Gomel — the hottest city in Belarus

The highest temperature recorded this summer on August 8 in Gomel. The mercury rose to 38.9 degrees is heat. This information provides the Gomel Regional Center gidrametearalogii and radiation control. A similar anomalous temperature was observed in all the previous decades meteorologists summary observations.

Close to the current temperature — 38 degrees plus — recorded in the summer of 1946. Then in Vasilevichy temperature reached to 37.9 degrees Celsius.

8 August and it was hot in Zhlobin — plus 37.8. In this day, except Zhitkovichi and Vasilevich, the absolute temperature maxima recorded at all weather stations Gomel.

Abnormally high temperatures have been given yesterday and in other regions of the country. Republican gidrameteatsentar falls, for example, that in Orsha, the thermometer reached 38 degrees characteristics, in Kostiukovichi and Vitebsk — 37.8 degrees with a plus sign.


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