Global tyranny under the guise of democracy

Global tyranny under the guise of democracyExtreme heat of the situation in the world and, as a result, multiple increase personal responsibility of each of us at this critical time forced me to write this article, note. It is intended primarily for residents of Russia and Ukraine. It is not my task to prove something to someone (experience shows that this is impossible), but to help dispel some of the illusions of "freedom" and "sovereignty" of our two countries, hope.

All people want to live. And to live in dignity. But not all agree. It just so happened that the very powers that were the weakest chain of our civilization. The facts of today more than enough: a group of people — the global financial backstage for centuries trying to run the whole of humanity. Today it is mostly Anglo-Saxon oligarchic clans Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Warburgs, etc. Their logic is very simple: all the representatives of humanity in the first place have to work on them, and then — for themselves, for their families, to their ethnic and cultural communities for their country. To do this, they have all the leverage and power: the financial, political, ideological and military. They have a wealth of experience to subjugate others — through the organization of wars, coups, economic and political crises, terrorist attacks, etc. They do not stop any forms of struggle. For them, human life is — nothing.

They see themselves as "superhuman." We consider them to be — "sub-humans" by some hybrid creatures that have atrophied mind and hypertrophied heart. Their mind is paralyzed manic idea of world domination. They can not negotiate, to convince them of something. They understand only one language — the language of force. Our strength — in the knowledge of the true situation on the planet, in the understanding that the geopolitical processes actually supervise, and direct the forces hostile to the great majority of earthlings. Their "new world order" — is the world chaos for us, and their globalist project — a cross on all our future. We need to know them, we have to defend them. How? Sometimes even our thought (especially collective) can radically change the situation. Our voice in the election, our public statements, any other our support for the forces opposing the evil world — all very important at this critical juncture of history. We want to survive? So we must act: to think, to analyze and make decisions.

Historically, it was the United States today are the main tool in the hands of the financial group. Yes — it is a tool. In essence, America is a country of their pocket. Tell me, why the change of presidents — though Republican, even democratic — guideline States robbing the world remains the same? That it is written in their Constitution? Or — in the programs of the major parties? No, because there is a historically stable supranational and supra-party group of people who pursue certain goals and to achieve them in need of the "pocket" of the state machinery. All state institutions in the United States: Office of the Presidency, the Government, the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA and others under their tacit control. Add to that the private sector: the Federal Reserve System (the print phony bills), the largest banks, trading and industrial companies, major media, which mostly are also in their hands or in the hands of "accountability" his servants, and the picture will be completely clear: "American-style democracy" — is a very specific term and it means nothing more than the tyranny of people through seemingly democratic tools.

We may ask why millions of U.S. citizens firmly believe in their so-called democracy, and with such enthusiasm export it around the world? First, it is a special kind of tyranny. Its difference from the tyranny of the classic — a special status of tyrants, who are always in the shade. Secondly, the people of this country enjoy certain dividends from the activities of their patrons: not everyone knows — U.S. consumption far exceeds the level of production. Location gratis bread? From the predatory activities of the above tyrants, consistently pursued by the United States policy of seizing the world and collecting tribute from him.

To this we add that the world's major organizations: the United Nations (headquarters: New York, USA), the International Monetary Fund (Headquarters: Washington, DC), the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Headquarters: Washington, DC), and others, I'm not talking about a regional military organization of NATO (headquarters in Brussels, Belgium) — strong influence of the financial group said. Actually, all of these institutions were built with their direct participation, and you think — for what? ..

Refer to the historical material, read the book of revelation, the people directly involved in the robbery of the third world, to follow the logic of the development of events in the last decade: in Ecuador, Panama, Iran, Yugoslavia and former Soviet countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria … List the country which had pohozyaynichat Americans can be very long. Scenarios varied from relatively peaceful until the military openly, but their essence has always been one — the seizure of power and the establishment there of a protectorate. Actually, this is not surprising — the usual logic of empire, expanding its global dominance and increasing at the expense of their wealth. I always have. There were changes in the empire, but did not change their logic. Although innovation is still there, and it is very significant. With the advent of new military technologies, especially nuclear weapons, to conduct large-scale war was dangerous, and I would say — crazy. Therefore global tyranny resorted to more peaceful ways of annexations based on financial, economic, political, cultural, and other promotional tricks duping weaker opponents. Just so new-found empire was less to fight, but to deceive. That's why today is so important to seize the Americans (and their partners) initiative in the information space and to bring the truth to people: to take away the sovereignty of the state and impose his tribute can be quite peaceful and under quite plausible targets, such as the approval of the country's democratic principles (for American), freedom of speech and human rights, etc. This is the last weapon the Americans became so successful (see the recent history of post-Soviet countries, Africa and the Middle East), they began to use it in almost one hundred times out of a hundred. So obvious to us: planting anywhere in the world model of "American democracy" is a direct loss of national sovereignty and the strengthening of the power of the world of tyranny.

