Harvest again under threat. At this time — hordes of locusts!

This year, in spite of the favorable weather conditions, Russia will once again be left without harvest. Now our future fragrant bun brazen Asian eats locusts. Not only is the voracious creatures prefer wheat, so they are still able to fly! Gathering in huge flocks, these insects migrate hundreds of kilometers in search of food. Farmers Stavropol and Dagestan have sounded the alarm: the dangerous pests leave behind only a bare ears. In addition, the southern regions of our country threatens another type of foreign pests — Italian locust. Apparently, finding nothing tasty in their homeland, they came for the spiked heritage of our country. Farmers blame the invasion of climate change. But if you look at the history of the problem, how many years on this planet vyraschivyuat bread, exactly the same for him and hunting grasshoppers

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