History of the All-Russian Fraud — Meat watch online

History of the All-Russian Fraud - Meat watch online
If you believe the statistics, every inhabitant of the Russian Federation for the year eats 37 kg of meat products. Scrambled eggs with sausage doctor — for breakfast, a ham sandwich at lunch, meat soup and meatballs for lunch, a delicious steak or chicken breast — for dinner. On a noble place in the center of the ceremonial table is always worth a plate with "narezochka": smoked sausage, brisket, carbonate, salami. And of course, what a picnic without a kebab?

Meat — part of our national character, and even the scheme of bovine carcasses something reminiscent map native country. Especially for NTV scientific laboratory in 2-capitals had a large-scale study. Under the microscope once got a few 10-s types of sausage and dumplings, almost weaving kinds of stew. The truth was very curious …

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