Global climate change can create the conditions for outbreaks of dangerous diseases

Global climate change can create the conditions for outbreaks of dangerous diseases, especially cholera.
With such a warning was delivered by Professor University of Maryland / USA / Rita Colwell, who participated in the international conference organized by the "Canadian hydro network organizations" at the University of Waterloo. More than 300 experts from different countries to discuss prospects in the Canadian capital formation in 2020 of the world market of technology and services for cleaning, filtration and disinfection.

According to Professor Colwell, the threat of renewed outbreaks in North America is associated with more frequent and severe thunderstorms, which can cause damage to the water treatment plants. At the end of 1 century, she said, there were outbreaks of cholera in Montreal, Boston and New York, but in the beginning of 1900's, water purification equipment, they stopped. "If there is a disruption of the water treatment systems for heavy thunderstorms, then again there is a danger of outbreaks of cholera, which we have not seen for over a century," — she warned, citing as an example the situation in July last year in Milwaukee, where the damage to the city sewage spilled into the streets tens of thousands of tons of waste water.

Shares the concern of colleagues and an expert on water issues at the University of Alberta's Steve Redi, who finds it necessary to sharply raise the level of technical training of people responsible for urban water supply. "Ensuring the urban drinking water — this is a very complex operation that requires deep knowledge — he said in his speech at the conference. — The most acute problem of water supply in small towns and villages. Indeed, if there is, there are only about a hundred people, the water, rather all involved are not professional-hydraulic, and the official, who is also responsible for snow removal, garbage, as well as a number of other problems. How likely is it that this man will give water safety issues the attention they deserve? "

The problem, according to the Canadian expert, is that in such cases, none of the city officials do not take full responsibility for the provision of drinking water.

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