HAARP — Doomsday Weapon


As promised, we continue the theme of the issue before 2012 and publish a new article on weapons Doomsday (doomsday machine), which no doubt has played and will play a major role in the script the man-made apocalypse, which is scheduled for the next few years, perhaps in 2012 . We have already mentioned that no doubt in his nature and man-made, article after article, we will tell you why, over all of this are people of flesh and blood, but not any X planets, aliens and the like. In this article we would like to highlight the most important element of these plans — the most powerful weapon ever created by man. You probably already guessed, we are talking about, or HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), followed by a moment of his arrival plume stretches suspicions, conjectures and speculations.

Which, alas, are becoming more and more evidence. Circumstantial evidence, but in an amount that can certainly be considered to have passed the quality of telling us that HAARP, first, it is not a harmless toy scientists and weapons enormous destructive power. And secondly, this weapon has a leading role in creating chaos and panic on a planetary scale: the necessary conditions to drive humanity to the stall "New World Order." Here are just some of the "natural" disasters:
• In 1997 — 1998 years of the hurricane "El Niño" raged over many cities, the total damage was $ 20 billion;
• In 1999 Turkey 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed about 20,000 people;
• In 2003, Hurricane "Isabel" was named the most powerful and deadly that claimed thousands of lives;
• In 2004, the eastern side of the Indonesian island of Sumatra was one of the strongest and most destructive earthquakes in modern history. The tidal wave caused by this earthquake measuring 9 points, claimed the lives of about 300,000 people;
• In 2005, the Pakistan earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 was the most powerful of all time seismic monitoring in South Asia. Killed more than 100,000 people;
• In 2008, a sudden awakening of the sleeping hundreds (!) Years caitya volcano in Chile;
• In April 2010 — the volcanic eruption in Iceland that caused aviakollaps in Europe.
In May 2010, on the site of Venezuelan state TV channel Vive TV published an article explaining the events of January 12, 2010. Recall that if there was a major earthquake in Haiti, virtually destroyed this small state. Its authors refer to a report of the Russian Northern Fleet, "from the time of the Cold War and tracking the movements of American military activity in the Caribbean." It must be said that the members of our editorial board heard in those days radio Talk Radio 1210, WPHT-known Republican wave radio 1210 AM. In fact all the leading world portrayed sorrow for the dead Haitians. Comes to mind an interesting episode. One prominent American Protestant pastor, who "not all there", he took and made a loud statement, saying that the earthquake in Haiti — Haitians is God's punishment for the fact that they have made a covenant with the devil to drive out the French and become independent (http: / / www.godtube.com/watch/?v=77PKKGNX). Pat Robertson (the name of the priest) blurted out that the Dominican Republic's thriving, and Haiti — punished. You should have seen howling leading national radio. As they jumped on this pastor! The impression is that they would have razed. God forbid, take and think Haitians that Americans want them wrong! In general got out somehow, but the military sent a humanitarian mission.

Where did the HAARP?
HAARP was designed in the 60's of the 20th century. It has many purposes: creating an impenetrable shield that kills everything in its path (enemy missiles, satellites, aircraft), the ability to change the weather by changing the degree of absorption of solar energy and the changing composition of the atmosphere, the destruction of all life anywhere in the world by breaching holes in the atmosphere, to interrupt all of the enemy and defend, to arrange artificial earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. HAARP also allows you to find any subs anywhere in the world, or to detect any objec underground. Electromagnetic waves are created by HAARP can be used to control the minds of the citizens. HAARP can also be used to create the artificial ionospheric mirror shield, consisting of plasma that can fry any object on the planet to create a powerful beam of ionized clouds around the earth, as well as a large explosion, comparable to the size of a nuclear explosion, but without radiation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9uwmBGrrVE … mp; feature = fvwp.


Beginning in the late 60's, both the U.S. and the Soviet Union conducted geophysical studies, including the military. The tone of these studies, of course, asked the military: they are primarily interested in the way, affecting the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere, provided new weapons (geophysical, climatic, and psychotronic). The programs in the USSR in the late 70's for the first time in the world was built by so-called object "Sura", which installed high emitters, whose task was to study the high-frequency electromagnetic effects on the ionosphere. The first test, but with a lag of several years, first in Alaska and then in Norway, the Americans built a more powerful setup, the program HAARP. The main object of HAARP, located in Hakon, Alaska, consists of 360 radio transmitters and 180 antennas. Best way to display an image of any data, you should use LCD TVs.
HAARP is an area of about 14 hectares and is located approximately 250 kilometers northeast of Anchorage (Alaska). Officially, it is the most powerful ionospheric heater in the world. But independent researchers believe that the newly built facility, located at the U.S. base Eksmot (Exmouth) in Western Australia exceeds the power facility in Hakon at least 1.5 times. All experiments in this program are conducted in the strictest secrecy.


