Hidden behind a sealed

February 13, 2013 3:59

Recently, astronomers have determined restless and caught a very distant star, which is 13 billion years ago exploded and died. Since our universe almost as it turns out that she lived in the early creation of universal peace …

To us it is hard to imagine, almost impossible.

That's why we always have so many questions arise on any unknown to us about it. And, perhaps, one of those which still have not answered: Why is hidden from us reliable information about UFOs?

The fact that such information is — is indisputable. This was guessed by many, this is exactly the correct, but carefully hidden information are constructed plots of movies and books. Any clear that the military, intelligence agencies, officials are trying to hide, otkreschivayas only one phrase: "for security of the country and the people."

Although, I think that the root cause is something else: like technology and scientific knowledge of the aliens is not solved another state. That's why the U.S. hides its information from Russia and China, the latter — the U.S. and even from each other.

However, I think the aliens are more than enough for all.

It is likely that the U.S. president, the president of Russia, Chairman of the Central Committee of China have their personal information, knowing that there is a similar and the competition.

They say that every new U.S. president begins his reign with the reading of "The Book of Secrets," which supposedly written since 1947, was launched in the history of UFOs from the military base Roswell. Many people today believe that when back in forty-seven U.S. military found dead aliens, and hid them in some kind of "green" room, which comes only U.S. president, and only after a get acquainted with "The Book of Secrets."

And they say that anyone who even accidentally learns about its content, dies.

I do not know whether it's true or a joke, but, as they say, in every joke there is only a small share of jokes.

Roswell crash secret for more than six decades, but until now revealed new details of that distant year. For example, recently it was reported that at that time in 1947 in the United States occurred just three UFO crash, and that the local Indians fortunate enough to pick up and leave the wounded alien.

But the Indians stubbornly silent. Moreover, almost none of those who have studied this event did not occur to interview witnesses — the indigenous inhabitants. Many felt that the Indians living near Roswell, start telling their own, collected over the years, legends and myths, only adding confusion to an already controversial enough facts.

Even the Indians are not particularly eager to talk to any reporters, neither the authorities, nor even with the military, imposing taboos fall silent UFO. Because they knew that when the sky "fell strange stars," that just as soon as there were military and soldiers, and the latter is not very ceremonious and neither them nor the aliens themselves.

It was only in late 1995, a researcher from Germany Michael Hezemann, who came close to solving the mystery of Roswell, met many Indians, from whom he learned the incredible details of the accident vehicles aliens that occurred in that year.

Indians one and all claimed that in 1947 there was a not one, but three accidents. They even named the exact point of impact of alien ships.

When the researcher decided to further explore the local newspapers and magazines for the year, strangely did not find any. Even in the major U.S. libraries, which holds virtually all of the printed edition, not a single instance.

But Hezemannu lucky enough to find the living witnesses of the fall — Indian Ascom.

Printing is always full of reports of UFO encounters with astronauts, their detailed reports to higher authorities.

This was approved and Marina Popovich, Test Pilot: UFO seen literally all the astronauts, but not all have the courage to admit it.

The fact that the government's major powers hidden from the people information about aliens, approves, and Edgar Mitchell, who was not without reason that the KGB and classify data about visitors to their territory.

He had an outstanding reputation in the world of space, exactly claims that aliens not only exist, but also the fact that very often the secret services of virtually all the major powers conceal the shocking facts about his contacts with aliens.

Mitchell is 77 years old today, he stayed on the Moon for a total of more than nine hours. In his view, the KGB reports, photos and video materials on UFO accumulate more than four decades. Today they are in the twenty-second research institute, located near Moscow. Clearly, these voluminous dossier secret.

Mitchell exactly claims that aliens were in almost every area of our great country. Many eyewitnesses meetings with them are still alive. They are not only in Russia but also in any other country. Mitchell grew up in Roswell, and the remains of a UFO knows firsthand. They saw his neighbors, close friends, relatives.

To date, only two major powers — France and England in part — decided to open its secret archives to the public can meet them.

Let us assume that all that is hidden in the archives, told people, including astronauts. But then why do the authorities and heads of state so carefully try to hide the truth from the public.

If you ask about the military, scientists and those who are against the theory of UFOs, the answer is the same: nothing to hide. Everything they say eyewitnesses, supposedly unexplained weather phenomena, or at least — common military trials. Maybe they're somewhere right, but in reality if we refer to this issue carefully, we can understand that they simply deny the existence of UFOs.

Yet the question is not in this. Why did all of that for newcomers, of right and wrong, still trying to make a mystery.

In a very sensitive setting away from public view in the special control of the KGB been accumulating evidence, documents, notices of sightings and encounters with UFOs, all mysterious incidents involving unidentified swimming, aircraft, as well as reports, which cover the area from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea.

In a very sensitive setting away from public view in the special department of the Committee of State Security had established an extensive network of special informants, which included police officers, pilots, sailors, soldiers, party activists, etc. At the head of this team was a human intelligence officer, Colonel Boris Sokolov, who later handed over 400 pieces of valuable information. Including the video recordings made in different parts of Russia, the West and the Americans.

It is in this writer Sokolov accused the magazine "Ogonek" Alexander Nikonov, who went on the trail of the documents that were stored in the attic giving head secret network.

In 1980, in the journal "New World" was published novel by Chingiz Aitmatov, entitled "More Than a Hundred last day." The plot of the novel — fantastic — tells how the Soviet cosmonauts, being a habitable, but an unfamiliar planet, convey their earthly command that life on this planet is arranged at very high principles of morality, intelligence and kindness. Astronauts have reported that very soon they will return home with the aliens. In response, the government between two ideologically hostile states — the U.S. and the USSR — are joining forces, creating around the Earth a missile hoop through which not only will not work, no living person, but even a speck of information.

In the latest edition of the novel in 2008 appears more surprising abstract "A work that today, through the decades, it sounds tragic and true." But why? This question is Chingiz Aitmatov gives no answer, he simply describes the event.

And we, mere mortals, nothing remains as attempt to find the causes of the mysterious crop circles and the glow of unusual phenomena in the water.

Very early on UFO era secret services and the military were sufficiently concerned about the nature of the UFO phenomenon: can they — the unknown secret weapon of the enemy, and if it is proved they are of extraterrestrial origin, as people react to it, etc. As a disclosure of the facts reflected in the existence of UFO's political and social systems on human values?

Many more in the 1980s after reading the novel "More Than a Hundred Day Lasts" did the ideas about why we hide from everything concerning extraterrestrial life. The theory is simple enough: the aliens may be harmful for centuries the existing order. This is very similar to the attitude of outsiders in detached from civilization alpine village. Knowing that the other side of the mountain tribes live, live completely different, maybe even better, makes fear: no matter how shattered the foundations established over the centuries. And if it is not a neighboring tribe, and the alien, because there does not classify all that is known. No matter how shocked basis, would not be hit by monstrous consciousness and world order.

A man from a religious background, created in the image and likeness of the Creator.

And on whose likeness they created — the aliens, what they believe in?

That is why there is a risk. What if something happened …

That's why we protect by hiding the facts, of course, if there are any.

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