Only the Soviet empire could adequately confront the American Empire (as previously resisted czarist Russian empire English). But the Soviet empire in the 91 th year destroyed (who?), And today the former Soviet states of exception has become the rule — became vassals of the new metropolis and the donors of the American economy.

Materials, detailing the mechanisms robbery of former Soviet republics from the world of tyranny, weight (it would wish to find them.) But we are still presented with a different picture. We are told, in the 91-year dictatorship collapsed rotten communists, having saved the people from whom the former and became a sovereign state, to join the community of civilized and democratic countries. And we believed in it! As Americans now believe in its peacekeeping mission … Propaganda, you know, the thing is much more dangerous than commonly believed (and for good reason the U.S. State Department spends huge sums of foreign propaganda.) Now, for many it became obvious that with a loss of the Soviet Union in the "cold war" lost all of the people who inhabit it. With the collapse of the Soviet empire, its economy collapsed, killing entire industries, the national currency has disappeared dramatically impoverished majority of the population, under the real external military threat, collapsed peace between the republics began internal ethnic wars, disappeared stability vanished faith in the future. So who won and who lost? ..

Two specific examples of living: Ukraine and Russia. Enough for us to take a cultural-political slice.

What's going on in Ukraine? Where did the hostility of many people to the Russian language, Russian culture and Russia? Was this in the Soviet era? Answer honestly! It was not. Only a very small part of the population, mainly in the west of Ukraine, have an aversion to Russian, due to certain historical events. Everything else — the work of Western propaganda. After all, someone was right. To whom? Who have been so weaken the country, sowing enmity between the great groups of the population? Viktor Yushchenko? Yulia Tymoshenko? The actions of these people — a derivative of the actions of the Western world's elite. Here are the main theses of their joint propaganda in the Soviet Union, people did not live, and tormented (but is it?) Russian guilty of all the crimes of the Stalinist regime (but is it?!) Russian — is the historical enemies of the Ukrainians and genetically alien to them (but is it?!). That is why, only to calculate the true writers of this is accomplished cultural and national division of Ukraine (God forbid the territorial!) And its significant economic weakening, we can somehow adequately respond to certain political forces and their leaders. Allow myself to voice their most simple and pragmatic citizenship: not personal qualities necessary to choose a political leader, but for the role he plays in this historic place and at a given historical moment. Ideal leader (which we draw our imagination), we still have to wait and wait, but life comes today. Therefore, I, as a resident of Ukraine since 2004 is no choice and no, I voted for the defense of their country, their home, their culture, their children. I voted for Yanukovich not personal sympathies, but because it is the de facto leader of the national movement that opposes the western expansion. Do I have to explain this to someone? ..

He wants to Yulia Tymoshenko and her supporters? Revive Ukrainian culture? I — just "for." But with one modification: I do not understand what the Ukrainian culture, which somehow miraculously want to tear off of Russian culture, and even oppose it … It's like cut grain in half and half of trying to grow something. It will not work by definition! So I do for myself conclusion Ukrainian culture, divorced from the Russian, it is not the Ukrainian culture, and culture is a kind of artificial, devitalized. Or — this is not a culture, and a surrogate — anticulture. And in fact, in both cases I do not want to raise their children in an environment of "culture." Do I have to explain this to someone? ..

Take a private matter, but it is not a minor. What they want fighters for Ukrainian language? They want to communicate in the language and develop it. I agree: it is a natural desire and Qualified ukrainomovnyh citizens. But let's see what methods they want to do it. The Constitution stipulates: Ukrainian language is the official language. Ie — At the highest legislative level designated status of the language. Is not that enough for the maintenance and development of all necessary public institutions? It turns out — a little. The development of a national language they want to build on the infringement of the Russian language, spoken by half the population. Sorry, but this is not only anti-democratic (as it did not see our "democrats" …), but also against the state, as it is a direct way to split the country.