How does the "plasma gun"?
In its most general form, this looks like its ultra HAARP radiation heats the Earth's ionosphere (a layer of near-Earth space, filled with ionized atoms). These atoms acquire additional energy, resulting in their electron shells are increasing at about 150 times. Such atoms are called extra-large, and this process — the pump, which resulted in the Earth's ionosphere, a so called plasmoids — education artificial atoms with high-energy state. Plazmotsidy are very large in size — up to tens of kilometers in diameter. These plasmoids can be used as a giant mirror, perfectly reflecting radio waves and thus significantly increases the range and quality of communication. This principle is used in the so-called horizon radar. When changing the pump plasmoid he can acquire the ability to "eat up" the radio waves, and thus disable the wireless connection on the whole continent. It is believed that HAARP is able to send a focused pulse of energy in a given area of the earth's surface, a kind of mega-lightning. In addition, under certain conditions, HAARP can influence on the psyche of people, becoming a psychotronic means. Sending them a pulse of joy, anxiety, aggression, fear, and so on. In the result of the enemy army become panic-stricken crowd, and entire populations to the streets and rioted. More and more independent scientists are open about the fact that it was the work of HAARP directly related series of man-made disasters and unexplained weather events that swept over the years around the world.
Video how the HAARP.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnRPZOUVhJ4 … player_embedded

For example, more and more evidence that such terrible natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia in 2006, the devastating earthquake in Xinjiang (China) in 2008 and Haiti in 2010 — related to work HAARP.
Especially for those who doubt, as the impact on the ionosphere, HAARP can result in disastrous consequences in the form of typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes, Dr. Denis Papadopulo, a physics professor at the University of Maryland, said:
"… In 1983, I scanned the surface of the earth in search of oil radio beam power of only 30 watts. I found 36 oil in nine states, up 100 percent. And all this is due to the fact that each layer of the earth has its unique frequency that resonates when exposed to electromagnetic waves. That is, you can say with certainty that a particular frequency corresponds to a particular breed (gas, oil, etc.).. This can be compared with strings piano, which resonate to the beat frequency, which correspond to (it is about 30 watts. Ed!). Imagine now that the power of HAARP billion watts that can be sent to Earth from the ionosphere. The impact of such forces can cause the strongest earthquakes. "
This video explains in detail the principle of the HARP (English) For those who know English, we recommend you see the whole entire first transfer:
In addition, the sample is appropriate, as a relatively small effects can result in the destruction of large projects, because of the property of resonance. We all remember how the company of soldiers, marching across the bridge — it caused the collapse because of the coincidence of the resonant vibrations. The same way you can call and an earthquake, and it is not mere theorizing: The great scientist Nikolai Tesla created the current "earthquake machine" that documented (See: Tesla earthquake machine). Tesla worked for many years in the field of wireless transmission of electricity, and believed that electricity can be projected into the upper atmosphere, for accumulation and subsequent use. Which was subsequently proved the existence of plants HAARP.
At present time, there are a few "antenna farms" set among a group of countries, the United States of the Union, and who are most likely under the control of the central laboratory in Alaska, under the command of the Navy and U.S. Air Force. Thus, to build a giant global network electromagnetic sources, under the guise of "scientific properties of the ionosphere," which in reality is nothing more than a sign to cover up his monstrous project has two goals: to create a global plasma shield and / or use the ionosphere as environmental weapons of planetary scale.

HAARP locations

Location HAARP stations in the world.

USA / Alaska 62 ° 23'29 .66 "N, 145 ° 06'58 .47" W
National MST Radar Facility NMRF Andra Pradesh, India 13 ° 27'26 .68 "N, 79 ° 10'30 .74" E
Jicamarca Radio Observatory Lima, Peru 11 ° 57'6 "S, 76 ° 52'27" W
Jindalee Operational Radar Network JORN Long Reach, Australia 23 ° 24? S, 143 ° 48? E
Leonora, Australia 28 ° 19'02 .5608 "S, 122 ° 50'36 .4416" E
Laverton, West Australia 28 ° 19'36 .29 "S, 122 ° 0'18 .84" E 23 ° 39
Tromso Norway 69 ° 39'07? N
018 ° 57'12? E
Sura Facility HAARP Like Facility Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia sura.nirfi.sci-nnov.ru 56 ° 7'9 .70 "N, 46 ° 2'3 .66" E 56 ° 08? N, 46 ° 06? E …

