Grandmothers Belarusian independence


In March 2006, the second day of the tent city, we stood on the steps of the House of Justice, waiting for the fate of the first detainees while children, fathers, husbands. We were few — a few women — and no one knew what would happen. Have been with us and two grandmothers, one of those who often see at the rallies, and find out in person. They did not wait for anyone, just kind of human intuition led them to where they felt their place now.

Past us in building pragrukala many-armed, many-legged creature from the black riot, which suddenly hatched thin young man of gentle, but somehow blind, blind person. He spat under our feet and unnatural, as it seemed to me then, a shrill voice called out, "I have them, females, would shoot!"

Immediately slammed the door, the creature disappeared, and one grandmother said, "My vnuchachak you …"

The news of the death of Helen made me Zaleskaya again think of those women left unnamed believer Renaissance.

In her study of female dissidents in today's Belarus, I outlined them in a separate group. Indeed, the lack of common features

Belarusian "Tiananmen" is repeated to them every five years, under the election but did not monthly.

to analyze their activities together. In part, they all belong to the "first revivalist appeal", have a college education, living alone, and do not take up never pretended to leadership positions in political parties and movements, though usually kept strictly organizational discipline. 20 years these people were political "masses." Now they were units.

Their belief in the sanctity Belarusian language, the purity of the national symbols, the firmness of the Front vyastunstva Pozniak — unbreakable. They tirelessly perform the most "black" political work — are several kilometers a day to spread the mailboxes independent newspaper or party leaflets, collecting signatures, take care of the graves of Belarusian Writers …

Their faith is alive, because they Belarus has a clearly defined future. Their dedication is beskaryslivastsi contribution they have made for the common good.

Cameras caught greedily into an increasingly numerous protest crowd them worthy, tastefully dressed figures. We often see in these pictures little grandmother literally confront riot police — to withstand a word, movement, simply holding a flag. This Belarusian "Tiananmen" is repeated to them every five years, under the election but did not monthly. We are accustomed to see them, but never under these photographs do not have names, signatures.

The very presence of "our grandmothers" guaranteed excuse everyone and everything, happened with us for the last 20 years …

What would happen if all of them will go into eternity? What will happen next?

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