I have to voice the elementary truths, because they (and the first of them) today in Ukraine are the main target of attacks and distortions. The Great, the Little Russian and Belarusian culture is one big culture — Russian. Russian culture is very rich. And therein lies its strength. Why do we need it neutered, impoverish and kill? On the contrary, it must treasure it! And develop. She — perhaps our most important wealth and the most reliable protection from the aggression of the powerful. After all, with the destruction of the national culture, with the destruction of its code inevitably comes the degradation of the nation and its subordination to another nation. It's exactly what we want the hidden enemy: after the destruction of the richest Russian national culture to destroy us as a nation, as a force to oppose them.

There is one elementary truth, which is also trying to ignore. National culture should not only be "national" and "cultural." Of us make targeted, and for a long time, trying to make the uncultured rednecks. And I see that many do not have the strength to resist this process. The latest example: the arrival to our American singer Veronica Ciccone ("Madonna"). How was it possible to let this rassadnitsu vulgarity and corruption in our country? But we do not just let it, we also relish in the media — she swore on stage (in the Ukraine), and it becomes bare and agitated for sexual minorities (in Russia). And all this in front of a young child, and even the audience. But you suffer! Assuming this "achievement of democracy" … How much we still have time to realize that culture is undermining the undermining of the state! And no arguments about freedom and human rights should not overshadow the true meaning of the crime.

We have to fight together — and holders of the Ukrainian language, and native speakers of Russian — the purity and quality of the language itself. For language — is the basis of culture of the nation. What do we see today? Pervasive foul language in all spheres of life. Defile his speech young and old, men and women, people of all classes and professions. Defile the public, no shame, if we in Ukraine mat became the new national standard … My age allows us to compare the extent of offensive in the Soviet era and post-Soviet. Comparisons are not in favor today. Think about it: in our eyes is by massive Western propaganda, the decline of culture of the nation, and we are told: Do not pay attention to it, this is not the main issue, the main question — is the protection of human rights, the freedom of speech, this displacement of non-Ukrainian cultural space of Ukraine … What is this if not veiled our eyes for us nasty purposes — anti-state and anti-national?

What is happening in Russia. Yes, the same thing! The same alien script, the same alien purpose: to destroy the millennial Russian multinational culture, identity, to sow discord between the great masses of the population, reduce the economic and military power of the state to discredit the president, to protect the sovereignty and thus the future of their country. Studying print and video materials, of which a large number of internet today, I was struck: Why this so-called "Non-systemic opposition" and their supporters just destroy the country in which they live! Do they understand that the destruction of Russia, under the brave marches "of democracy and human freedom," just as real as the destruction of the Soviet Union? Most of all — do not understand. I think there is one psychological triggers human trait: the desire quickly without much trouble to collect and analyze facts, and often just getting under anesthesia propaganda, choose an enemy, and then spend all their energies on their destruction. And to convince a man in what we can not — because you are taking away his food varnish: the emotional charge from vymescheniya on someone accumulated internal negativity.

I watched enough videos of opponents of Vladimir Putin. And noticed one interesting feature. With video editing and voice-over can be anything to prove and disprove anything, or rather — to inspire the viewer to any version of the event, the customer movie. In my view, the degree of impact on the human mind and close print edition can not compete with the movies (which give effect unless a living, as it were, for example, with concerts Veronica Ciccone). And given the widespread availability of this content to the public, we have maloutishitelnuyu picture: our overseas enemy has at its disposal a powerful ideological weapon. And it is necessary to consider all those who easily fall into emotions and believes every spoken word, every picture shown. We must understand that the West does not want a strong Russia. And the power of Russia, traditionally — in her a strong leader who could resist this onslaught, defending the interests of his country, not enemies. This leader since 2000, is Vladimir Putin. That is why the West has brought down upon him a storm of dirt. However, not everyone can see it, and most importantly — they want to see. Again, Alas, the Western "cultural" propaganda for decades, its impact on our consciousness partially achieved its — we weaned think, analyze, seek to cover the situation in its entirety and contradiction. We have ceased to be patriots of their countries. We have become a non-political, amorphous consumers. Our emotions can easily overtake our thoughts. We have largely become like the heroes of Western (and now his) thrillers and live mostly at the level of animal instincts …

A couple of small tests for intelligence.

1. Why are so adored in the West: Gorbachev, Yushchenko, Tymoshenko, and so hated: Putin, Lukashenko, Yanukovych? Why such a clear demarcation? In words: the first — for the Democrats, the second — against. Of course … but if all the propaganda ends and look at their offense a little deeper, it turns out: the first work in the West, destroying and selling Russian civilization, the second run against the West, protecting and reviving the Russian civilization.