As for the Russian facility "Sura" in Russia, it should be noted that, despite its structural identity with other HAARP facilities, it was built 10 years earlier than the first U.S. HAARP facility in Alaska, and we have no data to confirm its interaction with other objects . However, there are some oddities that we noticed: the opposition MPs have raised the issue of HAARP in the State Duma, but the President of the Russian Federation sought each time removing the issue from the agenda. That leads to some reflection and can not completely ignore the possibility that Russian HAARP installation can really be involved in a single program.
According to the researchers of different, installation HAARP also exist in Latin America and in Tajikistan http://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/haa … ica-tajikistan /. In Russia, but "Sura" near Nizhny Novgorod, there is also the station of similar purpose in Khabarovsk, Tula, and Novosibirsk. U.S. researchers link to an article in the newspaper Trud on March 3, 2006, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Valery Rudakov, who is the chief scientist at the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences Schmidt (http://www.ifz.ru/), (http:// www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread206138/pg1). Near Irkutsk also has a similar "farm", located 120 kilometers north-west of Irkutsk (http://rp.iszf.irk.ru/prengl/Radarwenglish.htm). Interestingly, in the Irkutsk region occasionally explode some unknown objects. Last incomprehensible explosion occurred at the beginning of March 2011, and before April 3, 2009. And no trace of anything fall can be found.


It seems that we have an interstate alliance of countries working on the program. Logistics program HAARP provide companies such as Lockheed and Raytheon. Do not believe me? Ask about how long and how deep this multinational company operating in the U.S. defense industry, has taken root in Russia. The question why?

Earthquake in Haiti and of excited HAARPa magnetometer (Naiti Earthquake & the HAARP Induction Magnetometer).
We encourage everyone to watch this chilling video, connecting unusual activity HAARP and the terrible earthquake in Haiti together.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTTnMo4abbk … _embedded # at = 16

In this video you will see three images, and sound, referring to 10, 11, January 12, 2010, based on the time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of the signal recorded by the magnetometer induction HAARP. Audio files were created by converting the waveform at 10 Hz (BX channel), an audio file wav 44.1 kHz (which led to the acceleration of playback time in 4410). This tool is provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field of the earth in the ultra-low frequency range from 0 to 5 Hz.
Anomalies continue.
The beginning of 2010 was marked by mass fatalities of birds and other animals around the world, which was immediately interpreted by various forerunners of the "end of the world in 2012" as another omen of its inevitability.
Meanwhile, we have no doubt that we face the consequences of some large-scale experiments, and perhaps one of their main goals: to sow fear, insecurity, and inflate unhealthy fatalism and mysticism in all people of the world. Why it is done, we describe in detail in a future article, but today's focus on the generation of the tool itself fear globally called HAARP.
And the "omens" work — followed by an unprecedented scale and floods in Australia, due to the unprecedented power of the cyclone. Extensive loss of life, destroyed and depopulated vast areas. All this was of natural origin? More and more researchers around the world, every day there is growing doubt about it.
Do not have time to get off the water from the flooded streets of Australian cities, as in the Southern Hemisphere is followed, the next disaster — the earthquake in Christchurch (Christchurch) New Zealand in which the latest data killed at least 220 people. 6.3 magnitude earthquake, with its epicenter in 5 kilometers from Christchurch, happened Feb. 22 around 13:00 local time. For the first impulse followed by a second of magnitude 5.7. And again in the sky unusual glow And surprisingly turns in a senior RAND Corporation, Admiral Thad Allen (Thad Allen). Interestingly, this admiral coordinated elimination of the effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


Here's how to behave in the HAARP Hakon during a 7-magnitude earthquake in the Loyalty Islands east Australia January 13, 2011:

HAARP_ Jan13_2011

Some tech-savvy citizens certainly be objected that how HAARP, located in the Northern Hemisphere, and almost in the far north, can influence on Australia and New Zealand, located in the Southern Hemisphere. The answer is simple. In the southern hemisphere has its installations of HAARP (not officially related to the program.)
Currently involved in the Southern Hemisphere, at least three of these installations — at the U.S. military base Eksmot (Exmouth) in eastern Australia, which exceeds the "official" HAARP station in Alaska in both capacity and is more advanced in terms of technology. In addition, in Australia there are still four smaller military power stations, similar purpose. Recall that it was in Western Australia in 2010, were discovered fantastic giant spiral and toroidal atmospheric structure (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V01JYl9_mmw& feature = player_embedded # at = 54). It collected a selection of video on the Australian weather spirals:

http://biblicaltimes.wordpress.com/2011/02 … australia-2010 /







Evidence of the glow in the sky before the earthquake.

