Glaciologists found under mysterious material




Needle or blade of extracted with a three-kilometer depth (photo from

The scientists from the project "North Greenland Ice core (North Greenland Ice Core Project) found the remains as yet suggest ancient plants in the core collected from a depth of more than three kilometers.

According to specialists, the mysterious material can be plant, which millions of years — in an era Greenland is covered by forests.

Discovered the remains — thin formation of ice, resembling a piece of grass or pine needles needle.

The samples were sent to several laboratories to determine — what it is.

It is interesting that at this depth the ice is not always monolithic — because of the geothermal heat there exist streams.

Some scholars suggest that in such circumstances there could survive any life.

North Greenland Ice Core Project is implemented by experts from the U.S., Japan and Europe. The purpose — the study of past climate: the composition of the atmosphere, precipitation, volcanic eruptions — all recorded in the ice.

The opening of the plant — an unexpected "side" product of this project.


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