Grodno police confiscated the newspaper of the organizing committee BCD Krynica

At the bus station in Grodno police arrested Nicholas Bavsyuka today — Coordinator of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy in the Grodno region. They explained that they "received a call", to which they "have to respond."

Nicholas Bavsyuka delivered in October police station, where he seized about a hundred copies of "Krynica" about seventy-chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD program Vital Rymasheuski, who expressed his desire to run in the presidential election, as well as dozens of forms for petition the transfer of the former Catholic convent in Minsk. The police made a seizure of printed materials, said what will happen ten test and released Mr. Bavsyuka.

Nicholas Bovsyuk wanted to spread the "source" at the meeting of the Regional Coalition Joint Forces, what's going on Sunday in Grodno. He says that the bus, which was traveling from Minsk, composing room of a few pages, he had the impression that someone saw it and called the police. Other explanation of why and how it could hold at the bus station, he does not.



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