Fossils are going to mine asteroids for

The other day in Seattle hosts conference on such an interesting topic, as mining on asteroids. According to some experts, some asteroids are not so far away from the Earth, so that the minerals it is realistic to extract. The initiators of the project are James Cameron and members of the board of directors of the corporation Google.

The initiators of the project team, there are personalities like former astronaut NASA, the first space tourist, Eric Anderson and Peter Diamantis, an American businessman who founded the fund X-Prize. This fund is used to support important research projects that can be classified as high-risk.

The project involves the use of unmanned vehicles in the first phase. Mineral resources, which are the most promising scientists say — the so-called metals of the platinum group, gold, rare earth metals. Water — is another matter, which will be produced by asteroids, asteroids, and in fact there are a lot of water.

Are available for the development of a half thousand asteroids in 9000 known. And to reach them — no more difficult to reach than the moon. The authors believe that the project has the potential to bring billions of dollars in profits. Some scientists believe that this project — is unprofitable, but the authors of the project are confident in its profitability.

Authors of the project even registered in the U.S. company, which will operate in the field of mining on asteroids. Developed and spaceships, with an automatic control system, which will be some time search for asteroids that are rich in minerals.

Source: Kolessov.Ru

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