Four in a cell, one — on the bench

In court Condo district of Minsk started criminal proceedings against five activists of the anarchist movement, who are accused of arson attempts of the Belarusian government and public institutions, as well as the Russian embassy in September last year.

Before the Court Nicholas Dedok, Igor Olinevich, Maxim Vetkin from Minsk Eugene Silivonchik Salihorsk, Alexander Franzkevich of Novopolotsk. All of the defendants are charged under article 218 of the Criminal Code (intentional damage to property), even on Vetkin339-m (Hooliganism) and Franzkevich — by339-m, 349-m (Unauthorized access to computer information) and254-m (Industrial espionage).

In particular, young people are accused of holding an unauthorized anti-war rally near the building of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus in 2009, zakidyvaniem firebombs territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk and prison Akrestsin Street in 2010. They were also charged with a series of attacks on other buildings — Fire zakidyvaniem casino "Shangri La", the building of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, the plot in Soligorsk.

Frantskevich, in addition, accused of hacking into the site Novopolotsk City Council.

Four of the defendants were placed in judicial cell, the fifth — Eugene Silivonchik, who is under house arrest — sat on a bench in the front row near the prosecutor. During interrogation, one of the defendants Alexander Franzkevich said that the episode with zakidyvaniem flares in Soligorsk site Silivonchik slandered him. Mother Franckevica Tatiana is also convinced that:

"The fact that he was placing, he is not guilty. Just got through stipulate, say so. Silivonchik slandered him through his stipulate and was detained my son. "

Eugene Silivonchik himself refused to explain anything "Freedom" on the subject, saying that he needed to consult with a lawyer.

In fact, there are other witnesses on whose testimony the allegation, says the father of another defendant Nicholas Alexander Dziadok:

"I have no doubt that stipulate was. Indications of these people supposedly on the participation of Nicholas and the other in the commission of any crime contradictory. The contradictory nature of this testimony and evidence of the absurdity of their falsity and neveragodnasts. I say this as a lawyer with extensive experience. The guys have been involved in some actions, but for some reason called "unidentified persons", although they are known, and they testify to themselves to avoid responsibility. "

Alexander Dedok

Alexander Dedok 30 years as a criminal investigator, prosecutor and judge. But the investigation did not allow him to be a defender of his son. He calls it the first violation of the law.

The defendant Nicholas Dedok, like most others, did not admit his guilt and said in court that he was under pressure from the KGB stipulate: "After September 3 has been delayed a lot of people, they were required to stipulate me, and the two men agreed," — said Peres.

Dedok also said that it was carried out the pressure from the KGB and the Office of the fight against organized crime, threats were heard, including the use of physical violence. He even called the name of one of the perpetrators of the pressure on him — Colonel Eroshina.

Igor Olinevich admitted his part in a demonstration in front of the Defense Ministry against the Belarusian-Russian military exercises. There's no crime, says his mother Valentina:

"I think they made the protest, showed themselves to be real citizens. But this episode, he admitted he is drowning in a sea of lies. Most false — about the attack on the Russian Embassy and prison. I absolutely know that he did not participate in this, it was the occasion to launch an endless arrests. "

Valentine Olinevich

Valentine Olinevich is convinced that the incident with firebombs, abandoned on the territory of the Russian Embassy, was a provocation. She complains that they received letters from her son from prison for three months and that the records of searches conducted by investigators are not subscribed:

"Protocol searched the apartment we got only one and a half months, and then after our persistent allegations. Search protocol machine Igor we have received so far. This means that any thing they can get out of this car and throw up at the crime scene. Is that justice? This is a disgrace! . "

Relatives and friends of china, who came to the process, does not show that those anarchists. Rather, they are called anti-fascists, antyyadershchykami … Says a friend of the accused Alexander Yaroshevich:

"These people all have an active civil position, fighting for human rights, helping the poor, engaging in social activity. And because they had previously caught the eye of the KGB. KGB followed them, and the incident with the Russian embassy was the last straw. "

Igor Olinevich worked in software "Peleng" over the Belarusian-Russian satellite, he radyeeletronshchyk qualifications. Nicholas Dedok — a student of political science at YSU, Alexander Franzkevich — a computer technician, Eugene Silivonchik — music, Maxim Vetkin belonged to the Protestant community, a construction worker.

They can be punished with imprisonment up to 12 years.


Anarchists, the court

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