it is better to remain silent.

In general, that such an instrument was created as a company for the P90 submachine gun
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