«Friends do not supply weapons to their enemies FRIENDS ‘- AMERICAN CONGRESSMAN

Four more F-16 fighters left the U.S. and went to Egypt as an aid package that has sparked controversy given the political turmoil in the Middle East, Fox News reported on April 11.
Critics of military aid they say that the supply of arms to Egypt should be discontinued because elected last year from the organization «Muslim Brotherhood» Mohammed Mursi President (Mohammad Morsi) called U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) «liar» and urged kids intolerable Jews.
Source of the naval base in Fort Worth (Texas) confirmed sending fighters. On this score the full amount of F-16 fighters, set in Egypt this year, will reach 12 units. This year, eight more fighters of this type arrive in the country according to the agreement of 2010, signed with the then president, davneshnim U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak (Hosni Mubarak). The U.S. has also put 200 M1 tanks Abrams.
Some lawmakers fear. that delivery of the F-16 «betrays America friendship with Israel.» «Friends do not send F-16 tanks and weapons to enemies of their own friends,» said Republican Congressman from Texas Gomert Louis (Louie Gohmert).
Municipal Department declined to comment on specific steps for the supply of arms, but issued a statement that the U.S. «closely appreciate strategic, military and political ties with Egypt, with a long-standing history in order to protect the main U.S. interests.» The statement also stressed that the US-Egyptian military cooperation contributes to the maintenance of peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.
The U.S. government has already sent 83 million dollars for the modernization and training Air Force Base «Cairo-West», where are the new F-16 fighters.
«The delay or cancel deliveries of F-16 would undermine our efforts to ensure U.S. national security interests in the region, we must send accurate signal civilian and military authorities in Egypt, that are interested in the transition to democracy in the Middle East of the main state,» the State Department said in a statement.

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