Giant comet will cover Athens




The interpreters of Nostradamus again scare the world formidable predictions. Argue that the next disaster happens during the current Olympics, and the hardest hit just Athens. A well-known American scholar Ronald Welch believes that it is bad luck to happen today.
Nostradamus speaks of "getakombnyh games" and "Thessaly Olympic" — a Greek area near Athens. And the interpreter of Nostradamus Ronald Welch, deciphering the quatrains, said that it was a giant comet. And it will fall today. But Russian astrologers are convinced the major disasters in the Olympics either today or in the coming days will not. In contrast, the eastern calendar favors the Games. And even more real than the comet danger — terrorist attacks — to bypass the Olympics party.
Predictions of terrible catastrophes have often proved erroneous. However, astronomers are sure it's not Nostradamus, and interpreter of the poor. Prophecies thoroughly encrypted, and solve many of them can not do. A Russian athletes, according to astrologers, will perform well at the Olympics, outstanding achievements in athletics predict. Perhaps, though forecasters do not make mistakes here.


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