2. Why suddenly so nice young hooligan West of Puxi Wright, who raped the Russian Orthodox faith? Leading newspapers of the world: Washington Post, The Times (USA), The Guardian (UK) and others have identified the front pages of the story, was a terrible howl about "medieval Putin regime"! Why she Chancellor Angela Merkel was suddenly protect "innocent victims of terror"? Why "Madonna", Paul McCartney and a huge mass of people known to sympathize with the West suddenly became this poor the girls? Leave a Reply overs … But! This raises another question: Why is the selective compassion? Why do all these people do not sympathize with the millions of Russian citizens who want to take their home, their faith, their history, their culture? .. Because they do not care about these people. And their tears on the "innocent victims of the regime" — the crocodile, no more than a political gesture.

In conclusion, a few words about the Orthodox Church and the scientific school.

Russian Orthodox Church to a great extent is a cultural code of the Russian nation (and a wild outburst of participating aforementioned punk bands — definite blow to our Russian culture, for our state.) But the problem is that the Russian church we can not associate with the Russian spiritual culture. First, the Russian state multi-confessional. And other denominations not play a secondary role in the vast expanses of Russia, especially in the Asian part. Secondly, the current climate in the Russian Orthodox Church is far from highly spiritual — we can not be at the current hierarchy of the church. The life they lead, that is contrary to what Jesus taught. Thirdly, many people, seeing Orthodoxy as an important part of Russian culture, and even consider themselves Christians do not accept the Church as the only spiritual guide. This is partly due to the previous point, and partly to the fact, as described by another Leo Tolstoy: the Church's teaching in many ways contrary to the teachings of Christ and the church dogmas are full of unnecessary ballast. Therefore, many people are looking for spiritual paths beyond the pale of the church, adjacent to the different spiritual movements outside the Church (of which not all the "satanic", according to the same church!). Therefore completely rely on the ROC in matters spiritual revival of Russia — the same utopia, as the revival of Ukrainian culture in isolation from the Russian. And we can already see the implementation in the Russian schools of subjects of Orthodoxy, which gave birth to the society as stress and anxiety. Yes, in the community understand that children need to inculcate the highest moral values. This is — one of the primary tasks of the state! But, on the other hand, how to do it — no one really knows.

And where is the science in this situation? Which is to write every single educational textbooks. And science is largely silent … Alas, spiritual and moral issues in modern science has absolutely no lifting. And this wine is not only scientific academies which still deny the objective nature of the Spirit, and the line of wines, with whom we started talking — the world's governments, financial backstage. Through its grip on power, through its widespread influence this force is doing everything to scientists as long as possible in the pot boiled materialism and were far from comprehending the essence Cosmic Laws of the Spirit. Why — is understandable. To develop their civilization — materialistic patterns, the society remained spiritually immature, mundane, mercenary, a man headed to the base instincts, so that people are easily suggestible, to them, the world's tyrants, it was easier to control the world, including through the promotion. Today, the few people believe this, but the whole course of development of the world science in the last century, says exactly that. Indeed, the study of ethical (moral) laws devoted their lives to thousands of scientists around the world. However, where we can find the fruits of their work? Why do we not use them? Why in matters of morality, we must apply only to the church? Where textbooks, which would be a clear and accessible language would be spelled out plans spiritual laws of nature? ..

To defeat the enemy, he, at least, be seen. World tyranny hidden under the guise of a kind of freedom-loving uncle to get his hands on all of our lives. They stifled every spiritual aspiration and pure person. Wherever he was. Whatever faith not confessed. Whatever political and ideological views are not shared. Evil — in all of us. And I would not blame for the catastrophic situation of humans to dump only a handful of people: snatching the root of evil in his inside, any external struggle — useless. But life — multifaceted, and if we want to win and survive, we have to win in all of life's plans. Take a coherent and solid citizenship — the duty of each of us. And if during the Soviet period, this position was elaborated in us from childhood, through the state — with its clearly prescribed ideology, today our country lost the war and ended up in the occupation, have lost their ideology (see Art. 13, paragraph 2 of the Constitution of Russia "No ideology can be established as a state or obligatory" and Art. 15 of the Constitution: "No ideology can be recognized by the State as mandatory"). And, make no mistake, the enemy will do what we long had its own ideology. In this situation, a great role in our community initiative and support of all government projects aimed at the restoration of national sovereignty, the revival of the national spiritual and cultural roots. That, to our mutual joy, though in a very small scale, we have seen both in Russia and in the Ukraine. No doubt — we are victorious!

Yuri Cherepakhin

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