The glow in the sky before the earthquake
A significant number of major natural disasters of the last decade was accompanied by a strange anomaly has led many researchers argue that these anomalies are man-made nature. Of particular interest here is painted in an unnatural cause, chemical colored clouds in the sky. Often just before earthquakes jolt witnesses observed "ironing" heaven aircraft reserves the clock hanging in the air in chemtrails. Independent scientists claim that such aerosol spray consisting of salts of various metals, to improve the conductive properties of the atmosphere, which increases the efficiency of HAARP at this point. Pay attention to the illuminations in the sky before the earthquake in Chile (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NEHLEOEwYo& NR = 1, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sREXdlaUoJU … eature = related) and in China (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiZbT5U3IQk& feature = related).
Roasted Dolphins in the Gulf.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSubC55KI2c … feature = related The video includes photographs posted on a forum in Farsi December 23, 2010. Photos have a pack, in the literal sense of the word, roasted alive dolphin lying on the shore. It happened on the Persian Gulf in a small Iranian town of Bandar Leng. A few weeks earlier, in the city were about three zamletryaseniya magnitude on the Richter scale. Earthquake lasted about two weeks in a row. All this time you can watch the ocean painted in bright red colors, the fish died, and even burn. Then in came the smell of sewage. Local news reported that it was from rotting seaweed in the sea, but before anything like this has happened. The population of the city, just in case warned not to eat the fish. In the video also shows the tornado, around which the sea looks bright red. 152 Dolphin burned in November 2007. The picture shows that scientists clearly perplexed this "molting" animals. Is this related to HAARP? We can not say, but independent scientists — argue that, yes, are related.

Mohr fish and birds in Arkansas.
This video shows the panic among the U.S. population due to massive loss of fish and birds in Arkazase (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bks_LStwdu0& feature = related). About this "phenomenon of nature" our site reported in the article "Moore fish and birds in Arkansas and scalar weapons" (insert link http://anvictory.org/blog/2011/01/04/mor_r … yarnoe_orujie /) on January 4, 2011 year.
The same depth of the epicenter of the most earthquake raises questions among scientists.
Consider the depth of earthquake in China in 2008. Propulsion was 8 points. 7000 people lost their lives and three million homeless. Scientists have noticed a strange coincidence the epicenter depth (focus) of the first earthquake of 12 May 2008, and most of the rest occurring in the world on the same day, they struck by the fact that their depth was about the same. It is 10 kilometers. In one week, such as earthquakes in Japan, Kurillah, Alaska, on the west coast of the U.S. and Mexico. Also affected were Panama, South transatlantic range, the Azores and on to Sevres. Earthquake source was at the same depth of 10 kilometers.
The absence of large earthquakes omens.
Chinese sources report in May 2008, after an earthquake of magnitude 8 points in South-East Asia, in the province of Sichuan, scientists have been puzzled by the fact that the day before was not observed any small bumps and in general any omens, such as the unusual animal behavior or groundwater. According to China Seismological Service, the epicenter actually did not show any activity up to the earthquake.

HAARP and fires over Russia in 2010.
Special attention we would like to be given the catastrophic summer fires last summer 2010. The Russian press has not so many articles that explain the reasons for this anomaly. Something I decided propiarit and even declared himself a prophet. Like, Look, I warned you that this is God punishing Russian for what they put up with Putin. Light became friends with these "prophets" in Russian. Even were mangled scientific version, explaining the causes of fires. But more memorable article in the newspaper Nikolay Levashov "President» (http://www.prezidentpress.ru/newvision/1111-antirossijjskijj-anticiklon-2.html), in which the researcher has accused NASA to use HAARP and special satellites that kept anticyclone over Russia abnormally long time. And after two satellites were broken at the end of July, for the first time over the summer anticyclone began to move. In this connection it is interesting to know, "astrological" outlook for 2011 on Russia known American forecaster John Hoge (John Hogue) http://www.hogueprophecy.com/predictions2011-chapter.htm, voiced by him on the famous American Radio Tu Coast Coast EyEm (Coast to Coast AM). This forecaster famously "predicted" all U.S. presidents since the 70's. Smart people understand that to make predictions such accuracy can only person with access to the most intimate secrets of the ruling elite. With regard to Russia, John told me that most likely the abnormal phenomenon in Russia will continue and, therefore, continue fire. Can somehow relate to theories of conspiracy to artificially organized hunger by 2012, but the coincidence — are stubborn things. On the role of a radio station that broadcast the night of the "unexplained phenomena of nature," we say in a separate article on the project «Blue Beam». Also recall that the discussion in the State Duma problems HAARPa repeatedly blocked by the President of Russia, which is considered by many Western researchers suggests a secret intelligence cooperation at the highest level, who see themselves as the true rulers of the earth, and not accountable to any representatives of the people, which is any clear violation of the Constitution (Russia or the U.S.), which states that the power is exercised by the people.

