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Recipes from the envelope

Curd yogis

I want a newspaper to share with readers interesting and effective recipe.

Heat up a gallon of milk and a little bit not boiling, pour the juice of one lemon. Quickly stir and immediately remove from heat. Cottage cheese is ready! It remains only to be separated from whey.

Curd do not salt or sweetening. If you prefer, you can just add sour cream to taste.

In contrast to just shop this cheese is bland and low in acid. Since almost not subjected to heat treatment, fully preserves protein. Therefore, this does not cause curds fermentation in the gut. It is useful as suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and healthy.

Angelina Bushueva. Eagle.


Gastroenterologist Igor Simushkin:

— In recipes cooking is not my forte. But any dairy products including cheese, the problems indicated in the gastrointestinal tract. And even if in the curd, which offers the reader, not a lot of acid, the bifidobacteria is still there. Plus protein, calcium, phosphorus …


Director of the School of Yoga Juliana sentry:

— In Vedic kitchen has a few ways to make paneer (cottage cheese). Including a lemon juice or citric acid (to clot). I have only one amendment to the recipe — after the separation of curds from the whey to put it on an hour and a half under the yoke, to squeeze out all the water.

And the milk is better to use fresh from the cow, not the store.

Cocktail from anemia, powder for the heart

Dear "Komsomolskaya Pravda"! For more than half a century, I subscribe and read the newspaper, and writing for the first time. I want to share some of the "grandmother" recipes. I hope they will help readers like me once.

In anemia in equal parts to mix brandy, cranberry juice, beets, carrots and honey. Infuse in a dark container 3 days. Store in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. A take two or three times a day before eating 50 grams.

To strengthen the heart muscle in children dry shell of one egg, remove the white film, pounded to powder. A teaspoon of the resulting mixture to mix with the lemon juice and drink immediately. This procedure is performed every month.

Sophia Akopova. s. Levkovo, Moscow region.


The therapist Sergei Serov:

— Typically, anemia occurs when a lack of iron, and his lot is found in meat, fish, liver, buckwheat … The proposed cocktail of iron a bit. But it is full of vitamins and minerals is also important. It turns immunostimulatory drug.

About the second recipe I can not say — the first time I hear it.

Bow against blisters

On duty, I often have to wear heels. Especially in the summer. The result — a permanent calluses. Not so long ago, I complained to my mother, and she "threw" a recipe by which I got rid of the problem for two weeks. To do this, you need to peel onions for 8 — 10 hours to soak in vinegar, then put on a sweaty night of corns or calluses and tie. The morning of the trouble spots with a pumice stone to clean. Repeat the procedure for 8 — 14 days.

Irina Popova. Odintsovo.

Pomegranates — high blood pressure

I want to give advice to people suffering from hypertension. I myself have a half-life depended on pressure drops and the little experiences. Just that — pressure immediately jumps up! Then at least lie down and die … I do not remember where I took this recipe, but for almost 15 years, he saves me from hypertensive trouble. I just continuously, day after day, I drink pomegranate juice. Previously purchased in bottles, not so long ago got a juicer — a beauty! Pew twice — morning and evening — half a cup (I dilute the juice with water 1:1). Now the weather I do not take orders!

Leonid Miroschnikov. Moscow.

BOOK feedback and suggestions

Dear readers, I give the recipe! I suffer from frequent inflammation of the lymph nodes. Only one will go, and a month later new ones appear. Analyses of all the good, the doctors did not find anything wrong. What to do?

Irina Koleva. Moscow.


Hello! Are there any people's ways of impotence? In advance I thank all who responded.

Sergei. By e-mail.


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Today the winner was Angelina Bushueva (curd recipe yogis). At present she is the Encyclopedia of folk treatments. Website, please contact the editors (phone above).

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Lyudmila KORNIENKO August 31, 2004

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