Half a million pounds under the feet

Planter, who returned to the city of Exeter, England, Sri Lanka in 1950, brought with him a souvenir, not knowing that Bauble is an ancient artifact.
A few years later sold the house planter English family Hickmott. The British, inspecting new ownership, stumbled on the cobbles of Sri Lanka in the garden, but did not pay attention to him.

After his parents died owner of the house and the old stone was their daughter Braunven. The woman affectionately known as the old souvenir "pebbles", has found a use for it, using as a threshold.

The Englishwoman, is often seen carvings, decided to show the granite product specialists, suspecting that the "threshold" contains a secret. Hickmott has spent several years in a fruitless attempt to persuade Sotheby's auction house experts and producers of antique television show is broadcast on the channel BBC, which is before them is something extraordinary.

But representatives of Sotheby's and the BBC chose to ignore stubborn an amateur.

"I admired pebbles in my life and I knew that she was special. You know, the dialogue with the auction house experts and producers of television reminded me of the scene from the movie "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts, when she, with a considerable sum of money could not buy your favorite dress in a prestigious store. So I'm holding a real treasure, tried to share it with the arrogant experts, "- says with a smile Englishwoman.

Discouraged Braunven wanted to try his luck for the last time she took a photo of the threshold and sent pictures to a branch of auction house Bonhams. At this time, the experts carefully treated the provision of materials and found that the threshold of the house is an English one of the seven stages of a Buddhist temple which was once the ancient city of Anuradhapura.

"This was an artifact of about 1,300 years. The exhibit is decorated with images of lions, horses, elephants and birds, symbolizing the four life stages: growth, energy, strength and patience, "- told American journalists Bonhams spokesman Julian Rope.

The auction house has agreed to put the relic on the auction, setting a starting price of $ 30,000 pounds, but even the experts could not have predicted that in the exhibit will amount to far exceed their forecasts — stage of the Buddhist temple went for 553,250 pounds (843,000 dollars) .

"We watched auctions with bated breath, and was in seventh heaven when they heard the result. The money our family will share with all the family, "- said the former owner of an ancient artifact.



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