"Sign" in the sky over Norway or NASA "Blue Beam"


About the "signs" in the sky over Norway December 9, 2009 Much has been written. Many were quick to call it "a great sign of the Aryan." Many had to believe that this is really "the hand of God." However, the scientists decided not to limit the mystical, and had a full-scale investigation and came to the interesting conclusion that Anviktori will tell our readers from time to time. Most researchers agree that the illumination in the sky was a man-made, as part of a global project NASA «Blue Beam», which aims to prepare the people in the world for the coming of the "God" on earth. On this project, in which HAARP is involved to the fullest, we'll cover in our next article, but for now restrict scientific explanations. It seems that we are really dealing with a koglomeratom intelligence projects.
We will not tire the reader with scientific calculations, and present a brief explanation. Helix structure glow strongly resemble known since the 17th century so-called Chladni plate (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/% D0% A5). Russian really launched ballistic missile. This is evidenced by the numerous flight pattern in the figure from the site Enterprisemission.com.




Only it did not reach the missile to its target, and was "intercepted" the Norwegian station TROMSO EISCAT, which, here zhesh coincidence!, Conducted pre-scheduled for 8 am experiment for a high-impact on the ionosphere double frequency. This experiment was even ironically named "Sunrise Tekily" (named after the famous alcoholic drink), apparently alluding to the fact that the rocket will be subjected to "warming up." At 7:45 am HAARP station in TORMSA (Norway) started to emit VHF and UHF electromagnetic waves. This is according to the monitoring of the station:


Dr. Anito Kero, who was involved in the operation of "Tequila Sunrise", wrote in his scientific work from 2008 entitled «IONOSPHERIC D-REGION STUDIES BY MEANS OF ACTIVE HEATING EXPERIMENTS AND MODELLING» (http://herkules.oulu.fi/ isbn9789514289163/isbn9789514289163.pdf), which after the Second World War, scientists began to study the technology of heating the ionosphere with radio waves to change the state of the ionosphere. The very first megawatt station heat created in Plattvil (Platteville), Colorado, USA, and SURA, Novgorod, USSR in the 1970s. Focused on the use periodically heated by the ionosphere, which would serve as a giant antenna to generate electromagnetic waves of low frequencies. The military had to find a way to communicate with submarines deep. Subsequently, the use of technology has increased heating of the ionosphere, and were built many HAARP installation in Alaska, Norway, Puerto Rico, and other locations. Next Dr. Kero gives a clue aurora 'artificial optical tones, identical Aurora (the goddess of the dawn), caused by artificial heating, appear in different colors. Red — sotvetsvuet most powerful influence. " Now it becomes clear why the experiment was called "Sunrise Tekily." In the prologue of his work (2008) Anita Kero says that in the near future, the installation of heating in Scandinavia will be replaced by new and more powerful, which would enable new, more intense hot spots of the ionosphere. What we all witnessed.
The fact that the "sign" had been planned, can speak including the fact that Russia is part of a global project. Surprisingly also the fact that the "sign" comes on the eve of handing Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. It is likely that someone at the top of the international conglomerate of special services, who imagines himself the high priest of the New World Order, specifically "podgadat" heavenly sign. Witnessed any "miracles" in heaven we'll still let us know just dedicated. About «Blue Beam»,-led by NASA, designed to prepare the second coming of a single "God" that will appeal to every nation on earth, read our next article in this series.

