Heroes of our burden. Social parasites

Photo: gazeta.lv

Photo: gazeta.lv

No current is to say that society is a whole organism with metabolism and survival rates. Members of the public, the citizens — the authority, the particles of the body, metabolism and maintenance of the general tone of society. But in order to be a body — you have PSIHOANATOMIYU PARTS — ie understand themselves as a part of something greater than one's own "I".

Psihoanatomiya of society has failed pathology and pathology of rebirth. Failed — conscientious adherence to the wrong path with good intentions. Degeneration of the body — is part of its transformation into an autonomous body, internally coherent, psihoanatomicheski vicious parasite that lives inside the body and connected.

However, the internal integrity of the anatomy of the parasite — in fact more than conventional: in fact, the parasite is dependent on the welfare of society and the body is sick, and die with him. The parasite, which is able to realize that he was the donor organism in the same boat is a parasite of the symbiote, the essence of a large satellite of the body.

An important feature of psihoanatomii human parasite — is the lack of such an important organ of the psyche, as a category of the future.

Man-parasite, like Faust, "stop the moment" — or rather, trying to stop him. Historically, most clearly evident in Yeltsinism: dividing the country, scattered vouchers for the living.

If you died on the day before — was not supposed to check. If born a day later — is not supposed to. Any idea of what will make the new generation of fully divided ("sawn") Yeltsinism country had, and did not want to have. They never anticipated.

Some bosses Yeltsinism right to a place longer than Brezhnev: from 1989-91. literally to the present day. Time stopped so dramatically that the only biological clock was ticking, dryahleli bosses — the rest twenty years remained intact …

The parasite is programmed to increase devouring tissue donor, gorging on the exhaustion of his own, and if the parasite does not go to the symbiote — a total of quick death is inevitable.

Thus, as can be seen in the modern Russian social degenerates abundantly represented time of troubles, they, like any parasitic organism FUNCTION tenacity Attached to develop due to the withering away of motor and cognitive functions.

In other words, the energy that could be spent on work or thinking, entirely spent on providing suction power. The result is a many to wonder Hostile dependence of social degenerate from his people and his country.

Social degenerate hates his own people in the face of its own apparatus is LIFE. In other words, hate degenerate to the people (Russophobia) — basically suicidal: if the Russian worthy of destruction, and you are a Russian, then …

Social degenerate hates his country also fiercely as an alcoholic — vodka, and a drug addict — drugs. And to live in isolation can not, and merge into an organic unity is also not able to.

Degenerate hate relationship, depending on the hated.

This is well-known to scientists Parasitology already inferior species of parasites phenomenon HOSTILE DEPENDING parasite from the donor, and lives as a parasite donor, and at the same time killing him. And killing him, killing himself and killing himself in the future tense — survives in the current times.

This is due to psihoanatomiey parasites — flat rate values and priorities, in which the "I" = "All" and "today" = "eternity." Degeneration psihoanatomii man and parasitic status the more likely it is easy to put into effect and that humanity itself — no more than a symbiote (and at times the parasite) of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere and solar radiation, and by itself is of no value if you stop to realize themselves an integral part of the planetary and space sredosfer.

Because of this parasitic nature was originally laid in the human psyche, is suppressed by long centuries of cultural process and reprogramming, but always easily resuscitated DEGENERATOLOGOV efforts, such as Trotsky or A.Dalles.

Social degenerate different anchorite, hermit that does not distinguish himself from the society — on the contrary, it actively uses a holistic effort of public order. He distinguishes himself from the society is not (he could not do it, because independently viable) and the society from itself.

Typical in this respect, the fate of the post-Soviet immigrants: cursing the "scoop" they ran out as soon as the door opened to the West, but after a while almost all the money back to their homeland.

Homeland, of course, is bad and unworthy, but to survive without it "suckers" in America or Europe did not work either at E.Evtushenko nor Irina Rodnina [1], no V.Voynovicha nor V.Koroticha [2] nor the other members of this cohort, "senior refugees."

The essence of the matter is that societies die in two ways: from a broad paralysis mistakenly targets or overgrowth of social parasites. Russia also — and this is a special risk for our future — FALSE ailment struck the goal fostered MORE INFO parasites.

It's necessary to do something about it … is not built the same burnt every single fugitive in the West Ice Palace, as Rodnina. And why?

[1] In the book "The 100 Most Powerful Women" is written like this: "Rodnina successfully worked in the Komsomol, was the coach — first at us, and then in America. Returning to Russia, Irina Konstantinova again entered public and political affairs — and as ever in the sport, with the same admirable dedication. "

[2] Before his departure to Moscow from Boston Korotich gave many interviews. He said that the long-missed home in Moscow and Russia in general. What was real life, not a quiet provincial Choking Boston. That in Russia are great changes, there enterprising young people come to power, both in politics and in business. All this was said just three months before Russia's financial and economic disaster.

Korotich returned. "Prosperous" Russia met Korotich unkind. In the eyes of the intelligentsia he represents dashed hopes of perestroika. In the eyes of the Patriots, and he did not blame the collapse of the last of the country and its moral savagery.

Of all the boundless Russian market and democratic possibilities remain only a city youth Kiev. Because it was the only place where Korotich offered to lead a newspaper called "Boulevard". The name is quite appropriate content. Yes and no newspaper is a rag. What reprimand! Former petrel lighthouse restructuring, the flagship of democracy and all of a sudden …

Author: A. Leonidov Philippe, http://economicsandwe.com/

We have long known that raseyskie capitalists — idiot. None of them is related to the real thing, with real production. They have never experienced a real cost on our land, never seen how the West supported (gosudarstvom!) there the manufacturer. We discussed this with Konstantin Babkin wrote in "The Agony and the dawn …".
Usually raseysky capitalist degenerate lives either through the budget (insorogi, vsheisty, residents every "think tanks", government officials), or through the export of raw materials. They sincerely believe that the main purpose of production — produce loot, not the society needs products at an affordable price (loan "service" Henry Ford), and to employ their people. However, our capitalists do not consider Russian their people, making replacement of Russian policy in the Uzbek and Tajik State Policy of the Russian Federation. They have been living in the world of a "thought up the market," not knowing the real experiences and practices of other countries. They do not even understand the position of the Russian invariable features that protection — not the consequence of the "Russian laziness", but a necessary condition of the Russian national survival. That protectionism only aims to equalize conditions of competition with the Russian western and eastern countries, and not to create hothouse conditions for our products.
"Despite the large size of its territory, the Russian people, in comparison with other nations white race is the least favorable conditions for life.
Terrible winter weather and peculiar only to northern climate slush impose its activities such bonds, the severity of which are completely unknown to the inhabitants of the temperate West. Then, with no access to warm seas outside serving a continuation of internal roads, it is experiencing serious difficulties in the export of its products, which greatly hinders the development of its industry and trade and, thus, takes away his main source of national wealth. In short, its geographical situation of the Russian people is doomed to a closed, poor, and due to the existence and the poor "- wrote in 1912, the Russian general Alexei Vandam (Edrihin) in the book" Our position. "
Maxim Kalashnikov, a member of the party does fedsoveta

Alexander Leonids, the newspaper "The economy and us"


Social parasites

The film about the affairs of social parasites, the documentary.
The film got a lot of important and interesting:
1. Information on the real energy technology without fuel
2. The story of the theory of relativity — a fake, created for the field of science in the wrong direction.
3. Creating a world government committees to combat real science, to ban invention that undermine authority energergeticheskih monopolies.
4. Actions and plans for world government to build a new world order

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