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Russian scientists are investigating the mysterious crop circles

Yuri Moskav

This summer in the village of Znamenskoye Krasnodar region observed an unprecedented invasion of guests. And the reason is become somewhat mysterious circles, suddenly appeared on one of the wheat fields. Within these ears were flattened to the ground, but close by, just a centimeter, growing straight up. No traces of the same approach to this place of humans or animals on the field was not visible.

One of the first discovered this phenomenon local Dachnitsa Zinaida.

— First, I noticed three laps, and then raised his eyes and see that it's not all them have some kind of line drawings are drawn, but the edges of the figure from the ground is not visible — all too far away in a field. Decided to see up close. I went over — father — all kolosochki one-to-one against the time course were packed, and everything is in place on the stems. Drawn all clear, smooth, and the side walls never touched.

And these are the words of Michael, also lives nearby:

— I'm here until 11 pm the day before walked, and when morning came — thought maybe I confuse that? How is it possible for a few hours to do it? My head does not fit!

In just the first day of the following saw several hundred people. Some do not pay them much attention, someone called in a local newspaper, someone — on TV, and someone — even the MPs who have already arrived a few hours later to take a look at this miracle of course.

from the dossier "rg"

First similar phenomena in the fields were discovered in HU1 century. Then, this did not give much importance. In Russia believed that all the tricks to bypass the line and preferred seats sinister side. In the early 1 century circles most often begin to appear on the English fields. Later they even called "English". Today, however, the name has disappeared, since they have long been popping up all over the world, but England still — the leader. If in our country over the past twenty years, it was found no more than 200 such occurrences, in the UK due to the thousands. Despite this, due to crowding of their placement, "British circles" are difficult to study. In addition, the English scientist trying to understand this phenomenon, constantly have to deal with fakes.

In Russia, according to the researchers, forgery circles are extremely rare, and this greatly simplifies the task of studying them. And to anomalistike generally have a special attitude of Russians. Research in the field tsereologii (so called branch of science to study the phenomenon of crop circles) is engaged in our country research association for the study of anomalous phenomena "Kosmopoisk", which includes more than two thousand people. Among the members of the "Kosmopoisk" people of different professions and different levels of education — from students to doctors. Unfortunately, often the ratio of the representatives of traditional science to those who study unusual phenomena, almost hostile, so many of them do not want to advertise their participation. Of those who are not afraid to speak openly about the research community and other anomalies — Cosmonaut Grechko and academic Vlail Treasurers.

Researchers make dozens of expeditions each year. So this time, on the first call of his colleagues from the Krasnodar region, they went to Znamenskoye.

Not fonit …

They arrived at the place after midnight and immediately went to the mysterious circles. The first thing decided to measure the magnetic and radiation background. Of the 76 cases, the emergence of the crop circles in Russia in every fifth case was seen in the circles of the increased magnetic background, and two — Reduced radiation. Although it has a few meters away from the ill-fated formations all returned to normal.

But this time the arrows on the devices did not move …

— We were ready for such results, — says Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator of the association "Kosmopoisk." — Because the magnetic field can easily knock down if they move within the metal objects, and there before us was visited quite a lot of people, and many in the pockets could be the keys or mobile phones, for example. Besides all these days it rained, and it too could make a difference …

When the researchers returned to Znamenskoye came more than 10 of their colleagues from Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novo and other cities. They were literally attacked by locals. Many offered their help.

— We were received like family, even began to call for tea. Couple families invited to climb on the roof of their houses to see the icons on top of what we have been extremely pleased, but even with the roof could not see the whole picture entirely.

It was decided to draw up a general map on ground measurements. After a dozen ears of corn and a couple of buckets of soil were in the car to them in Moscow could expose a comprehensive analysis, the researchers embarked on the tape measure. It seemed like they'd never end, we delve further into the field, and drawing branched out, as if mocking us, — says Ivan — the third party.

It was found that all the image consists of three fragments, several circles and other figures each. The total area of the figure was nearly 2 square kilometers, and the largest circle was a little more than 12 meters in diameter.

The whole thing — in spikelets

Still not remained until the end of the clarification of the fundamental question: do not fake it?

On the part of trampled plants seem childish prank, which can be repeated in a few hours. Put on snowshoes, for example, or just run through a wheat field, trampled on it unknown figure. Let others think that there is, for example, landed UFO. However, in reality not so simple. Russian physicists who study crop circles have long learned to identify which ones were created by man, and which are formed by other, not yet known methods.

According to Vadim Chernobrov, the easiest way to identify these fakes is the wheat fields. In fact, the community — these are the places where the bending of what is on the surface of the earth, be they plants, snow or even trees. Likewise wheat. But unlike ordinary grass, it has a dry tubular structure, therefore, bending, very quickly straightened. No matter how long we kept the ear of wheat or pressed to the ground, if you release it, then after a few moments, he will rise up again. To lay the wheat for a long time, it has to break.

In places as the appearance of abnormal circles bent wheat is not unbent, and continues to grow along the ground for a long time, while remaining firm.

— The surface it seems that the ears are fashioned from clay, and then bent to the desired height, — says Vadim Chernobrov. — A similar effect can be achieved only in one way. Heat the ear on a strong pair, and then, slowly bending, to dry. This is how people made pictures of straw. In this case, the making of one ear usually takes 30 minutes, and the culture in one hundred percent of the die, circles is always consist of thousands of live ears. That's near Krasnodar ears were alive.

The long-awaited opening

Another confirmation of miraculous origin of the mysterious circles was a small opening made by Vadim Chernobrovaya. He was the first of the researchers hit upon check these figures for the correctness of their form with a tape measure. Circles in fact turned out to ovals — one figure inside diameters different from each other by a few centimeters.

— This could mean that the bruising on the grass formed after approaching to land something round but it is, it's something not exactly approaching from above, and at a slight angle, so on earth to project an oval — suggests Vadim.

Curator adds that such a figure can not be done with the help of a stick and rope. "Even if the rope is wrapped around a stick, then the resulting figure will be similar to the coil, but not at the Oval" — he explains.

Returning to Moscow, the expedition took up processing of the collected materials. On her final conclusions, we still report.

by the way

In general, for all its mystique, the phenomenon of emergence of community is strong enough understood. Based on where and when the circles have appeared in recent years, identified the most important territorial and temporal patterns of this phenomenon.

According to experts, all appear before the wheels can be placed on the three conventional bands, each of which — a width of about one hundred kilometers. Two of them expressed softly and pass through the Western Ukraine and Pskov, and the other three, "core" bands are in the south of Russia (Eysk — Novokuznetsk — labinsk), in the middle lane (Kursk, Voronezh and Volgograd regions) and to the north of Moscow (Vitebsk — north of Moscow — Tomsk region). It is noticed that on the south line of circles often simple in form, and, moreover, tend to roadsides and human settlements, which is why they are seen more often. To the north is complicated patterns circles, and they appear in the remote, distant from the human field and notice them very often, mostly hunters and tourists.


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