General information war

Statement by the President of Russia D.Myadvedeva the fact that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promised to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, commented on the Russian web-site radio commentator Vitaly Portnikov Freedom.

Is Alexander Lukashenko promised to Dmitry Medvedev to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia? Do not trust the Russian president in his statement there is no reason. Moreover, that the Russian president himself said that the statement of the Belarusian president was not at a private or even a personal meeting, and in the presence of leaders of other member countries of the CIS. That is, by and large, it was not so much promise as a diplomatic statement, a demonstration of respect for the Russian president and his country. Such statements are made in batches Russian allies, but to ensure that they are not only statements, but also a promise, and promises to have turned into concrete action, additional efforts are needed.

But all this is not that important. What matters is that in the information war between Russia and Belarus joined President Dmitry Medvedev personally. Now no one will say that shown on NTV television films in which the Russians finally decided to show some of the circumstances of the political biography of Alexander Lukashenko, was just a private initiative of Gazprom's independent journalists. No one can argue that the President and the Prime Minister of Russia surprised uglyadalisya the television screen, along with the other Russians learning about the circumstances. Because the president has decided to become a soldier — well, even if not a soldier, a general, well, let's not even a general, a marshal — the information war. And it is clear why he chose the theme of Abkhazia. This is another opportunity to accuse Alexander Lukashenko in hypocrisy — that we promised to recognize the autonomy of Georgia as independent states, and he's on TV, Mikheil Saakashvili. It is also the information specifically for Saakashvili — you see, no he do not ally, he has promised us, in front of witnesses!

But Mikhail Saakashvili and did not think that Alexander Lukashenko — his great friend and ally. Mikhail Saakashvili thinks that Alexander Lukashenko — a politician whose interests are at this stage coincided with the interests of the President of Georgia. If circumstances change — may change and interests. But until that Mikhail Saakashvili is very pleased to speak on Belarusian TV and tell Belarusians on their European path and about Russian pressure. After all, one way or another, it changes the Belarusian public opinion forces the citizens of Belarus in a different way to treat their own state values.

According to Dmitry Medvedev also change public opinion, not only the Belarusian and Russian. They once again prove Russians that no allies in the former Soviet Union, Russia has no — there are only the ones Russia buys for cheap energy or loans. Even fellow Belarusians, which built the federal state and treated as a family, were not quite so simple, and their "dad", which until recently was the hero of the average Russian is easy to break a promise that gives the Russian president. Well, what then?

If Russia is going to lose Lukashenko and replace it with a politician who will not promise, and do all the things he wants the Kremlin — then you can go on about his wordsx, spoken in front of witnesses. But if no such plans — either to implement them is not possible — then it is unclear why the president of Russia denounced the poor ally, which will have to deal with in the future? Indeed, in this case this is not a war, and not even a show of force. This is a demonstration of impotence.


Medvedev, Ossetia, Abkhazia

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