Girl with a tail became breadwinner




In Cambodia, a girl was born with a 10-centimeter tail, reported Agence France-Presse. The newborn, have not even received the name of the young kambodzhiyka immediately became the main breadwinner of his poor family, as hundreds of people wanted to see this miracle.

This attitude is related to the girl that Buddhists who constitute the majority of the population, according to a monkey, which is very similar tailed girl, a sacred animal.

That's why the house of the girl's parents pulled pilgrims who wish to look at this unusual child and make a donation.

From a medical point of view tailed girl — no wonder, as one example of atavism, when a person as a result of various causes, signs of once inherent in his ancestors and descendants have lost. Tail — this extra coccygeal, one of the evidences of man's belonging to the class of mammals.

Atavism are similar, for example, multimammate person or body hair.


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