Gaddafi saves an army to battle the invaders

Gaddafi saves an army to battle the invadersFavorite Libya Muammar Gaddafi does not throw all the forces of the army to oppress an armed uprising in the country, as well as saves troops in case of invasion of foreign countries. As told the TV channel "Al Arabiya" one of the sons of Colonel Saadi Gaddafi, the President is not going to resign.

This decision is a favorite of Libyan Revolution Muammar Gaddafi due to fears over the fact that in case of his resignation broke out in the North African state mufti war. "The situation is very unsafe. If something happens with the state winner, who will be able to keep it under control? Starts plainclothes war!"- Says the Pope S.Kaddafi.

According to him, Col. he ordered the army to defend the main objects in Libya and be prepared to repel intervention. S.Kaddafi warned that the Libyan tribes can go to war together and reincarnate in the country, "the latest of Somalia."

Earlier, Reuters reported that M.Gaddafi invited the representatives of the State Council, which makes the interim government under the control of the rebels in Libya, to meet with him in Parliament and discuss the possibility of his resignation.

Col. Tipo was ready to abandon the government provided that it "certain guarantees — namely, guarantees of personal safety themselves and their own family, and judicial immunity. Later reports of the proposals M.Gaddafi were refuted municipal Libyan TV.

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