Who's next?
Where we can expect the next earthquake? The researchers suggest that the most likely place where it happens — in the heart of the recent deaths of birds or animals. In the U.S., more than any recorded cases of bird deaths. Assuming that arranged artificial earthquakes — is a kind of mega-terror attacks carried out to intimidate the population and setting it to "Apocalypse 2012", the U.S. is best suited for this purpose, because this country has the largest number of media outlets that instantly smash terrible news about the world. Moreover, given that the immediate goal of the globalists is sinking, the U.S. is like the last bastion of free independent middle class, then the probability that the country will soon be a major natural disaster is very high. Follow the news. To those of our readers who live in the U.S., in New Madrid fault (New Madrid) in the United States, which since the beginning of the year have been repeatedly noted the strange atmospheric phenomena, similar to those that people around the world watched in front of major "natural" disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muyu4aucZDM& feature = player_embedded # at = 82), ideal for the next man-made disaster, we would be advised to change their place of residence. Since a picture emerges very bad.
When comparing the maps of these massacres and fauna map locations HAARP stations in the world, we get an interesting picture. The death of fauna occurs on lines officially designated stations receivers radio waves HAARP. For example, the first and the famous plague occurred in northeast Arkansas (http://anvictory.org/blog/2011/01/04/mor_ryib_i_ptits_v_arkanzase_i_skalyarnoe_orujie/). Nearby, in Gilbertsvil (Kentucky) have also been cases of the plague of birds. Nearby in Louisiana — the same story. These three cities are located on the line between the main site, the Hakon (Alaska) and station in Puerto Rico. Florida also observed pestilences animals. The other cases are also killing animals on the lines connecting the radio receivers in different parts of the planet and directly at their location: South India, Japan, Europe, Rio de Janeiro, Haiti and so on. So, we'll probably have solved the mystery of the sudden death of animals on Earth.



In fact, all the stations may debugged easily interact with each other, leading to tragic consequences. Moreover, the researchers suggest the presence of more small dots HAARP receiving signals from the major centers.
A series of earthquakes in February seysmozone New Madrid at the junction of the Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky also has generated speculation about intervention HARP. Again, the ground shakes all the same place where the birds fall from the sky — the line connecting the HARP in different parts of the world. Thus, it is believed that sea birds and fish was just a rehearsal for the more powerful use of technology (http://www.greatdreams.com/madrid.htm). In this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muyu4aucZDM& feature = related) shows how more November 20, 2008 FEMA (analogue of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations) prepared for this development. What it is: a good preparation, accurate forecasts or planned disasters? Moreover, the three cities in which there was a drop dead birds, form a distinct triangle with vertex angle of one hundred and twenty degrees in Beebe (Arkansas). Two cities (La Barre, Louisiana and Gilbertsvil, Kentucky) form the base point of the triangle. New Madrid seismic zone is exactly located in the center of the triangle. HAARP antenna adjusted relative to each other, using an angle of 120 degrees from a central point. At the epicenter of the interaction of a proposed station HAARP New Madrid seismic triangle is a large city of Memphis, which is sure to suffer greatly. What's more, this region is known for its huge karst caves.


Nearby is the famous town Oukridzh, which was founded in 1942 as part of a project to Manhetenskogo Manufacture of an atomic bomb. In the case of the big shake-up radioactive materials laboratories and nuclear reactor will remain underground emit radiation of the surroundings.


What's next?
There is reason to believe that in the near future, all of the above events will occur with increasing frequency and strength. How to prepare an event that can be called an earthquake judgment day (or series of earthquakes) of artificial origin. Which will occur simultaneously or sequentially, but at short intervals on a global scale, the main aim of which contribute to the world of chaos and confusion, in which the only organized force is emerging from the shadow of a world government, with the necessary military forces, the means of control over the population and food supplies . And at this stage in the case at full capacity will be run, and the second part of the technology HAARP, namely technology BLUE BEAM, means global mind control. What details will be discussed in the next article. That's the plan. Whether it is directly tied to December 2012, maybe, but probably not, as we have reason to believe that the date of 21 December 2012, although extremely important for Kabbalists date, but, nevertheless, the date of the entrance and the main events should follow later. However, one can assume that some fake "signs" we still see. So be warned, do not get misled. However, everything that we are bound to tell you as soon as possible: do not forget to bookmark anvictory.org.
Whether it will be implemented — maybe, but not a fact, but it depends, above all, will the people of good will put an end to the plans of the evil forces.
Finally, we once again would like to warn the readers of inappropriate anti-Americanism. Since we are not dealing with the machinations of the U.S. against the rest of humanity. The people of this country, as well as people of all other countries on the planet — a victim of the globalists, who were able to seize control of the government most of the key countries. Including Russia.


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