Ghostly Flying Dutchman

A lot of stories written and told about how the ghosts, or ghost bring uninvited guests who dared to disturb their peace, to madness. Is not only a man can be the death of others in the way of the spirit, but also a huge, once wrecks with his entire team. It was thus Flying Dutchman.

Perhaps the most famous ghost ship whose image is repeatedly exploited the filmmakers and writers of adventure books. I should note that the main part of the legend still based on real events.

Captain of the ship The Flying Dutchman by the name of Philippe Van der Decken sent a ship from Amsterdam to one of the ports of the East Indies. Ignored the storm near the Cape of Good Hope team captain gave the order to continue the voyage, and as a result the ship was wrecked and sank along with the entire team. From this moment begins the legend.

In 1835, the British ship was caught in a violent storm, and at some point, as the team came so close to them that is the Flying Dutchman. After a few seconds the vehicle ghost disappeared.

In 1881, a mysterious ship appeared around the ship HMS Bacchante and noticed two crew members. Every other day one of them died for unknown reasons.

The following message was received on the Flying Dutchman in 1939. He was seen by dozens of people resting on the beach in Africa. The most striking thing is that the description is exactly coincided with that view, which had a cargo ship back in the XVII century.

Last mysterious ship seen off the coast of Cape Town. Eyewitnesses claimed that the Flying Dutchman appeared out of nowhere and disappeared as completely evaporates in the horizon.

Found on the net for many articles about the ghost ships and even about the strange ship service for renting a wedding with ghosts. But more on that in a different time.


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